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Dreaming of seeing a woman in labor means that you will be a godfather. This dream also symbolizes happiness. Dreaming of being present during labor warns you of troubles.

Dreaming of laboratories means that you shouldn’t meddle in other people’s businesses. It also symbolizes sickness.

Dreaming of lace is a symbol of great happiness in your family.

To see ladders in a dream means that you will overcome difficulties. To climb a ladder symbolizes business success and a promotion.

Ladybugs symbolize business success with little effort.

The lair warns of a meeting with a hostile person, hesitation, danger.

A clear lake in a dream symbolizes excessive mood swings, while a muddy lake means that you will have love troubles. A lake filled with fish symbolizes prosperity. To some people it could also symbolize sadness and love troubles. If a lake is restless it symbolizes success in every aspect of your life.

To kill a lamb in a dream means that you are arrogant. To see a lamb symbolizes short-term satisfaction and happiness. If you find a lamb in a dream it means that you will have an honest spouse.

A turned-on lamp in a dream means that your wishes will come true, while a turned off lamp symbolizes death and loss.

If you see a lampshade in your dream it means that successful business venture follows up. Possible business trip. If the lampshade is fallen on the ground your investments will fail.

If you see a landslide in a dream, it is a warning that someone will slander you.

Dreaming of a lantern means that your neighborhood has something against you. Be careful.

If you see lard in a dream, it means that you will be lucky in love in real life.

A lark symbolizes happiness in love, gains and good news.

To see a lattice in a dream symbolizes sickness and small inconveniences. If you are hammering them in a dream that symbolizes death.

Quietly laughing in a dream symbolizes patience. Laughing loudly in a dream means that you like to be the center of attention.

Dirty laundry is a symbol of fights and loss, while clean laundry represents love affairs. New laundry symbolizes an encounter with old friends. If you are washing laundry in a dream that symbolizes inconveniences and gossips.

Doing laundry in a dream means that you will benefit from someone’s help.

Interpretations of these dreams can differ depending on who or why you sued someone or being sued by someone.

Raw leather symbolizes troubles in business. To put leather on represents unpleasant but mandatory job. To cut or tailor leather in a dream symbolizes fraud and fights. Buying it represents poverty, while selling it in a dream suggests success in business.

Green leaves in a dream symbolize great health, while dry leaves suggest that you will receive a gift. This dream can also symbolize sickness or sorrow. Fallen leaves represent sorrow because of separation.

If you dream of teaching someone, it means that one person adores you.

Dreaming of leeches warns you to watch out for usurers, troubles and sickness.

Beautiful legs in dreams symbolize fights, while ugly legs represent new friends. Sick legs suggest misfortune and damage. Swollen legs symbolize happiness and parties. Washing legs in a dream represents sickness and a trip. To break a leg symbolizes humiliation and friend loss.

Dreaming of lemons symbolizes happy news and a small gain.

To receive a letter in a dream means that you will be scared for no reason, while sending a letter to someone symbolizes upcoming worries, sorrow, tears, good news and financial loss. Reading a letter in a dream symbolizes upcoming surprises. People from your environment will trust you.

Leviathan in a dream warns you of your restless consciousness. This dream also symbolizes worries and fear.

To see a decorated library means that your hard work will pay off greatly.

Life in jeopardy
If your life is in jeopardy in a dream it means that you should listen to your friend’s advices. If you avoid danger in a dream it means you should be patient. Justice is slow but reachable.

If you see the light in the night, it symbolizes happiness.

To see a lighthouse in a dream warns you of upcoming danger. Seek help in time.

This dream warns you of sickness, fights and misfortune.

Dreams about lilacs mean that love is near you. They also symbolize happiness.

Dreaming of lilies means that you should expect love with a lot of emotions and faithfulness.

Lily of the valley
Dreams with lilies of the valley mean that you will receive a gift from a loved one.

To see lime in a dream symbolizes difficulties at your job. Eating lime symbolizes difficulties regarding love.

