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Walking on ice in a dream means that your job is not stable. It is dangerous as well. To fall on ice means that you trust everyone, while dreaming of skating on ice symbolizes pleasant moments with a loved one.

Ice cream
Dreaming of eating ice cream warns you to watch out for dishonest acquaintances.

An icon in a dream represents anger, worries and hard work. To hand an icon on the wall symbolizes honor and a happy marriage. Taking an icon off the wall represents death in a family.

Dreaming of impostors represents upcoming troubles, shame, family fights and problems at work.

Dreaming of incense means that your worries are over.

To see an incus in a dream symbolizes success, gains and prosperity.

Dreams about Indians symbolize a dangerous adventure.

Trouble with finances in the future.

If you dream of injuring yourself, it warns of sickness.

To see your in-laws in a dream symbolizes fights in your house.

Dreaming of an innkeeper symbolizes good health and happiness.

Seeing insects in a dream means that you will have great business losses.

Dreaming of being an interpreter in a dream means that you will have a visit from abroad.

If you are an invalid in a dream that symbolizes poverty, humiliation, misfortune and sadness. To see an invalid suggests unexpected help. You will be honored by someone.

Inventory is a symbol of business losses.

To be invisible in a dream means that your hopes are in vain. Talking to invisible creatures in a dream warns you not to be confused easily.

To forge candescent iron in a dream means that someone will make you happy. Iron bars mean that you are expecting respect and recognition from people around you.

A stony, gray island in a dream suggests that you will lose your lover. It also symbolizes love fights and a trip. A green and lush island represents unexpected happiness.

Dreaming of Italy or Italians symbolizes satisfaction in the following days.

Dreaming of ivy means that you will make new friends.