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To see a madhouse in a dream symbolizes sickness while being in a madhouse represents business failure.

To see a madman in a dream means that so[meone will fox you.

Dreaming of magicians suggests that someone will fox you or steal from you.

Dreaming of a magpie on the ground means that you will have a nice day while dreaming of it flying symbolizes bad news. This dream warns you of theft.

Eating mandarine: time for new beginnings.

To dream about maneuvers symbolizes an upcoming pleasant change.

Seeing a full manger in a dream symbolizes a gain, and a pleasant lesson, while an empty one means that someone will owe you, great difficulties.

Mangos symbolize lust for someone. Every interpretation regarding this fruit is a symbol of lust.

Manicure symbolizes damage.

To eat margarine in a dream warns you of fraud.

Marital trip
If you are dreaming of a marital trip it means that your happiness won’t last long.

Maritime battle
Dreaming of maritime battles symbolizes an upcoming big journey.

Market place
Dreaming of a marketplace symbolizes an unexpected adventure. It doesn’t have to be related to love.

If you get married in a dream it means that your wishes won’t come true. If you are negotiating a marriage that symbolizes gains. Getting out of marriage represents good earnings.

To kill a marten in a dream means that you will break free from worries while seeing it warns you of theft.

If you see a mask in a dream, it means that you are unpredictable.

Dreaming of masons symbolizes failure, loss and worries.

To dream that you are building something or maybe someone else is engaged in masonry represents the need to make or do something.

You are confused by the situation you are in but can’t make impulsive decisions.

A massage in a dream symbolizes small worries.

A mast on a boat symbolizes happy marriage and good love life. If a mast is broken in your dream that symbolizes marital fights.

To see matches in a dream symbolizes gains and a pleasant surprise.

If you are sleeping on a mattress in a dream it means you will have time to rest in the following days. Many problems will be resolved on their own.

Wondering in a maze symbolizes worries and troubles. If you get out of the maze that suggests that everything will end, even the bad things.

Uncut meadows symbolize happiness and love encounters, while mowed meadows in a dream suggest that you are surrounded by envious people.

If you measure something in a dream, that is a warning to watch out for stalkers and spies.

If you see meat in a dream, it means that you will inherit something. If you are dreaming of eating meat, it means that you don’t stick to given promises.

Making a meal in a dream symbolizes poverty. Putting a mean on the table represents a loss. Giving a meal to someone suggests prosperity. A tasty dish means that your life will be calmer in the future, while a bad dish represents trouble.

Dreaming of measles symbolizes gains that you didn’t hope for.

To see a medal in a dream symbolizes a high position and status. It also represents a good prize.

If you are taking medication in a dream it means that you should stay away from parties. It also symbolizes misfortune. If you are giving medication to other people in a dream that symbolizes happiness and prosperity.

Medicinal plants
To see medicinal plants in a dream symbolizes a serious illness.

Dreaming of eating melon means that you have a need for physical satisfaction. Seeing a melon in a dream symbolizes longing.

Memorial service
Dreaming of a memorial service means that you will lose a dear friend.

Dreaming of menageries means that you will meet bad people.

To dream that you are menstruating – an expressed maternal instinct. To dream that your period is late – the problem you are facing scares you.

Dreaming of a menu means that you will go on a trip soon.

To dream about a messenger symbolizes trouble, evil and bad news.

Dreaming of meteors means that your luck is short-termed. It also suggests a serious change.

To see a meter in a dream warns you about fraud.

To see a midden in a dream symbolizes heritage and luck in gambling. Walking on it means that you will face inconveniences.

If you are single when dreaming of a midwife it means that you will get married. If you are married it means that you will have children soon. To the elderly, it symbolizes sickness and the revelation of secrets. If you are a midwife in a dream it means that you are meddling in other people’s businesses. An unknown midwife symbolizes a happy event. To call a midwife means that you will go to a baby shower soon.

Dreaming of milfoil symbolizes an unpleasant encounter and an illness.

Dreaming of the military symbolizes upcoming fights, spite, fire, hunger and expenses.

To dream about milk symbolizes upcoming unexpected joy, gain and good health.

To see a mill in a dream means that your business will grow. Dreaming of milling symbolizes gossip, fights and spite.

To see a miller in a dream symbolizes an upcoming misfortune, a symbol of machination. If you are a miller then this dream symbolizes pleasant events and an increase in your family.

To see a millstone in a dream warns you of deadly danger and misfortune.

A mine in a dream is a symbol of a wedding, family, or an increase in property.

To see a miner in a dream symbolizes bad news and hard times in your life.

Watching yourself in a mirror symbolizes upcoming inconveniences. To some people, this dream can symbolize marriage. If you break a mirror in a dream it means that many of your wishes will be unfulfilled. A broken mirror represents misfortune and sickness.

The miser in a dream symbolizes unpleasant news, family feuds, failure, repentance, and unhappy marriage.

Mixing spoon
To see a mixing spoon in a dream means that someone will harass you. To break a mixing spoon symbolizes misfortune regarding love.