To see linden in a dream symbolizes carefree future and happiness. Dreaming of climbing a linden means that your wishes will come true, while picking flowers from a linden tree represents kissing.

If you are chased by a lion in a dream that symbolizes loss. Killing a lion means that you will gain power and respect, while chasing a lion in a dream suggests that good deeds pay off. To see a lion in a dream means that a powerful person will like you.

Pale lips in a dream symbolize anger, rage and disappointment in love, while red lips suggest that you will soon be with a loved one. Juicy lips in a dream mean that your old wishes will come true.

Listening to a speech
If you are listening a speech in a dream it means that you will get good jobs.

Dreaming of litany symbolizes worries and loss. Participating in litany means that your life will be happier soon.

To lead a litigation against someone in a dream symbolizes shot-termed fights and an unpleasant encounter, while winning it symbolizes success and gain. To lose a litigation in a dream suggests upcoming unexpected difficulties.

You are confused by the situation you are in but can’t make impulsive decisions.

Dreams about liver warn you to stay away from alcohol. To see liver in a dream symbolizes that you will inherit something.

Hidden enemies are preparing you a trap. Dreaming of lizards also symbolizes a move. You will get help, but don’t take advices from unknown people.

If you are giving a loan it means that your circle of friends is increasing. If you are getting a loan it means that you don’t take your obligations seriously.

Lobworms are a symbol of loss caused by excessive honesty. They also represent illness and misfortune.

A lock in a dream represents a reconciliation with an opponent. It also means that you will discover a secret and that you should expect obstacles.

To see a locomotive in a dream means that you will search for happiness far from your home. If you hear a locomotive in a dream it means that danger is near you.

If you see a log in a dream, it means that you get surrounded by malicious people.

Lombardy poplar
To dream about Lombardy poplars symbolizes happiness and carefree life. If they are swinging in a dream it suggests possible illness and death.

Looking for something
Looking for something you lost means that you shouldn’t let anyone to play games with you.

Losing something
If you are dreaming of losing something, it means that your efforts are in vain.

Winning lottery in a dream symbolizes poverty, while losing it represents wealth and a love affair. Wining a lottery in a dream is a warning for the loss of respect you have in the society.

Lottery ticket
If you buy a lottery ticket in a dream that symbolizes loss, but if you find one it means that you will win a lottery.

To have louses in a dream warns you of upcoming inconveniences that you will solve quickly. You will suffer a small damage. To kill louses in a dream symbolizes wealth, gain and an end of poverty. Seeing louses on someone suggests progress.

Declaring love in a dream symbolizes pleasant moments and happiness.

Love act
Having a love act with a celebrity in a dream means that you will find love. Being involved with someone unknown means that you will have intimate relationships with a bad person. If you are having an intercourse with a virgin in a dream that symbolizes poverty and trouble.

Love affair
If you have an affair in a dream that means that someone secretly likes you. If someone else has a love affair that means that you are lonely. If your parents have an affair in a dream that symbolizes fights, trouble and family problems.

Love letter
To receive a love letter in a dream symbolizes dissatisfaction. To send a love letter symbolizes intrigues.

Loved one
To see a loved one in a dream means that your love is returned.

To be a lover in a dream means that someone gossips about you. To have a lover means that you are playing a dangerous game. Fighting with a lover in a dream means that the truth will come out. To meet a lover in a dream means that you will fall in love. It also symbolizes happiness. Changing a lover suggests that you should be careful of false promises. To lose a lover means that you will find someone better. To sleep over at your lover’s place means that your wish will come true.

Carrying a lump of dirt in a dream means that you will break free from shyness.

Dreams about lunch can be very tricky to interpret because of everyday life occurrences. So, it is very important to extract the context of our dream. Lunch dreams always symbolize some kind of good intention whether it’s from you or someone else.

If you fulfill your lust in a dream it means that you will make new friends, while unfulfilled lust symbolizes worries and difficulties.