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To abdicate in the dream, means one of your close friends will betray you.

You will overcome some fears or concerns.

When you or someone else goes through abortion in a dream that suggests worries, gossip, jealousy and fear.

To abstain in a dream suggests good health. To dream of someone else abstaining means you long for someone.

Dreaming of abundance symbolizes poverty and changeable hopes.

To see abyss means you are afraid of something. Falling into abyss suggests illness. To push someone into abyss means that you will face big troubles. To jump into it means that your actions may cost you your life. To see other people jumping into abyss means that you will face unpleasant situations because of someone else. To fall into dark bottomless abyss suggests great worries.

Dreaming of acacia symbolizes happy outcome with your hidden passion. Acacia without flowers symbolizes sadness, while the one with flowers suggests long wished success.

Academy in dreams suggests pleasant experiences with new friends.

Having an accident in a dream means that your friend will comfort you.

Seeing an accordion symbolizes illegal and immoral jobs, while hearing it suggests too much suspicion. Playing an accordion means that someone will gladden you.

To have acne in your dream suggests bad nutrition. If someone else has acne in your dream it means you are meddling in their life. To dream of picking acne suggests that you need a change.

Dreaming of acorns represents gains, prosperity and happiness.

To be an acrobat means you will get rid of worries. To see an acrobat symbolizes unexpected gains. To see an acrobat in a circus suggests unexpected money gain.

To see actors in a dream symbolizes sorrow, humiliation and loss.

If you encounter an acquaintance in a dream, it means that you will have a love affair you have waited on for a long time.

Dreaming of reading about ads or looking at ads symbolizes happiness and joy.

Adam and Eve
To dream about Adam and Eve symbolizes great happiness. To talk to them suggests that your big wish will not come true yet. To see Eve only means that bad people wish malice and shame on you.

To dream about losing or seeing an address means you will have guests over. Reading an address or writing on it suggests the same. To find an address in a dream means you will receive a gift.

To see an admiral in a dream symbolizes security. To be an admiral suggests success on a job or among friends.

Adoring / Adore
Dreaming of adoring someone symbolizes new love relationships.

If you cheat someone in a dream it symbolizes misfortune. Resisting adultery in a dream means that your intimate wishes will come true, while observing it represents fights, shame and fire.

When you dream of making peace with an adversary, it means that you have a tactic.

When you dream of reading an advert, it symbolizes joy.

If you advertise something in a dream it means that your hopes are in vain.

Having an affair in a dream means that you are in some kind of danger or that you will change your environment.

Seeing Africa means that there are changes ahead of you. Hearing of Africa suggests that you are missing something.

Seeing an African-American in a dream means that all your hard work is in vain.

Talking to an agent in a dream symbolizes pleasant environment change. To see an agent suggests worries.

Agony – Torment
Dreaming of someone in agony means that a friend needs your help. To be in agony suggests that you should share your worries with loved ones, or that there is a possibility of illness in your family.

Fresh air in a dream symbolizes success, while foggy air suggests you to postpone important decisions for a few days.

Dream about airplane or airplanes suggest an end of worries, changes for the better or a need for an advice from wiser and more experienced people.

To see an airport suggests a long journey. To be on an airport means you will find peace and happiness.

To see an airship in a dream means that your secret wishes will come true.

Dreaming of alarms symbolizes exciting and profitable job, alternatively dream about an alarm means that days that follow will be pleasant.

Alarm clock
Dreaming of an alarm clock that is ringing symbolizes an unpleasant event in your family. A broken alarm clock means that your plans won’t be realized. To see an alarm clock in a dream symbolizes satisfaction, while hearing it ring warns you to be careful.

Albatross symbolizes good luck.

To go through an album suggests an encounter with an ex love. To see an album in someone else’s hands suggests a visit from an unpleasant guest.

To drink alone in a dream means that your friend will betray you. To drink with a company suggests happiness in the future. Pouring a drink means that you are going on a trip. To spill a drink on someone means that the truth will come out.

Green algae symbolize better times ahead of you. Red algae suggest a financial struggle.

Giving an alibi in your dream means that you should stay away from brawlers. To ask for an alibi suggests worries and troubles.

To see an alien in a dream symbolizes upcoming changes.

To give alimony in your dream suggests you should expect inconveniences. Don’t get involved in a love affair impulsively. To receive alimony means that you will get out of troubles or that your wish will come true. To see someone receiving or giving alimony symbolizes that you are worried for a friend.

Dreaming of allegory suggests disappointment. Something will disappoint you.

If someone else has allergies in your dream it means that your plans are going to be successful. To have allergies means you will hear pleasant news regarding your friend group.

To see alley in a garden suggests carefree life. To see it in the woods or on the field suggests unfaithful love. Sunny alley symbolizes happiness or pleasant news. Alley in the city suggests a trip. Alley on a cemetery suggests unreasonable doubt.

