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Lizards are a rare occurrence in dreams. Statistically, they show up in dreams once in ten thousand dreams. People under 16 and the ones that encounter lizards in real life dream of them the most often because lizards leave an impression on them.

In both cases, we don’t interpret those dreams. Dreams about lizards are connected to locations, people, relationships, and sometimes even to financial situations.

To see a lizard in a dream

If you see a lizard in a dream that suggests that you will move. You are probably used to moving often in search of better living conditions, which enables you to get to know other cultures and take what you find useful from each one.

However, you are finding it harder each time to leave people that you consider true friends, so you will feel the urge to settle down and finally be able to think of having a family surrounded by the peace that you desperately need.

A change of surroundings can be for the better or for the worse depending on the color of a lizard in your dream.

Dreaming of a lizard changing colors

Dreaming of a lizard that is changing its color warns you that your hidden enemies are preparing you for a trap.

This especially refers to people that are in a top position in some company. Your criteria are high and you demand order, discipline, and hard work, which will make you a hated person among people that believe in other values.

You will have to pay attention to documents that you signed carelessly in the past because it is possible that someone wants to pass the blame for mistakes and debts on you, even though you are not responsible for them.

Lizards of different colors in a dream

Black lizard

An already mentioned move will bring bad things into your life and it will be negative.

Red lizard

An already mentioned move could bring new love and cause the downfall of your old love.

Green lizard

An already mentioned move will bring you higher earnings, a better financial situation and a change for the better in general.

Yellow lizard

An already mentioned move will bring fights and jealousy into your relationship.

If you are single this dream suggests an unsuccessful attempt to start a love relationship.

White lizard

A move is not defined. Your behavior will define the development of the situation.

Blue lizard

If you move, the relationship between you and your family or close friends will go astray. The number of encounters between you will decrease.

Colorful lizard-triton

An interpretation of a dream depends on the predominant color of a lizard. After you establish the color, search for the meaning of your dream in the text above.

To see a dead lizard in a dream no matter the color

This dream symbolizes the resolution of your problems. Changes for the better. Positive events. An interpretation also depends on other elements of a dream.

To kill a lizard no matter the color

This dream is also positive. You will solve some problems that have been torturing you for a long time and that you have been constantly postponing, thanks to your effort and direct engagement.

Rarely, this dream can have a negative meaning, suggesting adultery, break ups and jealousy.

To cut the lizard’s tail or dream of a tailless lizard

If you dream of a tailless lizard, the dream symbolizes adultery, breakups, jealousy, marital fights and fights with your partner.

This dream is one of few dreams about lizards that has a negative meaning to it.

To chase a lizard unsuccessfully

Love is out of your reach because of your excessive efforts. You are becoming strenuous.

For people that are in a relationship this dream suggests that you are burdening your partner with unnecessary problems.

To catch a lizard

To catch wanted love you need to try harder and publicly show it. For people in relationships, this dream symbolizes happiness, prosperity, and harmony in love.

To hold a lizard

This dream has the same meaning as the previous one.

Lizard in a house

Many people interpret the meaning of this dream negatively but the meaning depends on the color of a lizard and if you have been chasing it and managed to catch it. Some of the above-stated interpretations are valid.

To be bitten by a lizard

People close to you will betray you. Those people can even be your parents, partner, or someone you are close to and trust unconditionally.

A painful bite suggests that the betrayal will be serious which may lead to a breakup with that person.

A painless bite suggests that a person didn’t betray you on purpose so you won’t be able to blame them.

Dreaming of being bitten by a green lizard

Sickness, worries, financial loss, loss of a friend or someone close to you because of a fight.

It is possible that you are responsible for all the above because you don’t care for your health, you are gambling or you will lie to a loved one and they will find that out.

To run away from a lizard

You are running away from some problems that can easily be solved but only seem big and difficult to deal with. You need to fight back.

An alternative meaning of this dream is that you are running away from obligations and attachments unnecessarily.

Dreaming of eating or cooking lizards

You are solving your and other people’s problems no matter what. People around you see that and they admire you for it. They praise you behind your back.

Big lizard

Great worries but great opportunities regarding love and finances as well.

Small lizard

Small worries but small opportunities regarding love and finances as well.

Dreaming of a legless lizard

See: dreaming of snakes

To keep a lizard in captivity

You are dominant in all your relationships because of this your partners can’t express themselves around you. You need to loosen up and give more obligations to the people around you.

Feeding a lizard in a dream

A positive dream. People around you feed with your positive energy. They love you and appreciate you as a partner and a friend.

This dream is extremely rare. Only one out of a million people dreams of it.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have seen a lizard recently that has made an impression on you. In that case, these dreams shouldn’t be interpreted.

To dream of lizards surrounding you

If you dream of lizards surrounding you, it implies you know how to protect yourself from bad people.

You are always ready to help others and make an effort to be fair to everyone.

However, you can recognize when someone is lying to you, trying to trick you, or wanting to harm you.

You possess great intuition and are not afraid of listening to it when someone or something is fishy to you.

To dream that you are a lizard

This unusual dream means you are resourceful. You don’t have a problem adjusting to situations, environments, and other people.

You rarely talk about things you know nothing about. You stay quiet in such situations and gather information that can help you later. You have a great chance of achieving your goals.

To dream of your loved ones turning into lizards

When you dream of your significant other, family member, or friend turning into a lizard, it implies you doubt that person.

You might have noticed they have acted strange lately. Don’t accuse them of anything, but try to have a rational and calm conversation about what bothers you.

To dream of a talking lizard

If you dream of a talking lizard, it means you need not give up on your goals.

It probably seems like they are not achievable at the moment, or you have set a bar of expectations too high.

However, good results will come if you continue working hard.

To dream of a lizard in a terrarium

When you see a lizard in a terrarium, it means you worry about something in vain and will soon realize it.

You might have made a risky decision or are afraid that you hurt a loved one with your words or actions.

However, you will soon realize you worried for no reason.

To dream of a hurt or sick lizard

A dream where you see a hurt or sick lizard is not a good sign, unfortunately.

Such dreams predict communication problems with your partner or family members.

You have to be careful not to hurt the people you love.

To dream of lizards mating

If you see lizards mating in a dream, it means someone you trust will hurt you.

You might have found out they lied to you or cheated on you, which will break you.

However, you have to know you are much stronger than you think.

To dream of a lizard shedding skin

Unfortunately, a lizard shedding skin in a dream symbolizes suffering or disappointment.

You have probably experienced a loss or financial or emotional crisis.

You can’t avoid it, but you can believe in yourself because it will help you overcome difficult moments.

To dream of a lizard getting into your mouth

If you dream of a lizard getting into your mouth, it implies you will gossip. You have to let everyone live their life and focus on your problems.

To dream of a lizard getting into your ear

This dream means you will believe lies spread by malicious people. They will persuade you that someone or something you believe in doesn’t deserve you.

Definition of a Lizard

Lizards are reptiles from the family of Squamata. They have two pairs of well-developed limbs and a tail that is longer than the rest of their body.

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