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To eat kale in a dream means that someone is disturbing you, while seeing it symbolizes bad mood and anger.

To hear kettledrums in a dream symbolizes fights.

To find a key in a dream symbolizes gain and wealth, while to lose it suggests small fights. To see a key means that you will have a good maid. This dream also symbolizes happiness in love. If you have a large key in a dream it means that you will suffer abuse of some sort. A bundle of keys suggests gains.

To dream that someone you know kidnapped you – loneliness; to dream that you were kidnapped by an unknown person – a new acquaintance. To dream that you are planning a kidnapping – you do not know how to articulate your feelings.

Dreaming of kinsman means that you will anger someone.

Dreaming of kissing someone symbolizes returned love, while being kissed means that your lover will go on a trip. To steal a kiss warns you of dishonest love promises. This dream also symbolizes a short-term love relationship.

To kiss with a friend in a dream symbolizes reconciliation. Kissing dead people means death. To observe someone kissing symbolizes sorrow. If you are kissing with a loved one in a dream that suggests happiness after a troublesome period. Kissing with your wife or husband symbolizes family fights. Kissing with someone else’s wife or husband is a good sign that your plans will succeed.

Dreaming of dirty kitchenware symbolizes family fights, while clean kitchenware represents peace and harmony. Dreaming of breaking kitchenware warns you of many inconveniences.

Dreaming about kiwis symbolizes changes at work, progress and financial gain. For some people this dream can symbolize the opposite: troubles at work and financial loss.

Kneading dough bowl
If a bowl is full in a dream it symbolizes gains and respect in society. An empty bowl means that you will be in a pleasant company. It also symbolizes poverty.

Kneading trough
Respect in society.

A big knife symbolizes worries and lies, while a small knife represents fights and frauds. A pocket knife means that someone will haunt you. It also symbolizes failure. To lose a knife in a dream means that you will face an unpleasant surprise. Finding a knife means that someone will bring you joy. A rusty knife in a dream symbolizes sickness and danger.

To see a knight in a dream means that you will get a love offer. Be careful, danger is near.

If you dream of knitting, it symbolizes worries.

If you see a knoll in your dream it means that you will be tricked by someone you thought of as a friend.

Tying a knot in a dream represents inconveniences and sorrow, while untying symbolizes success, prosperity and gains.

Dreaming of a knout means that you will be offended.