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New jacket – it’s time to put ideas into practice; old jacket – unexpected gain; torn jacket – someone will ask for a loan from you.

To see a jail in a dream symbolizes sickness and poverty. If you are locked up in jail it represents loss and trouble. To be released from prison means that you will save yourself from poverty.

Eating jam in a dream symbolizes upcoming happiness, prosperity, and good health.

You are a very thoughtful person. This dream can also represent someone’s poor intentions that you should watch out for, as well.

A jar in a dream symbolizes a surprise, unexpected money gain, or patrimony. A full jar symbolizes an invitation to a company.

To see jasmine in a dream symbolizes an encounter with a loved one. To smell jasmine means that you will enjoy being in love while picking it symbolizes a happy marriage.

To see jaws in a dream means that you will be faced with gossip.

If you see a jay in your dream it means that you will lose respect and authority among younger people.

Dreaming about jealousy means that you worry for no reason. It also symbolizes sorrow.

A jester in a dream suggests thinking carefully about possible consequences before doing something.

To see a jetty in a dream symbolizes misfortune and damage. Think about your plans before executing them. To fall into a jetty means that you are forgetful of your obligations.

Dreams of Jews symbolize good jobs, unexpected happiness and wealth.

Buying jewelry in a dream symbolizes debt and fights. To find jewelry means that you should be economical if you want to be successful. If you get jewelry as a gift in a dream it means that someone will involve you in illegal businesses. To lose jewelry means that you will suffer damages. It also symbolizes sickness. If you are gifting jewelry to someone it means that you will be lucky regarding business. Putting on jewelry implies empty wishes.

Jingle Bell
If you hear a bell in your dream, it can be interpreted as a reminder of something you have to do. That “something” represents an essential difference from the outcome you expect.

To dream about being a jockey means that you will achieve success easily.

To eat a Johnny-cake in a dream symbolizes prosperity while making it represents joy. To see a Johnny-cake in a dream symbolizes harmony in your home.

Telling a joke in a dream means that you are tough on words but not on actions.

If you are joking in a dream it means that you should watch your mouth while hanging out with friends. Your words might be taken wrongfully.

If you dream about being a journalist, it means that you are afraid of your secret coming to the surface. If you dream of being a journalist, it means that you want to know the truth.

To see a judge in a dream warns you of unexpected expenses.

A new jug in a dream symbolizes celebration and weddings, while a broken jug suggests death and business loss.

Dreaming of jumping warns you of misery and small inconveniences.

Dreams about the jungle symbolize danger and unpleasant surprises.

If you see one or more junkies in a dream, it means that you are naive. Becoming a junkie in a dream: warning on the upcoming extremely rough and stressful period.