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Dreaming of catching a wild rabbit means that luck is close to you. It also symbolizes premarital talks. Eating a rabbit in a dream means that you will stop being friends with someone. This dream also symbolizes private conversations, happiness and good health. To kill a rabbit represents a small accident on the road while seeing a rabbit in a dream symbolizes fear.

Dreaming of rabies symbolizes anger.

When you dream of watching a race, it means that you need not neglect your daily obligations.

Dreaming of a racecourse symbolizes inconveniences caused by debt.

To see a radish in a dream means that you will experience damage because of gossip while eating radish in a dream means that you are avoiding your obligations. If you are ripping radish out in a dream it means that you will be unnecessarily ashamed of something.

To see a raft in a dream means that you will be successful at one job. Don’t risk always. Dreaming of sailing on a raft symbolizes danger, misfortune and jealousy.

Dreams of railroaders mean that you will have a happy future.

To dream about a railway means that you should expect an encounter, a long trip and a pleasant visit. It also implies that you should be careful of jealous people.

Dreaming of getting wet symbolizes sickness and loss while observing rain represents gain. Dreaming of a shower symbolizes damage, misery and fraud.

Dreaming of a rainbow symbolizes success at work. It also represents changes for the better.

Dreaming of a rake means that you will solve your personal problems.

Dreaming of rams means that your wife will betray or leave you. It also symbolizes stubbornness. To kill a ram symbolizes sorrow in your home.

To see a rampart in a dream means that you will receive a gift. To climb a rampart symbolizes family worries. A tall or old rampart symbolizes gains and expensive gifts.

To see rape in a dream warns you of misfortune.

Rasp (file)
If you see a rasp in a dream, it means that you lack persistence and courage.

To pick raspberries in a dream suggests that after hard times comes prosperity. Eating them symbolizes love fights.

Rats in a dream represent shame, humiliation, sickness and fraud.

A dead raven in a dream suggests that injustice will be corrected. To hear a raven in a dream means that you should be fearless in the upcoming fight. If a raven is flying above your house that symbolizes sad news and death. To see a raven in a dream represents happiness and pleasant news. If you scare a raven off in a dream it means that you will discover a fraud. A raven on the roof suggests that a situation in your family depends on you.

Dreaming of a razor symbolizes poverty, worries and lack of property.

If you are dreaming of reconciling with a loved one, that symbolizes joy.

To see recruits in a dream means that you will have a low-salary job. You will have many worries.

Red color
If a man dreams of red color then it symbolizes bad luck and expenses. If a woman dreams of red then she will be lucky when it comes to love.

To see a reed in a dream symbolizes fights with a friend.

If you are dreaming of refugees it means that your secrets will come out. It also symbolizes troubles.

Registered letter
Dreaming of a registered letter means that you are in danger.

If you are married while having this dream, for you it symbolizes happiness in marriage. For single people, this dream suggests love encounters.

Regular flour
Regular flour is a symbol of happiness for rich people, while it represents progress for the poor.

If you dream about this emotion, then you will also feel strong emotions in the near future for yourself or someone close to you. It could be all kinds of emotions, most likely great happiness over something but disappointment is possible as well.

Dreaming of a rendezvous symbolizes happiness in love.

If you dream of a reprimand it means that you will be reprimanded in real life too.

To see resin in a dream means that you will suffer from love and misery.

If you are dreaming of resorts it means that you should look out for scams. If you are getting treatment in one it means that someone from work will be dishonest.

To be a reveler in a dream means that you will experience sadness. To see a reveler means that you will suffer great damage.

If someone plans on revenging you in a dream that represents an upcoming misfortune. This dream also means that you will make someone sad. If you are revenging in a dream it means that you will win at court. Also, you will prove your honor to others.

If you get a reward in a dream it means you will have some expenses. If you are giving a reward to someone it means that someone wants to trick you.

To see a rhino means that you have powerful friends while killing it in a dream suggests that you will lose a powerful friend.

To see a ribbon in a dream warns you of misfortunes, gossip, misery, and never-ending troubles. A tangled ribbon means that someone will misuse your openness.

To see rice in a dream symbolizes an increase in the property while eating it represents a long and healthy life. Buying rice in a dream suggests fights, difficulties and loss while cooking it symbolizes good health and prosperity.