Dreaming of an alligator or a crocodile means that you have an enemy. Be careful.

To get an allowance in a dream means that you will realize all your plans.

To see an unpeeled almond symbolizes happiness and joy. A peeled almond is a symbol of worries and stress. To eat an almond represents pleasant news. Almonds in bloom suggest short-termed success.

Receiving alms, symbolizes poverty. Dreaming about giving alms symbolizes joy.

To see aloe blooming suggests old age. To see aloe symbolizes health.

A dream about alphabet means you will hear good news. Dream about foreign alphabet: you will uncover certain secret. To learn alphabet in a dream: there is a possibility that you will change your profession. To read alphabet out loud: you will gain new insights or knowledge about something.

Seeing Alps in a dream symbolizes success on a job. If they are covered with snow, they suggest unexpected obstacles on the way to success. To climb Alps means that you will overcome obstacles on your way to success.

If you are married while dreaming of an altar that symbolizes gains and a better life. If you are single or in a relationship this dream for you symbolizes engagement or marriage.

If aluminum is shinny in your dream you will be happy in the following days. If it is dark or oxidized you will face unexpected frustrations.

If you made a masterpiece in your dream expect money.

To see an ambitious man in your dream means that you are afraid of competition at work. To be ambitious suggests success at work.

Seeing or being in an ambulance symbolizes happiness.

To dream an ambush symbolizes damage at work.

American or Americans
To see Americans in a dream suggests failure or law problems. To talk to American means that your problems will be resolved.

Smelling ammonia in a dream suggests poverty. To see it on a packaging symbolizes danger.

Amor (God of love)
To see Amor in a dream means that your love is not steady. To talk to Amor means you will fall in love.

Amputation done on you suggests a breakup with your loved one. Amputation done on someone else means that you will lose a friend.

To have an amulet in a dream means that someone protects you. It can also suggest that you are not honest with yourself or that you are kind to your family. To see an amulet means that you don’t let anyone to protect you.

To see an anagram in your dream suggests problems in the near future. To solve an anagram means that you are not afraid of possible problems.

Dreaming of an anchor symbolizes an upcoming trip.

Dreaming of anemia symbolizes good health.

Anesthesia in a dream symbolizes worries.

To see an angel suggests good luck. Talking to an angel means that many of your wishes will come true. To be an angel symbolizes bad luck and an illness.

If you are angry in a dream that means you will have a happy encounter. Alternative meaning is that you are vainly fighting your destiny. To enrage someone If you are driving someone mad in a dream that means that you will make new friends.

Animal trap
To see an animal trap in a dream means that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Antarctic – South Pole
Your plans are hardly achievable.

To see an antelope symbolizes long and happy love life. To kill an antelope or see someone else doing it suggests short and severe illness.

To see antenna on the roof suggests pleasant changes. To put antenna on the roof suggests that you will solve your problems.

Dreaming of anthills means that you will worry a lot soon.

Antique shop
Dreaming of an antique shop symbolizes gains.

Antique tower
To see an antique tower in a dream means that you have unfulfilled wishes regarding love.

To see ants in a dream symbolizes worries, difficulties and loss. Dreaming of killing them means that you will be honored. This dream also symbolizes progress.

If you see an anvil in a dream, it symbolizes prosperity.

A big apartment symbolizes that you are arrogant, while a small apartment symbolizes business failure. Dreaming of a damp apartment suggests fights in marriage and love.

To see Aphrodite in your dream suggests that you are missing love. Being Aphrodite means you are attracting attention. Seeing an Aphrodite statue suggests you are fighting for love.

Aphthae or canker
It is rare to dream of aphthae. Dreaming of aphthae suggests that you are indiscreet and bad with keeping secrets which possibly worries you.

Read about the apocalypse – you don’t like surprises; write about the apocalypse – you will engage in creative work; watch a movie about the apocalypse – find a way to relax.

To have an appetite in your dream means that someone will mock you or that you will experience money loss and shame. Not having an appetite symbolizes frivolous illness.

Applause (sincere)
Being applauded in a dream suggests that someone is thankful for you. To applaud someone means that you are happy for another people’s happiness.

Applause (sarcastic)
To receive an applause sarcastically means that someone is thankful for you, while dreaming of applauding sarcastically symbolizes happiness in your home.

Picking apples in a dream symbolizes business success. Gathering apples means that you will have a good job. To see apples on a tree means that you will make more friends. It also means that you will hear good news. Rotten apples in a dream symbolize great damage and misfortune. A fruitless tree symbolizes sickness, while a blossoming tree represents happiness.

To dream apricots symbolizes prosperity and satisfaction.

To dream about an apron symbolizes an upcoming interesting visit and a gift.

