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Green and big oaks in dreams represent long life, prosperity, good health, and sexual pleasure. To topple an oak symbolizes death near you. Dreaming of oakwood means that you will become wealthy.

To see an oar in a dream symbolizes an upcoming short trip, acquaintance, and joy.

To see oats in dreams warns you of poverty while cutting oats symbolizes good news, happiness, and gain.

Observing lovers
Observing lovers in a dream warns you that someone will cheat on you.

Small octopus – bad news; big octopus – stop complicating things; a pair of octopuses – start looking for solutions to the problems that bother you; many octopuses – someone is suffocating you

Dreaming about offices means that you will worry a lot.

To see an officer in a dream means that you will achieve fame and honor on the hard way.

An olive tree in a dream symbolizes happiness, gains, and love adventures while eating olives suggests unpleasant love games.

Dreaming of onions symbolizes upcoming inconveniences, repentance, tears, poverty, sorrow, and sickness.

Listening to opera in a dream means that your family will have a newborn.

To see opium in a dream symbolizes upcoming misfortune. Taking it suggests a serious illness and a loss of your status.

To see an opponent in a dream warns you of gossip, while talking to them symbolizes an unexpected love encounter.

To see an orange in a dream warns you of misfortune and betrayal. Dreaming of eating oranges symbolizes an upcoming unexpected love event, while buying oranges suggests that you shouldn’t invest everything that you own into something.

To see orchards in a dream means that you will have misunderstandings with a loved one while walking around an orchard means that you have a carefree life.

To see an order means that you will be credited for your actions, while wearing it represents honor and status. To get an order means that you don’t have a lot of friends. It also implies that someone is lying to you.

The organ in a dream symbolizes good health, happiness, and joy.

Organizing documents
If you are dreaming of organizing documents in a dream it means that you will get an unexpected heritage.

Dreaming of orgies symbolizes unfulfilled wishes.

To see an ostrich in a dream means that you should stay away from trouble.

Dreaming of otters symbolizes luck in an accident. You have stupid opponents.

Going on an outing in a dream means that you should stay away from false friends.

An ouzel in a dream warns you about upcoming short-termed worries.

To see an owl in a dream suggests misfortune, it also suggests that having honest friends is rare for you. Hearing an owl symbolizes bad news regarding family.

To see an ox symbolizes a very successful job while killing it represents unhappy love. A skinny ox is a symbol of worries and misfortune, while a fat ox represents happiness in the family.

Hitched oxen symbolize happiness and harmony in marriage and love. Skinny oxen represent expenses, poverty, and small fights in your family, while fat oxen symbolize upcoming happiness. To kill oxen in a dream suggests misfortune, while to beat them represents danger and misfortune. To see roaring oxen means that you will not achieve your intentions.

To dream about oysters suggests that you are spending too much.