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The symbolism of green leaves

If you see green leaves in a dream, it means that you are very healthy.

The following period will be extremely favorable for you, which will affect all aspects of your life positively.

It will be enough to just wish for something, and you will be able to get it with minimal effort.

You will solve many problems that have been bothering you and receive compliments that you look better than ever before.

Dreaming of dry leaves

Dreaming of dry leaves means that you will get a gift.

There is a chance that you need something for school or work, but you can’t afford it alone.

The person that will decide to make you happy knows well enough that you are a responsible person and that you will use that product the best you can.

Fallen leaves in a dream

When you see fallen leaves in a dream, it symbolizes sorrow because of a farewell.

There is a chance that a person that you have been very close with moved somewhere far away, which makes you very depressed. That can be a partner, relative, or friend.

Even though you will stay in touch via social media, nothing can replace the time you have spent together and the adventures that you have experienced.

Dreaming of giving leaves to someone

If you are giving leaves to someone in a dream, it symbolizes sorrow.

You will probably finally admit something to yourself that you have denied for a long time and wanted to avoid at all costs.

You will realize that there is no point in staying in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy, and that has turned into real torture over time.

Once you say everything that bothers you, you will feel great relief, while there is also a chance that your partner’s reaction will be quite similar.

To dream of someone giving leaves to you

This dream means that you will hurt someone.

There is a chance that you will leave your partner or decide to cut every contact with a friend or family member.

Your decision will make them suffer a lot.

Dreaming about the wind blowing leaves off

A dream in which you see the wind blowing leaves off and carrying them everywhere means that you feel nostalgia over past times.

You were probably happier and more carefree then, and the people that meant a lot to you were by your side.

Time passes by, but we have to accept that.

However, every moment of your life can be more beautiful and better than the previous one, so make sure that you don’t live in the past but welcome everything that the future holds with joy and excitement.

Meaning of leaves in a puddle of water

When you see leaves in a puddle of water in a dream, that is a good sign. It often symbolizes the solution to one big worry.

No matter what is stressing you out at the moment, you will be able to solve it soon. It is important to be patient and to believe in a better future.

You will attract a positive outcome with positive thoughts.

Leaves in front of your doorstep in a dream

If you dream about leaves in front of your doorstep, it means that you might make an important decision soon.

You might change your job, end a long-term relationship, or change your dwelling place.

You will need some time to get used to that change in your life, but you will not regret your decision.

Interpretation of leaves in your house

Even though this dream is unusual, people who are going through a family crisis might have it.

Poor communication and different attitudes regarding important questions will lead to a conflict between you and the people you love.

If you want to stop that from going further, show them that you love and understand them.

Life is too short to spend it arguing with your loved ones.

Seeing a road covered in leaves in a dream

A dream in which you see a street, road, or dirt road covered in leaves means that you have a big dilemma.

You are currently at a crossroads, and you are not sure which path you want to take.

You listen to other people’s pieces of advice even though you don’t actually know what you want.

Only after you answer that question will you be able to decide what to do next.

Dreaming about a bench covered in leaves

When you see a park bench covered in leaves in your dream, that symbolizes loneliness.

If you have been single for a long time, it is completely natural to feel like that.

However, if you are in a relationship or married, you shouldn’t have to deal with such emotions.

Talk to your partner about it because they might not even know that something is bothering you.

Collecting leaves in a dream

If you are dreaming of collecting leaves with your hands, it means that you are preoccupied with a job that doesn’t bring results.

Your idea or project is taking too much time and requires a lot of work, but you believe in it.

You might not see the results of your work for some time, but if you continue to be motivated, there is no doubt that the results will come.

To dream of other people collecting leaves

A dream in which you see someone else collecting leaves with their hands means that you will advise someone to give up on one job or decision.

You will realize that what they are doing is not good for them and tell them to shift their focus to something else.

Your loved one will not listen to you, but time will show that their decision was actually right.

Dreaming of raking leaves 

When you are dreaming of raking leaves, it means that you should ask for advice or help regarding something that is bothering you at the moment.

A fresh perspective or another opinion is the key to your success.

Turn to someone you trust, and you will not regret it.

If other people raking leaves in a dream

If you see someone else raking leaves in a dream, it means that you will have a chance to help someone who didn’t deserve it, in your opinion.

That person probably rejected you in the past, so you feel the need to take revenge on them now.

However, you are afraid of your consciousness.

Don’t be like that person and do the opposite. Do what is right.

Scattering leaves around in a dream

Scattering leaves around in your dream means that you are still like a child in your soul.

You look forward to small things and make sure to spice every day up with something playful.

You always hang out with positive people and enjoy the company of those who look at the world from a brighter side.

The moments you spend with kids are the most precious to you.

To dream of other people scattering leaves around

This dream means that you will envy someone who seems completely carefree.

You believe that that person doesn’t have problems because they always seem to be in a good mood.

Well, looks can be deceiving because some people can deal with stressful situations well without others noticing.

However, that doesn’t mean that their life is perfect.

Meaning of burning leaves

Burning leaves in a dream mean that you will permanently solve one problem.

You have been dealing with it for a long time because you don’t dare to make a big decision.

Once you finally manage to take that step, your problem will stay in the past.

If someone else burns leaves in a dream

When you see someone else burning leaves in your dream, it means that it is time for changes.

You have let years pass without doing anything significant.

You witness people making progress every day, making big decisions, and working on making their life more quality and better.

You will decide to stop sitting around without doing anything and start planning your future.

Lying in a pile of dry leaves

Lying in a pile of dry leaves in dreams symbolizes big success and great profit.

You will have a lot of money in the future, but it is necessary to learn to spend it properly.

If you start spending lavishly, you will have less than now.

So, don’t flaunt your money around once you become rich but think about what the future can bring you.

To dream of kids playing in a pile of leaves

If you see kids playing in a pile of leaves in your dream, it means that you will soon be joyful.

Younger people could get kids, while older ones could get grandkids.

Someone you care about could let you know that they are expecting as well.

Anyhow, expect many joyful moments in your life.

Dreaming of hiding in the leaves

This dream means that you will not make the right decision, which will lead to negative consequences in the future.

You will probably not think things through or analyze the situation the right way, which doesn’t sound like you.

However, you will have to fix the damage the best you can.

To dream about other people hiding in the leaves

If you see someone else hiding in the leaves, that is a sign that you will blame other people for your mistakes.

You will decide to take the easy way out, which will piss out those that have done nothing wrong.

Interpretations of dreams with motifs of leaves can differ depending on their color.

If yellow leaves dominate them, it means that you will finish an important task.

We are talking about something that you have been working on for a long time, and you will soon be able to relax because the results will be excellent.

Red leaves symbolize solidarity and humanity in dreams.

You will probably make sure to help someone in trouble.

There is a chance that we are talking about someone who you have never met, but their sad destiny has touched you and made you do something about it.

If you mostly see brown leaves in a dream, it means that you should manage your expectations.

It is great to be ambitious, but you fantasize too much and get disappointed easily.

Lower your expectations when it comes to yourself and others, and you will be a lot happier and more satisfied.

Multi-colored leaves symbolize a missed opportunity in a dream.

There is a chance that you will decide to reject someone’s great offer out of fear of the unknown or laziness.

You could regret that later.

The meanings of dreams can be more trivial. If you have recently seen green, dry, or fallen leaves, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of leaves

The leaf is a vegetative organ of the plant that enables assimilation and transpiration functions.