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To see wagons in a dream means that you have let other people bring important decisions regarding your life.

To wail in a dream symbolizes upcoming happy days.

Wait for someone
If you are waiting for someone in a dream it means that you will hear pleasant news. It also means that you will have love acts.

A waiter in a dream warns you about unnecessary expenses and fights.

Waiting room
To be in a waiting room in a dream means that everyone uses your goodness.

A waitress in a dream symbolizes upcoming joy.

Waking up
Waking someone from a dream represents trouble and danger.

If you dream of taking a walk alone, it symbolizes happy moments.

To see a wall means that you will reconcile with your opponents while climbing a wall suggests fights. To fall from a wall in a dream means that someone will mock you while jumping from it represents a happy future. To see a wall crumbling down symbolizes misfortune, while dreaming of walking on the wall means that you will solve problems at work.

A full wallet in a dream symbolizes loss, while an empty wallet represents gains. If you lose your wallet in a dream it means that you will suffer inconveniences.

Eating walnuts in a dream symbolizes short-termed fights and spite. To see a walnut represents unexpected joy, while cracking it warns you that someone will cheat on you.

Walnut tree
Dreaming of a walnut tree means that happy times are coming. This dream also symbolizes luck in gambling.

To dance the waltz in a dream means that you will tell someone how you feel about them. Dreaming of others dancing symbolizes sorrow.

Dreams about war symbolize a conflict with authorities. The following period in your life will be filled with difficulties.

War equipment
Dreaming of war equipment means that you will go on an unexpected trip. It also symbolizes sorrow.

An empty wardrobe in a dream means that you should avoid your obligation at all costs, while a full wardrobe symbolizes financial success.

Washing something in a dream is a good sign for everything you do. If you are washing your face with cold water in a dream it symbolizes worries, but if you wash your face with warm water that symbolizes good health and wealth.

To see a wasp in a dream means that you need to be careful if you want to achieve success. If you kill a wasp that symbolizes loss and upcoming misfortune. Dreaming of being stung by a wasp suggests upsetting news.

An expensive watch means that you should watch out for your property. To set it suggests an upcoming love adventure while buying or getting it symbolizes interesting news. To see a watch breaking in a dream symbolizes misfortune.

Dreams about watchmakers mean that you will do a very delicate task.

Cold water symbolizes happiness and joy, while warm water suggests sickness. To give water to someone in a dream symbolizes loyal friendship. Murky water represents worries, danger, obstacles and troubles, while clear water symbolizes happiness and small gain. Deep waters suggest danger while walking through water means that you will avoid danger. Nothing can surprise or stop you. Dreaming of walking on water’s surface means that for you there are no obstacles. To dream of water spouting from pipes symbolizes stormy and emotive life.

Water bottle
Dreaming of an empty water bottle suggests to you give up on a trip, while a full water bottle symbolizes joy. To drink from a water bottle means that you have overcome difficulties.

Water fountain
To see a water fountain in a dream means that you are heading toward the fulfillment of your dreams. This dream also symbolizes joy. You will meet an interesting person in a joyful company.

Water mill
Dreaming of water mills suggests upcoming unexpected gain and possible heritage.

Water pipe
Dreaming of water pipes symbolizes upcoming adventures and exciting events.

Dreaming of waterfalls means that you will be wiser and smarter after disappointments. You will experience joy.

Be careful with your choice of friends. Dreaming of watermelons symbolizes vain love wishes and jealousy.

Dreaming of waves means that someone is gossiping about you.

Dreaming of wax warns you that someone is cheating on you. Be careful about your job. Read the carefully documents before signing them.

Wax candles
To buy wax candles in a dream warns you of upcoming sorrow.

Being in a wheelchair – you need help to solve a problem; push an empty cart – costs and losses; pushing someone in a wheelchair – your humanity will be rewarded.

If you are wealthy in a dream it means that you are avoiding risks. It also symbolizes sickness. To see someone wealthy, you will gain powerful friends.

Dreaming of weapons symbolizes upcoming fights, inconveniences, accidents and fears.

Wearing black
Dreaming of wearing black suggests troubles in the future.

Dreaming of a weasel means that you will be exposed to greedy wishes.

