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If you are holding a dagger in your hand that symbolizes success at work. A bloody dagger symbolizes heed.

To dream of secretly watching others while dancing symbolizes loss and death, while dancing with someone suggests misfortune and jealousy. To be on a ball symbolizes heritage and gain.

To dance in a dream means that you are a jealous person. It is a symbol of misfortune as well.

To see something dangerous in a dream suggests misfortune in your family or your environment. If you are in danger that symbolizes sickness and inconveniences.

Dreaming of being in the dark symbolizes sickness and evil times. Wondering in the dark suggests upcoming inconveniences. To come out from the dark in a dream means that you have avoided danger successfully.

Darkness in a dream symbolizes sickness, expenses and suspense.

Reading, writing or talking about a date in a dream symbolizes an important event in the following days.

Dreaming of a daughter-in-law symbolizes upcoming fights and misfortune.

Dead person
To see a dead person in your house symbolizes sickness and fear. Dreaming of burying a dead person suggests a wealthy wedding. Lying with dead people symbolizes death. Dreaming of being dead represents long life and good health. If a dead person is alive in your dream it means that your sorrow will be short-termed. To kiss a dead person symbolizes secret businesses. Dreaming of reviving dead people symbolizes changes for the better and happiness. Dreaming of more dead people suggests a pleasant event.

If you are deaf in a dream it symbolizes a happy life with a loved one. To see deaf people or talk to them symbolizes business success.

If you suffer from dearth in a dream it means that your kindness will be rewarded. Better times are coming.

Dreaming of seeing someone dying symbolizes long life.

Dreaming of a debtor means that you are dishonest and that you are deceiving your friends.

If you are in debt it means that you will live on someone else’s cost. If you pay out your debts in a dream it symbolizes misfortune and sickness.

If a deer is running in your dream it means that you will achieve a quick success. It also symbolizes happiness. A deer with big horns represents anger. Killing a deer in a dream symbolizes sadness.

Deer horns
Seeing deer horns in a dream means that your happiness won’t last long.

If you experience defeat in a dream, it symbolizes difficult upcoming moments.

Deficit at work
Dreaming of having a deficit at work symbolizes financial gain.

If you see demolition of something in a dream it means that you will not succeed because of lack of will. Running away from demolition symbolizes uncertainty that will end well.

Dreaming of deserters warns you about upcoming embarrassment caused by cowardness. Think before making decisions.

To see a detective in a dream symbolizes a small theft, fraud or malversation.

To see the devil in a dream warns you of bad people that will con you. It also symbolizes illness, sadness and fear. Chasing the devil symbolizes happiness, while running away from them symbolizes slander and fights.

Dew is a symbol of love happiness and good health.

To find a diamond in a dream means that you will hear happy news. Losing a diamond means that you have a poor friend, while having a diamond suggests that you will be hurt because of your kindness. To see a diamond in a dream symbolizes poverty. It also means that you should be careful of suspicious people.

To see kids’ diapers in a dream symbolizes happiness in your home. Dirty or torn diapers symbolizes loss of independency. Dreaming of washing diapers means that you will have a happy marriage.

Having a diarrhea in a dream symbolizes upcoming family fights.

To be invited to dinner means that your businesses are not the most honest. Dreaming of having dinner with friends symbolizes happiness at work, gain and honor. To see other having dinner means that you should avoid easygoing life.

Disabled people
If you are a disabled person in a dream it means that a calm period follows after a rough one. To see a disabled person in a dream symbolizes misfortune right around the corner.

Dreams of disarmament can be interpreted as a warning for you or someone close to you, to stay out of something or some particular situation and don’t get involved. In most cases, it’s not something you can help or solve, it’s rather a trap to pull you in something, that has nothing to do with you.

If you see dirty dishes in a dream, it symbolizes an argument in your home. If you see clean dishes in a dream, it symbolizes harmony.

To see distaff in a dream symbolizes upcoming sorrow, misfortune, misery and worries.

To jump over a ditch means that you will get over some obstacles and you will reach your goal. To fall into a ditch means that you should be careful because you will experience difficulties in the following days. To see a ditch in a dream means that you will get a job done successfully. Digging a ditch symbolizes troubles in love.

If you are diving in a dream that symbolizes poverty and temptation. Break free from someone who is burdening you.

If you are dreaming of a divorce it means that you will be involved in an illegal job.

If you are unconscious in a dream it means that you should give up your new project. It also symbolizes loss. If someone else is unconscious in a dream it means that you will be lucky in the following days.

A doctor in a dream symbolizes recovery to sick people. To healthy people it suggests to keep a business secret. Dreaming of having a sickness means that you should talk to a doctor. It also means that your wish won’t come true.

To see a document suggests a trip. To go through a document suggests career advancement.

To see a doe in a dream symbolizes happiness and gain, while to kill it suggests troubles and worries.

Dreaming of a dogcatcher warns about damages caused by someone else’s fault. It also symbolizes fights.

To dream about being attacked by a dog symbolizes fights over money, danger and sickness, while playing with a dog or seeing it means that you will find a good protector. This dream also symbolizes good news. To kill or wound a dog in a dream means that your opponents will suffer a loss. Dreaming of giving away a dog symbolizes misfortune. An angry dog suggests that you friend has become your enemy. This dream also symbolizes death in the family. To hear a dog barking in a dream symbolizes anger, sickness and bad news.

