Dreams Starting With Letter Y

On this page you can find meanings of dreams which starts with letter Y. Use CTRL + F for a quick search of terms with letter Y, or a “search bar” on the top of the site to search the whole site for a specific term.

Dreaming of a yacht means that you will make useful friendship.

If you are cleaning your yard in a dream that symbolizes fights and gossips, while seeing it represents business success.

To see a yataghan in a dream means that you will go on a long trip. It also means that someone is proud with you.

Women should not sacrifice themselves. Men will have a good job.

Yellow color
Yellow in a dream symbolizes anger, jealousy and inconveniences.

Dreaming about yoke means that you don’t have much use from a current job. It also means that you won’t get anywhere with bribery.

Yule log
Yule log is a symbol of peacefulness, happiness and joy.