Dreaming of pleasant weather symbolizes friendship, while bad weather suggests that you are in danger.

Weaving in a dream suggests that you need to work harder if you want to achieve something.

To be at someone else’s wedding to single people symbolizes marriage, while to be married suggests a fight or a divorce. To see a wedding in a dream symbolizes obstacles in life, loss and jealousy. To some people, this dream can be a good sign. To sing or dance at a wedding means that someone likes you. This dream also symbolizes joy and happiness. To see a wedding symbolizes a happy marriage and gain. You are envious of someone’s success. Dreaming of having a wedding with your loved one means that you will have a happy marriage while having a wedding with a widow means that you should watch out for your partner’s behavior.

Wedding ring
To wear a wedding ring symbolizes a wedding and a happy marriage. To lose a wedding ring in a dream suggests anger and wrath. You are stressed because of your own caprices. Getting a wedding ring symbolizes faithful love. This dream also suggests that you will be rightfully offended.

Dreaming of weeds warns you about a fight with your relatives.

Weeping willow
Dreaming of a weeping willow represents sadness in a family.

Welcoming someone
If you welcome someone in a dream it means that you will experience a small inconvenience.

To see a well in a dream means that you should expect better moments after danger. You will get public recognition. Taking water out of it symbolizes marriage. Drinking water from a well symbolizes good health and happiness while jumping into it represents joy. To fall into a well suggests through future, worries and sorrow. A well without water represents worries, loss, damage, illness and wrong moves. A deep well stands for happiness, while a shallow well represents poverty. To dig a well in a dream symbolizes damage, poverty and a revelation of your secrets. If a well is filled with water it means that a loved one will get better soon.

If you are being good to others in a dream it means that you will do something for your prosperity finally. If someone does something kind for you in a dream it means that you will find a person that will support you through life.

Clear wellheads symbolize great happiness. Roily wellheads represent lost hopes, misfortune, poverty and illness. Drinking from a wellhead means that you should use your chance. This dream also suggests that you should lower your expectations. Dried wellheads are a symbol of loss, misfortune and war.

Dreaming of being wet suggests that someone will embarrass you. Seeing someone wet suggests you will embarrass someone. To see a wet animal, you will have the opportunity to help someone.

To see a wet nurse in a dream means that you will hear unpleasant news.

Dreaming of whales suggests upcoming big worries.

Dreaming of a spinning wheel symbolizes quick success and prosperity, while a static wheel represents sickness and fights. A broken wheel in a dream symbolizes inconveniences.

A full wheelbarrow in a dream symbolizes upcoming hard work, distractions and obstacles, while an empty wheelbarrow suggests that you will avoid danger. To push wheelbarrows in a dream symbolizes poverty.

Wheels and other car parts
Dreaming of wheels and other parts of the car symbolize fights and disputes.

If you are whipped in a dream that symbolizes business success and good health. Whipping someone means possible romantic encounters.

Dreaming of being whipped means that you will be successful. In the following period, you will not have time for any activity that is not related to the company you work for.

Dreaming of a whirlwind means that you will be exposed to unpleasant events.

A dream wherein you see whiskey in the glass means that you could soon meet an influential person that can help you solve a problem or achieve a specific goal.

Whispering with a loved one
Whispering with a loved one in a dream symbolizes disappointment and sadness.

Whispering with strangers
Whispering with a stranger in a dream means that you make people do evil things.

Whistling in a dream means that you will get a warning while hearing someone whistling warns you of an attack.

White color
To see white in a dream symbolizes happiness and joy.

Whitethorn in a dream symbolizes upcoming better times.

Dreaming of widows or widowers symbolizes a happy life, pleasant news and a wedding.

To see your wife in a dream means that your wishes will come true. Beating a wife symbolizes trouble in your home. If your wife has died in a dream it symbolizes a fight in the family.

Wi-Fi (Wireless)
If you dreamed of these motifs, their interpretations are carried out according to much more recent readings, and the meaning itself depends on the context of the entire dream and the circumstances in which these motifs appeared. In general, these motives indicate a greater awareness of some kind of problem or problem with people close to you.

To have a wig on means that you will become a respected person. This dream symbolizes progress at work as well. To see a wig on someone else means that you will be depressed sometimes. Someone will fox you.