To hear moaning in a dream symbolizes misfortune and inconveniences.

Mobile phone
The urgent task is ahead of you.

Dreaming of mobilization means that you will suffer failures at work.

If you are dreaming of mocking someone, it means that you are unfair.

Dreaming of models warns you that someone is slandering you. People are hiding your value.

Dreaming of mold symbolizes disappointment in love or friendship.

A mole in a dream warns you of poverty and family fights. A mole on someone’s face or body symbolizes unpleasant news.

Dreaming of molehills means that you are blind in love. This dream also symbolizes success.

Monasteries are a symbol of a more peaceful and happy life. To some people, this dream can suggest that they are surrounded by lies.

To receive money in a dream means that you will have high expenses. Giving money symbolizes gains. Counting money represents high earnings. To see money in a dream symbolizes unexpected wealth. To lend money stands for worries and inconveniences. If you find money in a dream it means that you will face misfortune or humiliation. To lose money symbolizes failure at work. To counterfeit money in a dream means that you are fighting with unjust thoughts.

Dreaming of a monk warns that sadness, trouble, derogatory thoughts, and envy are ahead.

Dreaming of monkeys warns you about poltroons, sickness, and fraud.

To see a monocle in a dream suggests that you will become arrogant.

If you are standing on a monticule in a dream it symbolizes a win over your opponents. It also represents success. If it is forested it means that someone is unfaithful to you. A monticule with a castle or a house on it is a symbol of wealth.

A full moon in a dream means that you should postpone a wedding. Decreased moon tells you to take care of a loved one. A new moon suggests that a loved one likes you. A moon eclipse in a dream suggests that you will be in trouble, while a bright red moon symbolizes fights.

Dreaming of moonlight symbolizes short-termed love luck.

Morning star
Dreaming of a morning star suggests that your wishes will come true.

Dreaming of a mortar symbolizes that you are in love with the wrong person. Stirring something in a mortar means that you will have a visit. An empty mortar means that you are indecisive.

Mortuary speech
Dreaming of a mortuary speech means that you will get rid of sadness. You will have nice moments in life.

To see a mosque in a dream warns you of accidents on the road.

To see mosquitos in a dream means that you will experience small inconveniences.

To see moss in a dream means that your wish won’t come true. You will have an unpleasant job. Dreaming of lying on moss symbolizes good health and gain.

To see a moth in a dream suggests that some people are not your friends. Be careful. Catching a moth in a dream means that your reason will be fogged because of happiness.

To see a mother means that you will hear good news while talking to her suggesting successful businesses. If your mother dies in a dream that suggests misfortune and worries. To see your dead mother alive in a dream symbolizes long life and progress.

To see a mother or father-in-law means that you will face inconveniences, fights, problems and boredom.

A working engine suggests that you should overcome your anger, while a turned-off motor implies that something bothers you.

Dreaming of motorcycles means that frivolous people will try to avenge.

A mound in a dream symbolizes inconveniences and fights.

This dream symbolizes a change regarding your job. To descend from a mountain suggests difficulties and a trip against your will. A mountain in the fog symbolizes great suspense.

If you mourn someone in a dream, it means that your rivals will anger you.

Dreaming of a mouse warns you about thieves, damage and hunger.

To see a mousetrap in a dream means that someone slandered you to your boss.

If you dream of moving to a new house you bought or rented, it predicts changes in your life.

If you are watching a movie alone in a dream that means that you will go on a trip. If you are watching a movie with a company that symbolizes unfaithfulness in love.

Mowing grass
If you are mowing grass in a dream, that is a warning that difficulties are expecting you.

Seeing mud in a dream symbolizes a fight for survival, illness, shame, gossip and dispiritedness. Falling into mud means that you are worried about your future. It also symbolizes damage.

To see a mulberry in a dream symbolizes a successful period in your life. It also means that you will move.

Dreaming of a mule warns you to stay away from evil people. This dream also symbolizes inconveniences.

To see mushrooms in a dream symbolizes sickness, fraud and bad-natured competition. Picking mushrooms in a dream symbolizes good health and prosperity while eating them means that someone is lying to you, alternatively eating mushrooms in a dream warns you to watch out for yourself. You are surrounded by frauds.

Listening to pleasant music in a dream symbolizes happy news while listening to bad music suggests that someone is threatening to you but you shouldn’t be scared.

To hear musicians in a dream symbolizes new love.

If you see the must in a dream, it means that you envy someone for their success in love.

A big mustache is a symbol of honor, prize, gains and success. If they are on someone else it means that you can expect recognition or a reward for your success. If you have a mustache it means that you are too arrogant.

To be mute in a dream warns you of possible humiliation. To see a mute person means that you will get a reward.

Dreams of mutiny suggest that you won’t have luck with a new job. It also symbolizes a loss of a friend or a change of profession.

If you are dreaming of a muzzle it means that you should watch what you are saying. Don’t trust everyone with your secrets.