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Dreaming of cow udder means that you will get a valuable gift. To have udder in a dream symbolizes misfortune.

Having ulcer in a dream represents illness, sorrow and digestive tract problems.

Dreaming of umbrellas means that people will misuse your kindness.

Seeing an uncle in a dream symbolizes a happy surprise.

If you dream of watching someone undress, it means that you will reveal someone’s secret.

To dream about underbrush means that you will struggle a lot before reaching final success.

Dreaming of underwear means that you will have luck in love.

To have a uniform on in a dream means that you will be respected and honored.

Unknown people
Seeing strangers in a dream symbolizes upcoming worries.

Upholsterer in a dream is a symbol of family happiness.

Upper leg
If you hurt your upper leg in a dream it means that someone you trust will ruin your plans.

Dreaming of urine warns you of upcoming loss, shame and sickness.

To see an urn with someone’s ashes means that an acquaintance of yours will die.

To be a usurer in a dream means that you will be sinful, while seeing usurers means that you will experience a downfall in you start doing risky jobs.