If you dream of Wikipedia, it means that knowledge is at the palm’s reach you, but you can’t recognize it.

Wild animals
If an animal is in a cage it suggests that you are stronger than your opponent. This dream also symbolizes love triumphs.

Wild duck
To see wild ducks in a dream symbolizes upcoming unexpected success and joy.

Wild ducks and geese
Dreams of wild geese symbolize a small loss.

Dreaming of writing a will means that your life has been prolonged.

Dreaming of willows means that you will have honest relationships with your colleagues at work. To see a willow symbolizes happiness and honesty. To cut willow down in a dream warns you of following sorrow days and unhappy love.

Hearing the wind whizzing in a dream means that you will get empty promises.

To see a windmill in a dream warns you that your enemies will prepare you a trap. This dream also suggests the cancellation of a wedding.

An open window is a symbol of good news, while a closed one suggests fights and inconveniences.

Spilling wine in a dream means that someone who you love will mock you. Be patient, acknowledgement will come soon. To see wine in a dish warns you of an unstable future. To see spilled wine symbolizes happiness on an upcoming trip.

Wine glass
Do get a wine glass in a dream means that you will hear good news while dreaming of breaking a glass warns about death.

To see wings in a dream means that you will hear good news. This dream also symbolizes a trip.

Winking in a dream means that you will make someone happy.

Dreaming of winter symbolizes recovery and restoring energy. It can be interpreted as some kind of “pause” or postponing your current plans or as a sign to stop your daily vigorous activities and take some needed rest.

Winter stores
Dreaming of winter stores means that you are saving excessively.

If you are dreaming of wishes it means that you will have a long life and a gain.

Being a witch in a dream warns you of upcoming losses, worries and conflicts that you need to solve on your own.

Dreaming of a wizard means that a person you trust completely will betray you.

If you see a wok in a dream, it symbolizes anger or dissatisfaction.

Dreaming of wolves symbolizes anger, wrath and damage. To hear them howling suggests upcoming troubles. If you are chased by wolves in a dream that symbolizes danger. To overpower them means that you will triumph in the end.

To see an old woman in a dream symbolizes misfortunes and gossip. A young woman means that you should watch out for your behavior. A naked woman means that you will experience an obsession and damage because of lies. An obscene woman in a dream means that you will be defiled. A classy woman is a symbol of honor and success. Kissing a woman represents gains. Flirting with a woman in a dream means that a poltroon will cheat on you.

Women’s suit
To see a women’s suit on a man in a dream means that you will suffer damage and shame.

Women’s thighs
Pretty or full thighs suggest that you should control your wishes. Ugly or thin things symbolize family fights.

Stacked wood symbolizes wealth, while dispersed wood represents a fight with a loved one. Cutting wood in a dream means that you will experience hard work.

Carving wood in a dream means that you will discover a family secret.

To see a woodpecker in a dream means that your hard work will pay off.

To see a woodsman in a dream means that you should stay away from taken men or women.

Dreaming of combing wool symbolizes misunderstanding with people from your surroundings. This dream also symbolizes adultery. Buying wool in a dream symbolizes an upcoming acknowledgment.

To dream of worms means that people who envy you want to make your life harder.

If you are worried in a dream it symbolizes carefree life in reality.

If you are wounded in a dream it means that someone will return your love, while wounding someone means that you will be disappointed. To see a wounded man symbolizes death while seeing more than one wounded man in a dream means that someone will be sad because of your coldness and stiffness. Taking care of a wounded man symbolizes happiness and reward.

Dreaming of a wreath for a deceased warns of inconveniences and fights with neighbors. Making a wreath suggests that you will be a matchmaker. This dream also symbolizes tranquility. Dreaming of wearing it on your head warns you of slander. A wreath made out of flowers suggests love worries, while a golden one symbolizes good life. Wreaths on the cemetery suggest heritage. If a girl is dreaming of wreaths it means that her love is faithful.

Wrestling with someone in a dream symbolizes sorrow, fights, inconveniences and depression while watching someone wrestle means that you need to work hard in order to succeed.

If you are having wrinkles on your forehead in a dream it means that you will be in trouble. If you have them on your face it means that you are not thinking about the old days.