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Seeing a pile of nails in a dream means that your hopes will come true. Taking nails out of something means that you will find out an important secret. Old rusty nails symbolize danger regarding your house. To nail nails in a dream means that your problems will disappear.

To see a nanny in a dream symbolizes inconveniences in your home. You will be caught in an act.

Love arguments are expecting you.

Watch out for malicious people or recognize the signals that someone who needs your help is sending you.

Native American
If you see a Native American in a dream, that is a warning that a dangerous adventure is expecting you.

Naval battle
If you dream of observing a naval battle, it means that you will make important decisions.

Washing neck in a dream symbolizes happiness.

A golden necklace symbolizes worries, while a silver one represents fights. Dreaming of a pearl necklace symbolizes misunderstanding in marriage. If you get a necklace in a dream that represents new love. A broken necklace symbolizes sorrow. If you lose a necklace in a dream it means that you will be in trouble, but if you find one that symbolizes unexpected happiness.

To find a needle in a dream symbolizes bad news. Losing a needle means that you will separate from someone you love. Putting a thread into a needle means that you will find yourself in awkward position. Sewing in a dream represents inconveniences at work. If you prick yourself in a dream it means that you have restless consciousness. If you are dreaming of more than one needle it suggests a big fight. To beak a needle symbolizes sadness.

Dreaming of neighbors means that you will have a fight with your boss.

To pick nettle in a dream means that someone gossips about you. If you burn on a nettle that symbolizes misfortune and humiliation.

If you are dreaming of your newborn it means that your wish will come true, while dreaming of someone else’s newborn symbolizes happiness in your home.

Hearing news in a dream warns you of unnecessary expenses and unpleasant news.

Dreaming of newspapers means that you will hear good news.

To dream of night means that you shouldn’t expect anything good from people around you.

Nightgown or Nightdress
If you put on nightgown in a dream this symbolize conflict with a loved one. Taking a nightgown off in a dream means that sex is very important for you in a relationship.

To see a nightingale in a dream symbolizes increase of your family. Watch out for your honesty.

To see nipples in a dream means that someone wishes you bad things. To have nipples symbolizes gains and prosperity. If they are on your body it means that your generosity will get you in troubles.

Nit in a dream is a symbol of anger, humiliation, problems and worries.

To hear noise in a dream symbolizes family fights.

If you are eating noodles in a dream it symbolizes a fight with your friends, inconveniences and love affairs.

Small nose means that you will face injustice. Big nose in a dream symbolizes happiness and love affairs. To lose a nose in a dream symbolizes failed marriage and insult.

Dreaming of a notary means that you will have unexpected expenses.

Number five
Number five is a lucky number. It represents good health and satisfaction.

If you are dreaming of numbers and memorize them then try out your luck in a lottery game. If you haven’t memorized them a dream symbolizes loss.

To see a nun in a dream symbolizes upcoming unhappy love. Watch out for false moralists.

Dreaming of nurses symbolizes unpleasant news and sickness in the family. It also means that someone is meddling in your life, but you don’t know who.

To see a nutshell in a dream symbolizes upcoming unfaithfulness.

Dreams about nymphomaniacs symbolize petty quarrels with your partner.