When you dream of being rich, it means that you avoid risks.

If you see a rifle in a dream, it means that you are in danger.

To receive or give a ring in a dream means that people want to persuade you to get married or divorced. This dream also symbolizes progress. Dreaming of losing a ring means that someone will insult you. Someone will do something bad to you.

To be a ringleader in a dream warns you to watch out for envious people.

Dreaming of a river symbolizes happiness and fulfillment of your wishes. If you fall into a river that represents misfortune. Swimming across a river in a dream is a good sign.

A wide and good road symbolizes fights and a profitable job, while a bad road symbolizes loss. Steep roads in a dream suggest that difficulties are approaching you. Walking on the road suggests that you shouldn’t make compromises for anyone while driving on the road symbolizes a trip.

To see a roast means that you will have a nice future. This dream also symbolizes a feast. Dreaming of eating a roast warns you of misfortune, sickness and fights with your friends.

If you dream of getting robbed, it means that you treat your loved one poorly. If you dream of robbing someone, it means that you will not keep your secret in real life.

To wear a robe in a dream symbolizes gain and success. If you take it off in a dream it means that you will suffer damage. An oversized robe suggests that someone will play you. A bathrobe symbolizes death.

Dreaming of a rocket means that you should be careful. You have enemies.

To see rocks on the land means that you will overcome difficulties while dreaming of rocks on a shore means that you won’t succeed without someone else’s help.

If you see rodents around you in a dream that symbolizes restless consciousness. You are doing something impulsively.

Roe deer
To see a roe deer in a dream symbolizes upcoming pleasant days.

Rolling pin
To see a rolling pin symbolizes an upcoming feast. Dreaming of using a rolling pin represents upcoming guests. To beat someone with a rolling pin means that you are a brave person.

You will improve something that will impact your life positively. Dreaming about Rome can also be interpreted differently which depends on the dream and the details that follow.

Roofing made out of tile symbolizes peaceful life, while one made out of wood or straw suggests that your friend will betray you. Broken roofing symbolizes an upcoming misfortune and temptation. To fall from roofing in a dream means that you will be honored.

A big room in a dream suggests that you will find something out, while a small room suggests not to be impulsive when making decisions. An empty room suggests that your opponents are waiting for you to make a mistake. Dreaming of sneaking into a room means that you will experience inconveniences.

If you see a rooster, also called a cock, in a dream, it represents sickness.

To eat roots in a dream symbolizes fights and traps while digging roots out represents wealth.

Dreaming of rope symbolizes great worries. Think carefully about which way you will choose. You should watch out for yourself. Be patient.

Dreaming of a rosary symbolizes satisfaction, prosperity and peace in your home.

A red rose means that you are truly and honestly loved, while a yellow rose symbolizes jealousy. A white rose means that you will receive a gift. A bud in a dream symbolizes misfortune in love. If you are smelling a rose in a dream it means that you will miss a good opportunity. If you receive a rose as a gift in a dream that symbolizes faithfulness in love. Picking roses represents a wedding or an engagement.

If you see the rosehip in a dream, it symbolizes inconveniences because of gossiping.

Dreaming of rosemary means that you are respected in society. If you are decorated with it that symbolizes sorrow caused by separation.

Rot – Decay
Rot in a dream is a symbol of poverty.

To see a ruffian in a dream symbolizes unfaithfulness and jealousy while being attacked by a ruffian means that someone misses you.

Seeing a rug in a dream means that you will be angry with a family member. A flying rug means that your expectations won’t be fulfilled. To weave a rug in a dream warns you to stay away from the female company. A carpet with exotic colors suggests a secret conspiracy against you. A carpet with a modern design symbolizes the fulfillment of your ancient desires.

To see ruins in a dream means that you will scorn someone. It also symbolizes damage. For some people, it can symbolize unexpected gains.

If you hear a rumble in the distance in your dream, it means that you have immense worries.

Running away
If a man dreams of running away it means that their coworker will betray them. If a woman is dreaming of running away that symbolizes mindless emotions.

Running away but not escaping
If you are dreaming of an unsuccessful running away that symbolizes damage, sadness and theft.

Running away from someone
If you are running away from someone in a dream it symbolizes fear. It also means that you will avoid danger. Running away from a goat symbolizes inconveniences at work.