Lampshade in a Dream – Meaning and Explanation

Dreaming of a lampshade
When you dream of a lampshade it means that you will be successful at work or in business. The job you invested a lot of money and time in will start to pay off. You will enjoy in fruits of your labor deservedly. You have shown your superiors that they can trust you and that they can count on you. You have a possibility to go on a business trip that will bring you many opportunities as well as a professional perfecting. You are very satisfied because you see that your sacrifices have made sense. You feel fulfilled, so you do every job you get with satisfaction. You are full of self-confidence, which affects even your private life positively.

To see a lampshade being knocked down
If you see a knocked down lampshade in a dream that is a warning that you are investing in a business that doesn’t have a perspective. You want to prove your worth and you want success, which makes you do impulsive things regarding business. If you own a private business, you haven’t researched the market well, which often makes you spend a lot more than you gain. That makes you feel bad and you have realized that you will not be able to continue doing business like that anymore. You don’t listen to good-hearted advices which you get from your friends. If you have taken a loan, you can end up in a lot of serious financial problems.

A lampshade on a lamp or a chandelier
If you are dreaming of a lampshade on a lamp or a chandelier under which light is shining, you are going to solve a problem that has been giving you headaches for a very long time. The situation will finally start to develop to your advantage, so you will have enough energy to fulfill every task put in front of you.

However, if you dream of a turned off light, it is possible that you will have smaller arguments with family members or colleagues form work. Misunderstandings and bickering in private relationships, as well as envy among colleagues will finally culminate. However, you don’t have to worry, because all of it will not affect you and your everyday life a lot.

Dreaming of a lampshade on a window
If you see a lampshade on a window in a dream, it means that you will meet someone who might change your life completely. They are very influential, so they will be ready to help you if you decide to accept their advice.

White lampshade
White lampshades in a dream suggest that you will finally hear good news from a loved one who lives abroad. You might get a chance to finally travel on a vacation. White lampshades usually have positive meanings.

Black lampshade
If you are dreaming of a black lampshade, it means that you are subconsciously lamenting a missed opportunity. You will finally get the courage to make important decisions and decide for yourself what you want your life to look like. You are aware that it won’t be easy and that you might not receive support from people around you, but you think that it is important to take life into your own hands and do what you think is best for you.

Red lampshade
Red lampshades in a dream symbolize that you are doubting your partner’s fidelity. Communication with your loved one is not great, so you feel like you are departing from each other a little bit more each day. They are acting like they are hiding something from you and they are not trying to talk to you about things that are bothering them. The best thing to do is to change the approach and put all the cards on the table. That kind of a situation can’t have a good outcome regarding future, because the lack of communication and dishonesty affects your psych a lot.

Yellow lampshade
Someone’s jealousy or envy could get you in troubles. Your success in private and business life hasn’t been unnoticed. If you have dreamt about yellow lampshades recently, it means that there is a person who envies you a lot. Be aware that you can’t change anything about it, but be prepared for possible inconveniences. Don’t let them mess up your plans.

Colorful lampshade
This dream symbolizes possible gain on the lottery. Make sure to buy a ticket.

To receive a lampshade as a gift
This dream suggests that you will be happy because of someone else’s happiness. Family members or your friends will tell you a happy news.

To give a lampshade as a gift
Dreaming of giving a lampshade as a gift suggests that you should try to reduce stress in your life. Everyday pressure that you feel because of work or a lack of it affects your health a lot. Even though you are aware of it, you can’t help yourself. It is important for you to try to reduce levels of stress, because it could be fatal for you. If it comes to that, no other problem will be as big as that one.

Standing beneath a lampshade
Dreaming of standing beneath a lampshade implies that you are lonely. Even though you are surrounded with people, you feel like sometimes they can’t understand your actions or behavior. You are trying to not let other people see that, but if you continue to act like that be sure that it will become obvious. Try to find a hobby that will fulfill you, or talk to someone who you trust the most.

To break a lampshade
If you are dreaming of breaking a lampshade, it means that you are afraid that a secret you are hiding will come out. It is possible that you are right, but the consequences will not be as scary as you seem to be imagining them. Try to relax and let everything develop on its own.

To burn a lampshade
If you are dreaming of burning a lampshade, it means that you will have an argument with friends who think that you don’t understand them and not giving them enough attention. However, if you are dreaming of other people burning a lampshade, it means that you will start a secret affair. You are aware that your loved ones will disagree with it.

Definition of a lampshade

Lampshade is a cover for devices used for illumination that shine rays of light directed at the ground. Lampshades can also be used as eaves above windows and shop-windows that serve as a protection from the sun.

2 thoughts on “Lampshade in a Dream – Meaning and Explanation

  1. I had a dream about knocking o er the same lamp several times because my daughter plugged it in, in the most unconventional place. So I could trip over the cord and knock it over. But the lamp would never break I would pick it up and place it back in its spot. But after several times of this I noticed the light starting to get dimmer. What does this mean?

    1. I wonder if it could mean that there is something you might be doing to hinder your daughter’s light so she might feel knocked down. And it may be because she is acting “unconventional” or not to your expectations. When you “keep putting the lamp back” in the same place it makes me think that your response is the same and the expected set up is the same, so there may be tension with your daughter and it doesn’t allow for growth. Consider trying a different response or asking her where is a good place to put the lamp so it can shine? Pray for your relationship with your daughter to be one where there’s more open communication over expectations and there is freedom for her to express herself too.

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