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Legs have various meanings in dreams, but there is a chance that you spend a lot of time standing or that you are experiencing leg pain. If that is the case, you should visit a doctor.

Dream about beautiful legs

If you see beautiful legs in a dream, it symbolizes an argument. There is a chance that your partner is jealous of every person of the opposite sex who approaches you, which is why you often have fights that lead nowhere.

You have to explain to your loved one that he or she doesn’t have a reason to behave like that and that you can’t look away or hide from everyone who starts a conversation with you.

Dream meaning of ugly legs

If you see ugly legs in a dream, that symbolizes new friendships. There is a chance that you will meet someone with who you will have a lot in common, which is why you will stay in touch and share experiences or opinions.

You believe that you are old enough to pick your friends alone, instead of letting school, work, or other circumstances impose a profile of people you should hang out with on you.

Dreaming of pain in your legs

When you dream of experiencing leg pain, it symbolizes damage. You will probably not be able to work in the following period as before, which is why you will have less income.

You have counted only on yourself until now and made sure to build an empire, but your health will straightforwardly let you know that you have to slow down and take care of yourself.

Swollen legs in a dream

If you see swollen legs in a dream, that symbolizes joy. There is a chance that you will have a reason to celebrate because the date you have been waiting on for a long time is approaching.

That can be a promotion, wedding, christening, etc. You will not hide your happiness, even though you will not be able to compose yourself the next day.

To dream of washing someone’s legs

If you wash someone’s legs in a dream, it means that you are submissive to someone. We are probably talking about someone who presents themselves as an authority figure you have never questioned.

However, fear is your driving force and makes you do even the things that don’t make you feel good. You don’t let yourself fantasize about freedom because you are afraid of liking it too much.

Losing a leg in a dream

When you dream of losing a leg, it means that you will lose a friend.

There is a chance that your relationship will not be the same as before, which is why you will conclude that it would be best to distance yourself from one another, not to ruin beautiful memories that connect you.

You will always greet that person when you encounter them on the street and have words of praise whenever you talk about them with people from your surroundings.

Dreaming about having very long legs

If you dream of having very long and slender legs, that symbolizes longevity. If you take care of your health now, you will have a beautiful and peaceful old age. You have to change your dietary habits and be more physically active in your daily life.

Also, make sure to get rid of vices. If you do all of that, you will have a carefree and problem-free future.

Dream about having one leg shorter than the other

This dream means that you will manage to overcome danger or a risky situation. There is a chance that you will make a wrong decision or move that will bring you harm.

After the consequences of recklessness backfire on you, you will be confused and worried.

However, you will not let all of it jeopardize your health or existence, which is why you will do something to minimize the damage.

Having three or more legs in a dream

A dream in which you have more than two legs is not a good sign. These dreams represent a bad relationship or marriage. You are probably not happy with the direction your relationship took, or your communication with your partner is poor.

Anyhow, it seems like you have already given up on the relationship, and it is only a matter of time before you will end it.

Another possibility is that you will distance yourself from a friend when you realize that you have nothing in common.

Breaking a leg in a dream

Even though this dream is unpleasant, it doesn’t have a negative meaning. If you dream of breaking a leg, it means that the following period will be very favorable regarding your finances.

You might make a profitable deal, or your boss will decide to increase your salary.

Another possibility is that you will get money from someplace else, in the form of heritage or the gain on the games of chance.

Dreaming of breaking someone’s leg

When you dream of purposefully breaking someone’s leg, it means that you will face tough competition at work.

There is a chance that a young person will come into the company you work for and cast a shadow on your work with their abilities.

You will perceive them as a threat and make sure to minimize their success to stand out more.

Dream about someone breaking your leg

This dream means that one of your plans will fail. If you have been looking forward to a trip abroad, there is a chance that objective reasons will stop you from fulfilling your wish.

Another possibility is that you will not manage to overcome an obstacle on your way to success.

However, don’t despair because a new opportunity will appear soon.

Dream meaning of hurting your leg

If you dream of hurting your leg during a fall, it means that a period of numerous challenges is expecting you.

Things will not go as you have imagined, which is why you will need a lot of patience to overcome that. You have to be extra careful in traffic or while signing contracts of any kind.

Make sure to read every word in it and understand what you will be agreeing to so that you wouldn’t regret signing it in the future.

To dream of your legs being asleep

When you dream of your legs being asleep or not having a feeling in them, it means that some things are getting out of control in your life. Someone might ruin your plans, which will be hard on you.

However, the sooner you accept reality, the faster you will figure out what you have to do to get back on the right track.

The symbolism of hairy legs

Interpretations of this dream depend on who has it. If a woman dreams of her legs being hairy, it means that she wants to be dominant in the relationship with her partner or family members. You have to have the last word in every argument.

If a woman sees a man’s hairy legs in a dream, it means that she wants to get rid of unnecessary attention.

There is a chance that one man is openly showing affection to you, but you don’t like what he is doing. You will need a lot of patience to persuade him that you are not interested.

When a man dreams of a woman’s hairy legs, it means that a woman who will try to tame his character and temperament will show up soon. I

f you fall in love, she will probably succeed in her intentions, but if she doesn’t manage to seduce you, you will get as far away from her as possible.

If a man dreams of another man’s hairy legs, that can be a good sign if he wants to start his own business. You will soon have a chance to put your long-term wishes into action.

Shaving your legs in a dream

Leg shaving doesn’t have a special meaning for women because they repeat that action daily.

However, when a man dreams of shaving his legs, it means that he will do something absolutely crazy in the name of love. You will probably like someone and do everything to seduce them.

Dreaming about waxing your legs

This dream has a similar meaning to shaving legs. Women have it more often because that is something they often do in real life, and it doesn’t have a deeper meaning.

When a man dreams of waxing his legs, it means that he is in a toxic relationship. Even though other people tell you that your partner’s behavior is not an expression of love and respect, you think everyone is wrong.

You see something in that person that others can’t, which is why you will do whatever it takes to stay together.

Dream meaning of legs covered in bruises

If you dream of your legs covered in bruises, it means that you are too stubborn and persistent sometimes.

You are capable of hurting yourself to achieve what you want. Such a way of thinking carries a heavy burden with itself, which is why you should think about your priorities.

Not every little thing is worth your effort and attention.

A leg tattoo in a dream

When you dream about having a leg tattoo, it means that someone will show understanding for your actions.

You have probably been afraid that something you do will cause bad reactions and criticism from people around you, but that will not be the case.

To dream of a leg tattoo on someone else symbolizes numerous obstacles and challenges in your business life.

To dream of leg ulcers

If you see ulcers on your legs in a dream, it means that you believe that people around you are taking advantage of you.

You have probably put other people’s needs and wishes before yours. After you learn to say I can’t or I won’t, your life will be a lot less complicated and more beautiful.

If you see ulcers on someone else’s legs, it means that you have to question your behavior. You give yourself too much right to do whatever you want, which negatively affects your relationship with other people.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, broken, or lost a leg, that has made a strong impression on you.

Definition of legs

Legs are extremities that give stability and enable mobility to people and animals.

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