To see a doll in a dream symbolizes repentance, misery and sorrow. It also means that you are spending money recklessly.

Dollar bills
Dreaming of a foreign currency symbolizes luck when it comes to business.

Dreams about dolphins warn you that your protector will die.

Domestic livestock
To dream of domestic livestock symbolizes prosperity and peace.

If you are playing with dominoes in a dream it means that you lie sometimes.

To ride a donkey in a dream means that you are achieving success slowly. Be patient. To see a donkey symbolizes an upcoming fight and sickness. A black donkey in a dream represents happiness.

Open door in a dream warns you to watch out for thieves and bullies. You have support from your family. Closed door symbolizes bad mood and disappointment. You are alone in your dilemmas. Don’t expect help from anyone. Broken door means that you will be robbed. Dreaming of doors with some caption symbolize happiness, while colored doors mean that someone will try to obstruct your plans. To take door down in a dream symbolizes good news.

Dreaming of dough symbolizes small obstacles or misunderstanding in your marriage.

To dream of a dovecote symbolizes a wedding, happiness, honor and pride.

To see dowry in a dream means that your enemies are afraid of you.

Dreaming of dragons symbolizes hunger, poverty, danger, money loss or inconvenience. Killing a dragon means that your problems are not unsolvable. It can also means that you will suffer damages because of a misunderstanding.

To draw something in a dream suggests that there is still hope, nothing is lost yet.

If you are riding in dray in a dream that symbolizes sickness.

Dream in a dream
Dreaming of dreaming advises you to give up your wish, it won’t come true.

To see a dredge in a dream means that you should expect hard work. To drive a dredge means that you will step out of your comfort zone. If you dream of digging with dredge it means that you will ask questions about someone.

Being well dressed in a dream symbolizes pleasant and happy life. To wear a dress in a dream symbolizes a new friendship. Multiple-colored dress means that you will have an adventure on a trip. White dress symbolizes honor, while a black dress stands for sad news. A new dress symbolizes new love relationships, while an old one means that you should be careful when it comes to fire. A torn dress symbolizes a fight. To sew a dress in a dream means that you will get a reward for your hard work, while washing a dress means that your wish will come true. Undergarments symbolize happiness in love.

Drinking bout
A drinking bout is a symbol of upcoming happier and better times.

Drinking water
If you dream of drinking clear water, it symbolizes good health.

Drinking wine
To drink white wine in a dream symbolizes upcoming happiness, while red wine warns about death and trouble. Dark wine suggests pleasant future, while blurry wine warns about worries.

If you dream of driving a regular car, it warns of an accident.

Drought in a dream is a symbol of small happiness in your home.

If you see someone drowning in a dream it symbolizes a win over your opponents. It also represents overcoming of obstacles. Drowning in water symbolizes good health, while drowning in mud represents misfortune and unexpected illness.

Drowning man
To see a drowning man in a dream means that you will lose a friend.

Taking drugs in a dream symbolizes sickness and misfortune. To observe someone else taking drugs means that someone expects help from you. It also symbolizes troubles in your friend group. Seeing drugs means that your friends gossip about you. If you see a drug addict in a dream it means that you trust people too much.

To see a drum in a dream means that you should cherish your rights. Hearing a drum in a dream symbolizes fights and bickering. Drumming in a dream means that you will defend yourself from pushy people.

Dreaming of drums symbolizes fights with your relatives because of heritage.

Drumstick (food)
Eating a chicken drumstick in a dream symbolizes long and peaceful life.

Dreaming of being drunk symbolizes an increase in property and good health

If you see drunkards in a dream, it means that you will be ashamed.

If they are clanging in a dream, they represent wealth. If you get a ducat in a dream it means that your hopes are not in vain. To find a ducat represents short-termed satisfaction, while having one symbolizes happiness. If you are paying something with ducats in a dream it means you will live long.

A duck in the water symbolizes important conversations and reconciliation with someone, while dreaming of a duck on the land symbolizes fights and inconveniences at work. To eat ducks represents sorrow and misery.

Having or watching a duel with someone means that you will be in life danger. A dream also symbolizes fights, trial and separation from your friends.

To see a dump in your dream means that you should prepare for poverty. Looking for something on a dump symbolizes prosperity.

To be in a dungeon in a dream symbolizes honor and fame, while coming out of it means that you are lying to yourself.

To see dust in a dream warns you of failure, worries and damage, while dreaming of cleaning it warns you to watch out for what you are saying.

To see a dwarf in a dream symbolizes a gain on the lottery, unexpected happiness, joy and a pleasant surprise.

A black dye symbolizes pain, while a white one represents worries. A red dye in a dream suggests great expenses, while a blue dye symbolizes suspicions. A yellow dye means that you will get a dream job, while a green one is a symbol of weddings. Buying a dye in a dream means that you have to make a decision, while stirring colors means that your friend will leave you while being in trouble.

Watching someone dying in a dream symbolizes sorrow because of your loved one. Dreams in which you die represent long life and happiness. To die and then come to life again means that you shouldn’t trust empty promises. To dream about dead people as if they are alive means that your wish will come true. To find out that someone has died symbolizes gains.