What Does It Mean to Dream of a Door Lock?

To see a door lock
If you see a door lock in a dream, it means that you will reconcile with an opponent. You will realize that you will not get anything from arguing, so you will suggest to a person that you believe is your competition to forget about your problems from the past. You will go by the saying that you should keep your friends close and enemies even closer. They will accept your offer from the same reasons as well. It is possible that you will be surprised after you get to know them better, because you will see that they are not as bad as you though.

To break a door lock
Dreaming of breaking a door lock means that you will discover some secret. It is possible that you will not trust your partner, so you will want to go through their personal belongings, in order to find proof that will confirm or denied your doubts. Even though you will try to prepare for the worst, you will be hurt when you find out the truth. You will have to make an important decision that will affect your future.

Another possibility is that you will face with obstacles. You will try to solve a problem at work the best you can, but you will be faced with envy and objections from your colleagues. You will have to fight for what you want the hard way.

To see someone else breaking a door lock
If you see someone else breaking a door lock, it means that you will succeed in getting rid of a big problem with a friend’s help. One of them will probably give you a very useful and constructive advice, when it comes to an important life decision. If you decide to change your job or a dwelling place, you will have support from people who love you.

To unlock a door lock
If you can unlock the door lock in your dream, that symbolizes depression and anxiety caused by real problems. It is possible that you are on a crossroads and you don’t know which way to go. You lack motivation and will, while your financial situation isn’t great either. You should maybe really listen to your intuition this time. Don’t do something just because you have to, because you will not be successful or satisfied. Find the thing that interests you and start achieving your dream. You will face with a lot of challenges, but self-pity and sadness will not get you anywhere.

Not being able to unlock the door lock
Dreaming of not being able to unlock the door means that your subconsciousness is warning you to stop hiding your feelings. You keep both good and bad things to yourself, which can be fatal for your health. Find a way to get those negative emotions out as soon as possible, otherwise, you will explode. It is not bad to admit that you can’t or won’t do something sometimes, no matter how scared you are that you will offend a person who is asking you for a favor.

To lock the door lock
A dream in which you are locking the door means that you have become closed off and you don’t let anyone come closer to you. Your behavior is worrying people around you, because you were a communicative person before who loved to hang out. This is probably just a phase, but if it lasts, you will have to treat it as a problem. Only you can know what is worrying you so much and why you seem distant and a little bit disappointed in everything.

Not being able to lock the door lock
If you are dreaming of unsuccessfully trying to lock the door, that symbolizes bad communication with your partner. Constant arguments and fights are not caused by the lack of love, but because of misunderstandings. It is possible that you have different views on life and you can’t coordinate your plans and their wishes. Anyhow, you will have to work on your relationship, if you want your love to last.

To fix a door lock
This dream means that you should have a little bit more faith in yourself. If you want something, make an effort to achieve it, no matter what other people think of it. It is time to stop caring about their reactions regarding your every move. You have the right to create your own life the way you want and make decisions that will affect your future.

To see other people fixing a door lock
Dreaming of other people fixing a door lock means that some people are meddling in your life too much. They are probably an older family member who believes that they have the right to direct you like they please, just because they have a lot of experience. You have a manipulator by your side and they are very easy to recognize. The problem is that you are afraid of standing up to them, because you don’t want to ruin that relationship. However, you will have to defend yourself.

To buy a door lock
If you are dreaming of buying a door lock, it means that you miss solitude and peace. It is possible that you are going through a stressful period and that it doesn’t suit you to be surrounded by people all the time. You would like to clear your thoughts, but you can’t find a way to run away from everyone. It would be good if you could change the scenery for two days at least, in order to charge your batteries for new upcoming challenges.

To sell a door lock
If you are dreaming of selling a door lock, your subconsciousness is warning you that you are revealing too much to others. You have talked about your plans, ideas and goals to people that could misuse it. It is nice to trust people around you, but they don’t have to know everything.

To dream of a locksmith
If you dream of talking to a locksmith, it means that you will be able to renew contact with someone you haven’t talked to for a long time, even though they meant a lot to you in the past. When you are dreaming of having an argument with a locksmith, it means that new possibilities will be offered to you, so you will get really important information that will help you either in your private or business relationships.

If you are receiving advices from a locksmith in a dream, it means that you should think about the course your life is going in. If you are still in college, you should question the possibility of finding a job after graduating or changing your major if you conclude that you will not be able to find one. If you are already employed, you should take some course or a seminar, in order to gain new knowledge and skills. That will help you later on in your career.

A dream in which you are having a fight with a locksmith symbolizes disappointment with a loved one. Someone will reveal your secret and lose your trust forever, because of it. That will also be the end of your friendship, because you will not be able to forgive them.

When you are dreaming of killing a locksmith, it means that you have overdone it with trying to be better than everyone else. You yourself have put burden on your back, even though you can’t carry it. Choose one job and make sure to be the best in it, because scattering around interests and ambitions can only bring you stress and nothing else.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently fixed a door lock, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a door lock

A door lock is an object used for locking and unlocking doors.


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