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Dreaming about rosemary

To dream of rosemary

If you see a rosemary in a dream, it means people in your community will respect you. You try to treat everyone right and avoid conflicts that lead nowhere.

Such an attitude brings you progress at work, as well, so your coworkers look forward to when they have to collaborate with you.

To dream of decorating your clothes with rosemary

If you dream of decorating your body or clothes with rosemary, it symbolizes parting ways.

You will probably realize your relationship or marriage doesn’t have a future and will make a difficult decision to go your separate ways.

Even though you know it is for your good, it will not be easy to deal with, and you will need some time to recover and move on.

Dreaming of smelling rosemary

When you dream of smelling rosemary, it symbolizes childhood memories. You often miss past times that you believe were better and safer than today.

One can say you live on old fame in a way because you achieved your biggest success in love, business, and other fields a long time ago.

Dreaming about planting rosemary

Planting rosemary in a dream, it implies that you are a workaholic. You can’t stand still and always find something to do.

You have numerous ideas you want to actualize, but it would be possible only if your day lasted longer. You have more energy than your peers and could never live like them.

Meaning of eating rosemary in a dream

When you dream of eating rosemary, it means you take care of your health.

You make an effort to eat food rich in vitamins and minerals, don’t follow trends, and don’t participate in modern diets, but you are happy to try new recipes that give you ideas on what to make in the following days.

To dream of decorating someone with rosemary

Decorating someone with rosemary in a dream means you have a crush. You like someone but haven’t admitted it yet.

The reason for it can be the fact that the person in question is already in a relationship or because you have the impression that they are not interested in you.

You probably won’t do anything about it because you are afraid of rejection and don’t intend to meddle in anyone’s relationship or marriage.

Dreaming about other people smelling rosemary

A dream wherein you see someone else smell rosemary means you will soon meet someone who was an important part of your life before.

You will grab a coffee and remember beautiful memories.

To dream of other people planting rosemary

When you see someone else plant rosemary in your dream, it suggests that you will meet an energetic person. We are talking about a man or woman who does every day what you need for the whole week.

You will realize that good organization and planning are the keys and acquire some of that person’s methods and strategies to be more productive.

To dream of other people eating rosemary

If you see someone else eat rosemary in your dream, it implies that health issues will motivate you to change your life habits and diet.

You will cut out all harmful ingredients and make sure to devote more time to exercise.

Dreaming of watering rosemary

Watering rosemary in a dream means you are a very romantic person. You like to shower people with attention and receive the same treatment.

Unfortunately, you haven’t met someone whose sensibility suits you perfectly yet.

To dream of other people watering rosemary

If you see someone else water rosemary in your dream, it implies that you have to devote more attention to your loved one. T

hat person understands your obligations, exhaustion, and so on, but they are afraid that you put them last. If you don’t want to lose your loved one, you have to work harder.

Dreaming of picking rosemary

Picking rosemary in a dream can mean you will throw a party or get invited to a wedding, christening, or another celebration.

You will spend a day hanging out with people you love, which will help you recharge your batteries for the upcoming challenges.

To dream of other people picking rosemary

A dream wherein you see someone else pick rosemary means you will visit someone you haven’t seen in a long time. That can be a relative or friend who lives in another city or state.

That person’s company will make you feel good because you will at least shortly forget about your daily problems and challenges you fight with.

Dreaming about drying rosemary

Drying rosemary in a dream means you have to think in the long run. You reach for instant solutions because it is easier, but you have to think about your future more if you want to have a beautiful one.

To dream of other people drying rosemary

When you see someone else dry rosemary in your dream, it means you will get an interesting business offer. You have to ask yourself what benefits or negative consequences it can bring.

Put both the pros and cons on the paper and only then decide whether you will accept it or not.

To dream of buying rosemary

Dreaming of buying rosemary means you need a change. You might have fallen into a boring rut, and every day is the same for you.

Nothing significant will happen if you continue to spend every night in front of the TV.

To dream of selling rosemary

Selling rosemary in a dream means you are thinking about the actualization of the idea that has been on your mind for a long time. You have put it on the back burner until now because uncertainty scares you.

However, you will soon make a plan and start looking for ways to make it a reality.

Throwing rosemary away in a dream

Throwing rosemary away in your dream means you will distance yourself from some people. You might realize you have nothing in common with some of them and that hanging out with them stresses you out.

You will avoid them because of it and start looking for friends with whom you have something to talk about.

To dream of other people throwing rosemary away

If you dream of someone else throwing rosemary away, it implies that your friend will distance themselves from you. You will wonder for a long time how that happened but not be able to answer the questions that bother you.

In the end, you will simply have to make peace with the fact that the person in question is not a part of your life anymore.

Dreaming about making a dish with rosemary

Cooking a meal with rosemary in a dream means you will try to spice things up with your partner. The period of rose-colored glasses is over, and your relationship or marriage is in a crisis.

You will not let it fall apart but try to introduce novelties in your daily life.

To dream of other people making a meal with rosemary

If you dream of someone else making a meal with rosemary, it implies that your partner might suggest some changes.

You will oppose them in the beginning, but if you think about them a bit better, you will realize your loved one might be right and that their idea is not bad at all.

To dream of making rosemary tea

Making rosemary tea in a dream means you will decide to change something about yourself. You might change your hairstyle or hair color or refresh your wardrobe.

A new face and the compliments that will follow will make you feel good.

To dream of other people making rosemary tea

If you dream of someone else making rosemary tea, it implies that someone will amaze you with their new look.

You will probably notice that one of your friends or acquaintances has started working on themselves more and that such a change was a good decision.

To dream about drinking rosemary tea

Drinking rosemary tea in a dream means you might subconsciously seduce someone without saying a word. That person has probably heard the best about you and will wish to get to know you better.

If you are single, there is no reason not to give them a chance.

To dream of other people drinking rosemary tea

If you dream of someone else drinking rosemary tea, it means you will fall for someone’s charm. You will have a chance to talk to a very introverted person.

Your conversation will suit you, and you will think about that person long after it. You might even try to find a way to see them again.

To dream of rosemary shampoo

Shampoo with rosemary in a dream symbolizes beautiful moments in real life. People in relationships or marriages might travel somewhere with their partners that they haven’t been before.

If you are single at moment, you might accidentally meet a very interesting person, and your friends might turn into love.

To dream of rosemary soap

Rosemary soap in a dream means you will meet someone who will remind you of a person you are no longer in touch with. You will start thinking of them and probably wonder what they are doing now and where they live.

You might even try to contact them, but the person in question will not be interested in that.

To dream about a rosemary cream

A rosemary cream in a dream suggests that you lack support and protection. You might have lost it because of some decisions or actions, but it doesn’t mean you can’t renew your communication and relationship with the people you care about.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, smelled, planted, eaten, or decorated something with rosemary, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of rosemary

Rosemary is an evergreen plant from the Lamiaceae family that gives flavor to vegetable, meat, and fish dishes.

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