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Rose in a dream

To dream of a red rose

If you see a red rose in your dream, it suggests that you are loved honestly. Someone looks after you as a drop of water in the desert and is capable of fulfilling all your wishes.

You are the one who questions their feelings, trying to find reasons for doubt, which is a reflection of your insecurities and need to cause problems where there are none.

To dream of a yellow rose

If you see a yellow rose in your dream, it warns you of jealousy. Someone in your surroundings can’t stand your success, so they spite you and try to minimize your role in the company you work for, in your family, and so on.

Over time, you have stopped getting upset over something you are not responsible for, and you feel pity for the person in question, which provokes them every time.

To dream about a white rose

When you see a white rose in your dream, it symbolizes a gift. The date you celebrate and spend with your loved ones is probably approaching.

Those people will gladden you with little things you find valuable because you know they have been chosen specifically for you.

To dream about black roses

Black roses in dreams symbolize mysticism. You might soon meet someone who will intrigue you because they speak little of themselves.

You will wish to get to know that person better and even fall in love with them.

To dream of blue roses

Blue roses in dreams are related to health. People who have some health issues at the moment might get better soon. The same applies if someone you love is facing such a problem.

To dream of pink roses

Pink roses in dreams symbolize sensuality. You will enter a period in life when the opposite sex will be attracted to you.

You might change something in your appearance, but you will probably radiate from within. You will feel satisfaction and peace, which the opposite sex finds attractive.

Dreaming of a rosebud

If you see a rosebud in your dream, it symbolizes unhappy love. You might fall in love with someone who doesn’t have the same feelings for you.

No matter your desire to be together, you will give that person time to make a decision you will respect, no matter the outcome.

Dreaming of smelling a rose

If you dream of smelling a rose, it implies that you will miss a good opportunity. You might get blinded by the things that don’t have a perspective and are not long-lasting.

You are used to living from hand to mouth, and even the thought of obligations and responsibilities terrifies you. However, you will feel the need to have something and will remember everything you have thrown away.

Receiving a rose as a gift in a dream

When you dream of receiving a rose as a gift, it symbolizes fidelity. You are sure your partner is loyal to you and will never cheat on you.

You are also intuitive and always know if that person is trying to hide something from you.

Since they don’t want to annoy you, they keep their problems to themselves and try to provide you with everything you need.

Picking roses in a dream

If you dream of picking roses, it symbolizes a wedding or engagement. You might get married soon or move in with the person you love.

You often fantasize about your ideal day and have plans you will try to actualize.

To dream of throwing a rose away

If you dream of throwing a rose away, it means you will get disappointed. Someone might show you their true colors, which will differ from what you have imagined.

It is expected to be angry, but the blame is partially yours because you have let illusions control your reason.

Dreaming about planting roses

When you dream about planting roses, it symbolizes a great beginning. You will probably meet someone you will like as a person, above all.

You don’t know what to expect, but you will even be happy with staying friends who occasionally call each other or have coffee.

To dream of bestowing a rose on someone

If you dream of bestowing a rose on someone, it implies that you are loyal to your friends, family, and partner.

You don’t fall in love often, but when it happens, you are entirely devoted to that person.

Dreaming about other people picking roses

A dream wherein you see someone else pick roses means you will get invited to lunch, dinner, or a celebration.

The people you know and respect will not be there, but you will have a great time anyway.

Dreaming of other people throwing roses away

When you see someone else throw roses away, it means you will betray your loved one.

You might lie to your family member or partner, and the person in question will find out about it and be disappointed. You will need a lot of time and effort to gain back that person’s trust.

To dream of other people planting roses

This dream means someone you haven’t seen or heard from in a long time will contact you.

That person’s call or text will surprise you, but you will agree to meet. They will probably admit to having feelings for you during your conversation, which is why they have avoided you for so long.

To dream of hoeing roses

Hoeing roses in a dream means you are aware of what your loved one does for you, and you are grateful for it.

You try to treat them the same because your life would have been much different without that person.

To dream of other people hoeing roses

If you dream of someone else hoeing roses, it implies that you will help someone you superficially know, and they will show great gratitude for it.

That person might even pay you back in an unexpected way.

Dreaming about watering roses

Watering roses in a dream means you will make sure to gladden someone.

Your family member, partner, or friend has been in a bad mood lately. You will do something to make them happy again.

To dream of other people watering roses

When you dream of someone else watering roses, it implies that you will hear good news from a friend or relative abroad.

Your family member might let you know they are getting married or expecting a baby.

To dream about pruning roses

Pruning roses in a dream means you know how to be a good friend. You are devoted to honest and loyal people, which is why you would never do something to hurt them.

That is probably the reason you are still hanging out with the people you met in childhood.

To dream of other people pruning roses

If you see someone else prune roses in your dream, it implies that you will not believe in gossip related to your acquaintance.

You will conclude that someone is trying to sabotage that person by spreading lies about them.

Dreaming of buying roses

Dreaming of buying roses means you will help someone. You might find out about someone’s sad destiny through a friend or the media and invest your time and money into helping that person or a group of people get out of trouble.

Dreaming of selling roses

Selling roses in a dream means you need a lot of time and effort to achieve a goal you have set. If you are patient and persistent, there is no doubt you will achieve what you imagined.

Stealing roses in a dream

Stealing roses in a dream means you will try to seduce someone with a romantic gesture. You might like someone but don’t know how to approach them.

Instead of using words, you will get into action, which could turn out to be fruitful.

To dream of someone stealing your roses

If you dream of someone stealing roses from your garden, it implies that you are afraid that one person is taking advantage of you.

You doubt they have been hanging out with you out of interest for a long time, but you still don’t have proof of it. You need not accuse that person of anything but try to test their loyalty.

To dream of roses in the garden

When you see roses in the garden, it symbolizes harmonious family relationships.

You might have had some tension lately, but everything will improve in the future if you show more compassion and readiness to compromise.

To dream of a rose field

A dream wherein you see huge rose fields means you will travel. Your long-term wish might finally come true, and you will visit a destination you fantasize about.

Another possibility is that you will go to another city or country on business.

To dream of roses on the balcony

If you see roses on the balcony in your dream, it implies that you will fix your relationship with a loved one. Your communication has probably been bad lately, and you couldn’t solve a single problem calmly.

However, your desire to stay together will be stronger than anything else threatening to separate you.

To dream about wilted roses

Wilted roses symbolize an end or a new beginning, depending on how you perceive a situation that you ended up in. People who have recently broken off long-term relationships or marriages have such dreams.

You might have closed one chapter, but you have to know that there is always a chance to start a new one, so don’t reject it because you are sad, depressed, or scared at the moment.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, smelled, received, planted, thrown away, or picked roses, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of roses

Roses are woody plants from the Rosaceae family.

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