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Dreaming of getting a vacation symbolizes a pleasant and happy pastime.

To vaccinate in a dream warns you that you are surrounded with dishonest friends.

To dream a valley means that you have unfulfilled wishes.

If a vampire is chocking you in a dream that symbolizes sickness and unsatisfaction. Dreaming of seeing a vampire symbolizes an upcoming love offer.

Vase with flowers
It symbolizes a pleasant surprise. To receive a vase as a gift means that you will increase your wealth. This dream also symbolizes business success. To brake a vase in a dream means that you will lose a friend. It also suggests anger.

A full vat in a dream symbolizes wealth, while an empty one represents poverty.

Dreaming of veins warns you of upcoming upsetting news regarding your friend. To see your swollen veins in a dream symbolizes upcoming sorrow and misery.

Venetian blinds
To see Venetian blinds in a dream warns you to be more careful. You can become a subject of gossip.

Vesper bell
To hear vesper bells in a dream means that you will have a long and happy life.

If you see a village in a dream, it suggests that you have to watch out for pals when doing business.

Dreaming of being villager symbolizes happiness and gain. Same applies if you see a villager in a dream.

Drinking vinegar in a dream warns you of sickness and disappointments, while to see or buy it means that you will hear unpleasant news.

Dreaming of vineyards means that you will finally be happy. Eating grapes in a vineyard means that your wife will mock you.

Dreams about violets symbolize happiness and pleasant memories. Don’t expect much from others.

To see a violin in a dream symbolizes a happy household. To hear a violin means that you will go to a party soon.

Consequences due the reckless actions.

Dreaming of visiting someone symbolizes short-termed inconveniences. If someone is visiting you that symbolizes upcoming fights and unpleasant events.

Volcanic smoke
Dreaming of volcanic smoke suggests a passionate, illegitimate love relationship.

An inactive volcano symbolizes unexpected gains, while dreaming of an active volcano suggests big changes and a pleasant surprise.

If you are vomiting in a dream that is a good sign for your business it is also a symbol of loss and upcoming sickness.. Dreaming of vomiting on yourself symbolizes sorrow caused by insults that you have directed at your loved one

If you are voting in a dream it means that you need to trust yourself more.