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To dream of hail warns you at short-termed danger. Your wishes won’t come true. This dream also symbolizes sickness.

Cutting hair in a dream symbolizes humiliation, misfortune, worries or death. To color your hair suggests that friends are lying to you. Combing your hair in a dream suggests that your life will get easier after smaller troubles. This dream also symbolizes happiness, while it can suggest sickness to some people. If you are cutting someone’s hair that symbolizes progress and prosperity. Combing someone else’s hair in a dream means that your loved ones will accept you.

A haircut in a dream symbolizes loss.

Male hairdresser in a dream symbolizes big expenses. Female hairdresser in a dream symbolizes jealousy. It also symbolizes an invite to a celebration.

Hair dying
Dying your hair black – beware of intrigues; dying your hair brown – start working on yourself; dying your hair blue – it’s time for changes; dying your hair red – passionate moments await you.

To see a halter in a dream means that you will be someone’s company on a trip.

To eat halvah in a dream means that you will have a toothache. Seeing halvah suggests possible teeth problems.

Eating ham in a dream symbolizes fights in your home, gossips and dissatisfaction.

To see a hammer in a dream means that people don’t appreciate your work. It also represents bullying at work.

Big business success expects you.

An empty hamper symbolizes unreturned love, while a full hamper represents gains and expansion of your family.

Dreaming of having handcuffs means that your consciousness is not clean.

To see a handrail in a dream means that you will have troubles with money.

Dirty hands in a dream symbolize dishonest friends, while clean hands represent gossips. If you are washing your hands in a dream that represents an end to your worries. If you lose a hand in a dream that symbolizes death in the family.

Dreaming of a handspike means that you will successfully overcome obstacles in real life.

To see a clothes hanger in a dream symbolizes upcoming progress.

If you dream of hanging yourself, it symbolizes fear.

To see a hank in a dream symbolizes worries and love intrigues.

Happy or Happiness
To be happy in a dream warns you of upcoming misery, fights, sorrow and repentance.

To see a harem in a dream means that you will face consequences for your stupid acts. You will be in trouble.

Dreaming of harlots warns of malice and cunning. A dishonest and evil person is near you. Dreams of harlots also symbolizes shame.

Horse harness symbolizes great health. Dog harness means that you will overcome worries. Also, harness in a dream symbolizes good health.

Playing a harp in a dream means that you will meet new friends. It also symbolizes sorrow and sadness.

If you are participating in a harvest it means you will have a joyful encounter. To see a harvest symbolizes happiness in love, good mood and an expensive award.

A new hat symbolizes repute, while an old hat represents a loss of repute and gossips. To lose a hat in a dream means that gains will be out of your reach.

Dreams of hawks suggest that a friend is lying to you. It also symbolizes loss and stealing.

Beneficial upcoming period, during which you could achieve many of your goals.

Gathering hay in a dream symbolizes poverty and misery, while lying in it suggests happiness, satisfaction and good health.

Dreaming of hayfork means that your hard work will pay off. You will be entrusted with an important job.

A hayrick is a symbol of wealth and upcoming gain.

Picking hazelnuts in a dream means that you will stop worrying, while eating them symbolizes sickness and fights with your lover or mistress.

A gray-haired head represents great honor. A bold head is a symbol of damages and unexpected difficulties at work, while a shaved head represents misfortune. A cut head in a dream means that you will lose a friend. That also symbolizes property damages. Not having a head in a dream means that you are worried about a lost friendship, while carrying your head in your hands symbolizes peace and well-being.

If you have a headache in a dream it means that you will be involved in a trial. It also symbolizes financial expenses, unfair doubts and happiness.

A headkerchief symbolizes joy and trips. If it is an old one then it symbolizes gossip, while a black headkerchief suggests sorrow in your home.

Dreams about headsmen symbolize great worries and humiliation.

To see a hearse symbolizes unexpected happiness. To walk behind them in a dream symbolizes poverty, misfortune and downfall.

A heart in a dream is a symbol of happiness and success in love.

A hearthstone with fire means that you will get a good job and a praise at work, while the one without fire means that your job is not secure.

Dreaming of heat warns you to decrease your desires. Be careful or you will experience a downfall.

If you are standing next to a heath of some sort in your dream that symbolizes sickness.

Dreaming of being in heaven means that you will get protection that you need.

Dreaming of hedgehogs symbolizes jealousy. It also means that your partner is cheating on you.

Heehawing in a dream has negative connotations and warns that someone will gossip about you.

A helicopter in the sky symbolizes ambition; a helicopter on the ground – you have a calmer phase of life ahead of you.

The hell in a dream is a symbol of troubles with court and lawsuits. It also symbolizes life with difficulties.

Dreaming of a crash helmet means that you will get help if you need it.

To see a helmsman in a dream means that you will get a responsible job. Dreaming of being a helmsman means that you should stay away from suspicious jobs.

Calling for help in a dream warns you that you will hear unpleasant news.

To dream of a helper means that you will have troubles with court.

Pulled out hemp in a dream means that you will have a fight with someone. This dream also symbolizes misfortune. Unplugged hemp in a dream symbolizes upcoming success.

