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If you see an eagle in your home that symbolizes increase in property, wealth and respect. To catch an eagle in a dream represents sorrow and anger, while killing it means that you will suffer damages. A flying eagle symbolizes respect and wealth. Dreaming of eagles in the woods or on the trees symbolizes shame, loss and sickness.

Wearing earrings in a dream means that you will find out someone’s secret. To see earrings in a dream symbolizes new love relationships.

To see ears in a dream means that your wishes will come true. This dream also symbolizes a successful job. Dreaming of having big ears means that you will hear something that you shouldn’t have heard, while dreaming of small ears means that you will hear good news.

To survive an earthquake in a dream warns you of danger. Stay unfearful in your intentions.


  • Eat something
    If you are eating alone in a dream it means that your health is good. Eating in someone’s company symbolizes a wedding, wealth and happiness. A hot meal represents wage labor.
  • To eat apples
    If you are eating green apples in a dream it means that you will face worry and poverty. If the apples are ripe it means that you will enjoy in love and get married.
  • To eat fruit
    Eating sweet fruit in a dream symbolizes good health, wealth, long life and joy. Dreaming of sour fruit warns about misery, poverty, sickness, sorrow and tears.
  • To eat meat
    Dreaming of eating raw meat symbolizes sickness and death, while cooked meat represents happiness and use. Hot means suggests that you will be bored.
  • To eat pumpkin
    If you are eating a pumpkin in a dream it means that your wishes won’t come true.
  • To eat something sweet
    Dreaming of eating something sweet symbolizes flattering, frauds and half-truths.

Dreaming of eavesdropping symbolizes inconveniences, small family fights, shame and sickness.

Ebb tide
Dreaming of ebb tide means that you luck is unstable.

Ebony tree
To dream ebony suggests you should be careful when signing contracts.

To see a sun eclipse in a dream warns you of loss and misfortune, while seeing a moon eclipse means that someone will gossip about you.

To see an eel in a dream symbolizes fights and a lawsuit. Eating an eel represents gossip, while catching it symbolizes pleasant news and financial gain.

Eating eggs in a dream symbolizes engagement, long life and happiness. Taking it out of the nest represents a marriage with a widow or a widower. Cracking eggs symbolizes gossip and inconveniences. Buying eggs in a dream represents prosperity in your home. Coloring eggs symbolizes obstacles at work. Rotten eggs suggest illness or anger.

Elderly people
If you don’t know them, then they symbolize misfortune, sickness, death and misery. If they are your relatives or acquaintances it means that you will gain respect and fame. This dream also symbolizes pleasant news.

To see an elephant in a dream means that something you don’t expect will happen to you.

To see an elevator in a dream means that someone will help you when you are in trouble.

To see an embankment in a dream means that you will confide in someone. Building an embankment suggests that you can succeed only if you are persistent. To demolish an embankment means that you should be more confident. Walking on an embankment symbolizes carefree days.

If you embarrass someone in a dream it means that you have one less opponent.

To work in an embassy means that you will consort with influential people. To visit an embassy means that you will accomplish success with a lot of effort.

To dream of ember means that you will fall out of love.

Dreaming of embezzling something symbolizes shame and loss.

To see an empty enclosure in a dream symbolizes inconveniences, while an enclosure with cattle in it represents happiness and joy.

To see an enemy means that your wishes will come true. If you have an encounter with an enemy in a dream that symbolizes unexpected difficulties and worries. To beat an enemy means that everything will turn out alright.

Dreaming of your engagements symbolizes upcoming marriage, while dreaming of someone else’s engagements warns you of unexpected expenses.

You have to control your anger.

England or Englishman
To dream an Englishman means that your friend is not loyal to you. It also symbolizes boredom.

If you are afraid of viruses search the meaning of fear. If you are sick in a dream search the meaning of sickness. To hear about epidemy spread in a dream symbolizes good health.

To see someone with epilepsy in a dream symbolizes business problems. Dreaming of having epilepsy symbolizes financial loss.

When a man dreams that he has an erection in bed, it means that he is lonely. If a man dreams that he has an erection at work, it symbolizes professional progress.

An unsuccessful or endless escapement suggests that you will have trouble with damages.

Escarpment on the road
If you see an escarpment in a dream it means that someone will slander you.

Eskimo in a dream symbolizes unfaithful mistress.

Dreaming of buying an estate suggests that wastefulness will lead you to destruction.

An ex-boyfriend in a dream can be a sign that in reality, something reminded you of him or some moments in your relationship.

To dream about ewer suggests that you will be complemented on.

Dreaming of exams means that your hard work will turn into a success.

Excavator in a dream symbolize hard work that awaits you in the near future trough some kind of project. It may be simple or complicated work, but the main meaning excavator gives, is the amount of work you have to accomplish. That amount can be relative and very much depends of your personal aspect in seeing things that needs to be done.

Exchange office
Dreaming of an exchange office warns you of a business failure.

To see an exciseman in a dream means that you will have an unpleasant encounter. Danger is near you.

Going on an excursion alone – you need peace. Going on an excursion with friends – you lack excitement. Taking children on an excursion – you will face stress.

To see executions in a dream warns you of troubles and upcoming malice.

To be on an exhibition in a dream means that modesty is a key to success.

If you dream of expecting someone, it is a warning that you will get disappointed in real life.

Dreaming of expeditions means that you should think everything through before taking actions.

Talking about the price increase with someone in a dream means that you are pretty objective.

To hear an explosion in a dream means that you will hear important news. Seeing an explosion symbolizes business success.

Express train
Dreaming of riding in an express train suggests that you should be more discrete in company of people whose opinions you appreciate. Observing an express train in a dream means that you should devote more to your job.

Dreaming of styling your brows symbolizes an upcoming happy event.

Blue eyes symbolize great love, while black eyes in a dream mean that you should be more careful when it comes to love. Sick eyes suggest to be aware of your friends’ intentions. Brown eyes suggest that someone wants you, while green eyes symbolize unstable love. Dreams with evil eyes mean that people cheat on you treacherously, while dirty eyes suggest that you will be humiliated. To lose eyes in a dream means that your friend is in danger.