To dream an aquamarine suggests your love experience will have a happy outcome

If an aquarium is filled with fish in your dream that suggests worries and love quarrels. If an aquarium is empty it means that you are worrying for no reason.

Dreaming of Arab people means you will receive good news.

Arabic language
There are many meanings of this dream. See the link above for more details.

Arabic letters
There are many meanings of this dream. See the link above for more details.

To see an architect or talk to them in a dream means that you will successfully resolve complicated problems with someone else’s help. To be an architect means that you will resolve your problems on your own.

Dreaming of an archive suggests financial loss.

Arctic – North Pole
Seeing the North Pole in your dream suggests ambition. Being on the North Pole symbolizes success at work.

Arena – Battlefield
To dream of an arena or a battlefield means that you will overcome serious worries.

Arithmetic operations
Arithmetic operations in your dream symbolize good financial period ahead of you.

To see an armadillo in a dream means that your neighbors envy you.

Armed / Arms
If you are armed in a dream it means that you will get in a fight with a female.

Armor (archaic)
Dreaming of an armor symbolizes upcoming fear.

Armor (modern)
To see an armor in a dream warns you of danger, while wearing it symbolizes upcoming carefree days. It also symbolizes prosperity and security.

If you see an army in a dream, it symbolizes arguments and spite.

If you are dreaming of Aronia, the dream is symbolizing prosperity and good health.

To be arrested in a dream means that someone will falsely accuse you of something. It also symbolizes troubles.

If you arrest someone in a dream it represents throwbacks at your job.

Dreaming of heart arrhythmia always implies something negative. Most of the time it means that you will be upset in real life.

To see an arrow in a dream warns you of misfortune, disappointment and danger, while shooting with it symbolizes better and happier days.

Arthritis in a dream symbolizes good health.

Dreaming of artichoke means that you will experience something shameful with the opposite sex.

Dreaming of asbestos means that you will overcome family dissensions successfully.

Ashes in a dream symbolizes loss, sickness and misery.

To dream of Asia suggests romantic moments ahead of you.

If you see aspic in a dream, it means that you will embarrass yourself in public.

Dreaming about aspirin means that an acquaintance is talking badly of you. Don’t spread gossips because the truth won’t be pleasant for you.

Dreaming of assassination means that someone will spread rumors about you in front of your friends.

Having an asthma attack in a dream suggests problems with plan realizations.

Astrologer – Astrology
To have a dream about astrology or an astrologer means that your hopes are in vain.

Dreaming of an astronomer symbolizes success, happiness and secure future.

To see an athlete in a dream means that your hard work will pay off. Being a sportsman means that you will achieve success only through hard work.

Seeing an atlas in a dream symbolizes a trip. Going through an atlas means that you should make some important decisions.

If an ATM is full in your dream or if you are taking money out of it that means that someone will give you your money back. It also symbolizes a help in need. An empty or broken ATM means that someone will owe you.

Dreaming of atoms symbolizes problems at work.

Atomic bomb
Seeing an atomic bomb in a dream symbolizes big unpleasant surprise. To see an explosion implies great worries. Making of an atomic bomb means that your enemies will get the taste of their medicine.

Being attacked in a dream means that you will experience inconveniences.

Dreaming of searching for something on the attic symbolizes unexpected difficulties and poverty.

Attorney or lawyer
To see an attorney in a dream symbolizes worries, betrayal because of money or inconveniences. To be an attorney means that someone is meddling in your plans.

Dreaming of an auction means that you should be careful with finances. Auctions in a dream symbolizes bad things for people that are in debt, while they represent good thing for those who don’t owe anything.

Being on an audition in a dream suggests important events in the future. Seeing others audition means that you will have to make an important decision. To pass an audition means that your time hasn’t come yet.

Dreaming of August in the summer symbolizes success. Having a dream in the winter means that you will go on unexpected trip.

An aunt in a dream symbolizes family fights. To see an aunt or an uncle in a dream means that you will get a reward or a heritage. Talking to them or visiting them symbolizes a fight in the house.

To have authority in a dream means that you are not satisfied with relationships in your family.

To drive in an auto suggests a promotion and success. To see automobile in a dream means that you will hear important news. Sports car means that you should be careful when it comes to health. Terrain car means that you are worried about overcoming difficult obstacles. An expensive auto suggests unexpected expenses. A broken automobile symbolizes worries and lack of money.

To see avalanches in a dream symbolizes upcoming danger.

Dreams about aversion suggest cheating or family lies.

Dreaming of an aviator symbolizes success in your friend group.

Dreaming of avocados symbolizes active love life.

If you are avoiding someone in a dream it means that you will have an unpleasant encounter.

If you see an awl in a dream, it is a warning that you will experience injustice in real life.

Dreaming of an axe symbolizes happiness and satisfaction, while cutting with it warns you of sickness, loss and small inconveniences.

You will receive good news regarding money.