A skinny hen symbolizes shame and embarrassment, while a fat hen means that you will be honored. This dream also symbolizes happiness. A hen with chicks symbolizes luck in love, gain and weddings. Dreaming of a hen on eggs means that your job will expand. It also symbolizes love conquests. If you are chased by a rooster in a dream it means that you shouldn’t trust someone. Call your friend first. Dreaming of feeding chickens symbolizes a harmonious marriage.

Collecting herbs in a dream symbolizes fear, sickness and worries. Herbs on a field suggest that you are peaceful for a reason.

To be a herdsman in a dream warns you to watch out for flatters, while seeing a herdsman symbolizes upcoming happiness.

To expect heritage in a dream means that you will break free from worries and inconveniences. To get heritage symbolizes poverty. Losing heritage in a dream represents death.

Dreams about heroes warn that you are in danger. Be careful, not everything will go well.

If you are having hiccups in a dream someone will humiliate you.

Hiding in dreams usually symbolizes a guilty conscience.

A large hill represents great honor, while a small one means that someone gossips about you. A steep hill suggests that you shouldn’t trust other people. It also means that you are not ready for problems that life brings you. Worries. A bleak hill symbolizes worries, while a stony one represents troubles at work. A green hill in a dream symbolizes happiness, while a forested one means that you will receive a gift. A notched hill suggests great worries. If you are climbing a hill in a dream it means that you will face many worries and dangers. Alighting from a hill in a dream symbolizes humiliation and unfulfilled wishes.

Women’s hips in a dream means that you have a lot of unfulfilled wishes. Ugly hips symbolize family fights. Weak hips represent worries and sickness, while strong hips in a dream suggest good health.

A hive with bees in it symbolizes wealth, while an empty hive in a dream suggests loss and poverty.

To see a hoe symbolizes upcoming hard work, while digging with it in a dream means that you will succeed only by working hard.

Holding a speech
You will succeed in imposing your will on other people. Dreaming of holding speeches also means that you will be honored. Holding a speech in front of a grave means that you have overcome troubles. It is time to make a decision.

To strain honey in a dream symbolizes small loss and a fire, while eating it represents business success. To put honey on a bread and eat it means that you are surrounded with bad people.

Dreaming of honeymoon means that your happiness won’t last long.

To see a hook in a dream means that someone will trick you.

To see a hornet in a dream symbolizes problems and worries. If it stings you that symbolizes anger and wrath. Dreaming of catching it means that you won’t be able to solve your problems. Killing a hornet in a dream means that you will solve your problems successfully.

To see horns in a dream symbolizes disappointment in love and cheating.

To see a horse in a dream symbolizes an upcoming period of prosperity, peace and success.

Horse equipment
Dreaming of horse equipment symbolizes good health.

Horse muck
Dreaming of horse muck symbolizes good health and financial gain.

Dreaming of eating or grating horseradish suggests a fight with a loved one.

A horseshoe is a symbol of happy days, gain, trips and wealth.

If you are visiting a hospital in a dream it means that you will get rid of some burden. To see a hospital symbolizes a better life, while getting out of it means that you will avoid danger. If a hospital is filled with patients in a dream that means that many people will find out about your success.

Dreaming of hotels symbolizes illness, loss and damages.

To see a hound in a dream represents gossips and bad jobs.

To see your house in a dream means that you feel safe and carefree. Selling your house warns about expenses and financial losses.

House foundation
House foundation is a symbol of gains, engagements or family celebrations.

Seeing housekeeper in a dream symbolizes upcoming fights, worries and illnesses. Being a housekeeper in a dream symbolizes smaller lottery gain. Dreaming of being a housekeeper in someone else’s house is a bad sign.

Howling beasts
Hearing beasts howling in a dream symbolizes sorrow.

To hug a friend in a dream symbolizes misfortune, while hugging a loved one represents happiness and prosperity. Hugging an unfamiliar person in a dream means that someone is unfaithful to you.

To see a Hungarian in a dream means that you will meet a reputable person.

If you are hungry in a dream it means that you will win a lottery.

Dreaming of catching something symbolizes luck at lottery, while returning from hunting empty handed symbolizes disappointment, danger and small frauds.

Hunting chase
To see a hunting chase in a dream symbolizes upcoming happiness.

Hunting horn
Dreaming of a hunting horn symbolizes upcoming short-termed happiness and a fraud.

Hunting knife
Dreaming of a hunting knife symbolizes upcoming misfortune.

Hunting suit
A hunting suit in a dream warns you to be careful regarding your companion.

To see a hurdy-gurdy in a dream means that you are surrounded with boring people, while playing it suggests an upcoming pleasant acquaintance.

If you are dreaming that you are in a hurry it means that your consciousness is restless.

If you see a Siberian Husky in a dream, it means that you are too naïve and that you often see only good in people.

Being a hussar in a dream means that you are successful in love, while seeing it symbolizes fights and turmoil.

To see hyacinth warns you of upcoming sorrow.

Being hypnotized in a dream means that someone will fox you. You must always pay for knowledge. To hypnotize someone in a dream means that you should stay away from dangerous jobs. To observe a hypnosis means that you will become famous and respected in a society.