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What does it mean to dream of a rooster?

If you see a rooster, also called a cock, in a dream, it represents sickness. There is a chance that you will find out what causes issues for you on time and manage to recover from it without major consequences.

However, you might become fixated on health after such a stressful experience and start interpreting every little symptom as a sign that the illness is back or that you have something much scarier.

Dream meaning of multiple roosters

If you see multiple roosters in a dream, it symbolizes upcoming arguments.

There is a chance that your colleague sees you as a threat to their place in the company about which they have been thinking for a long time, which is why that person will try to show off their superiority.

Since you are also pretty competitive, you will do everything you can to make that person’s way to success more difficult.

Dreaming about roosters croaking

When you hear roosters croaking in a dream, it symbolizes unpleasant news. You will probably wait on an important announcement that could have a major impact on your future.

Instead of hearing what you hoped for, you will get results that will discourage you and make you wonder if you should insist on that plan.

To dream of a rooster chasing chickens

If you see a rooster chasing chickens in a dream, it means that you like a ladies’ man. There is a chance that you are in love with someone extremely intelligent and interesting who can’t settle.

Even though you are aware of that person’s nature, you secretly hope that you will be the one to change them and that they will leave their past behind because of you.

Dream interpretation of slaughtering roosters

When you dream of slaughtering roosters, it means that you are dissatisfied with your job.

You probably have to do something that goes against your moral beliefs, but you don’t have another source of income at the moment.

It seems to you that you would rather choose to get hit by a car than go to work, which is why you go through job ads daily and fantasize about quitting.

Dream meaning of someone else slaughtering roosters

A dream wherein you see someone else slaughtering roosters means that you will listen to hours-long complaints of your loved one about their job.

There is a chance that your family member, partner, or friend will exhaust you with their work problems.

You don’t have a hard time listening to someone’s problems, but you are mad that the person in question doesn’t want to accept your advice that can help them solve all of them.

Dreaming about feeding a rooster

Feeding a rooster in a dream means that you make an effort to control yourself and everything around you.

Such dreams get interpreted as your need to hold everything in your hands and preserve male energy within yourself, no matter if you are male or female.

A dream of watching someone feeding a rooster

If you dream of someone else feeding a rooster, it means that someone controls you. You probably see one person as the authority and don’t feel the need or intention to stand up to them.

To dream of buying a rooster

Dreaming of buying a rooster means that your hard work and effort will start paying off.

There is a chance that your boss will notice how important you are for the well-functioning of company you work for, which is why they will increase your salary.

You might even get an offer for a better-paid job.

Dreaming about selling a rooster

Selling a rooster in a dream symbolizes good business results.

If you are in sales, it means that you will get a good commission.

If you have a fixed salary, you might get a stimulus check or another kind of reward.

To dream of receiving a rooster as a gift

When you dream of someone bestowing a rooster on you, it means that someone is meddling in your life too much.

That person knows everything about your finances and business life, but they have started asking about your relationship with a partner lately.

There is no nice way to let them know that you don’t need a mentor to learn to live your life.

To dream of bestowing a rooster on someone

If you dream of bestowing a rooster on someone, it means that you have to figure out the meaning of a saying – the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

No matter how much you love someone, you can’t let yourself meddle in their life or impose your ideas, decisions, or plans on them.

That especially applies to grownups who are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. You have to give advice when someone asks for it only.

Dreaming about stealing a rooster

Stealing a rooster in a dream can be a sign that you are a skilled manipulator. You can persuade other people to act the way you want it relatively easily. Your methods bring you more than good results.

Someone stealing your rooster in a dream

If you dream of someone stealing a rooster from you, it symbolizes minor damage.

There is a chance that your car or one of the house appliances will break down, and you will have to pay a specific amount of money for the repair.

That will not be an issue for you, thanks to the emergency fund that you have for such unexpected situations.

Dreaming of a fox taking a rooster away

If you dream of a fox catching your rooster, it means that you don’t trust someone who has recently become a member of your family or circle of friends.

Even though everyone likes and respects that person, you are not sure what their intentions are.

Because of it, you will make an effort to find out whether they are a good person, or your instinct hasn’t failed you this time either.

Dreams of a bird of prey taking your rooster

A dream wherein you see a bird of prey catching your rooster means that you have to realize that you can’t do anything about specific situations.

You have made a good plan and tried to predict all possible obstacles that will stand in your way to become successful.

However, you will have to face some challenges on the go, which can’t discourage you.

Dreaming about a rooster attacking you

If you dream about a rooster attacking you, it means that your freedom is jeopardized.

Someone is continuously meddling in your life and imposing their ideas, wishes, needs, and decisions on you.

That might not be a problem for you at the moment, but you could wish to restore your independence at some point in your life.

To dream of a rooster attacking someone else

This dream means that your friend or one of the family members will ask you for advice. They probably have problems with a partner or colleagues at work, which is why they will ask for suggestions on how to solve the issue.

Dreaming about chasing a rooster

Chasing a rooster in a dream can be a sign to give up on someone or something. There is a chance that you have concluded that your partner can’t love you as much as you love them.

Now you only have to gather enough strength and courage to leave that person and move on.

Dreaming of other people chasing a rooster

When you see someone else chasing a rooster in a dream, it means that someone you don’t like will flirt with you. That can be someone much older or younger than you or someone you don’t see that way.

You will make an effort to let them know politely that you are not interested, but you will still have to use harsh words to make them understand what you are saying in the end.

The symbolism of a white rooster in dreams

A white rooster in a dream is a sign that you need not get involved in philosophical discussions with people who have more experience, knowledge, and a lot more information than you because you could seem ridiculous or naïve.

To dream of a red rooster

A red rooster in a dream suggests that a lack of confidence stops you from expressing your full potential.

You possess a lot of knowledge and precious experience, but you are not properly rewarded for it and can’t make progress for a while now.

If you value yourself more, other people would respect you too.

Dreaming about a black rooster

A black rooster in dreams symbolizes your enemies. If the rooster you see has big and beautiful feathers and looks nice, it means that you will beat your rivals without a problem.

However, if the rooster looks terrifying, there is a chance that you will suffer damage.

The meaning of a multi-colored rooster in your dream

If you see a rooster that has feathers of different colors, it means that you are adjustable.

You don’t have a problem spending time with strangers because you get richer at least for one new friend after such get-togethers.

People usually like your energy and a positive view of the world, but there are also those who believe that you are so optimistic and cheerful because you don’t have real problems.

Despite that, you don’t intend on denying that because you know that it wouldn’t make sense.

To dream about a dead rooster

A dead rooster in a dream means that someone will put you in your place.

There is a chance that you will brag about your success, intelligence, or knowledge too much, but someone will get annoyed by it and openly highlight all the flaws you have.

You will be surprised by the information they have on you at first, but then you will realize that you were too arrogant and will make an effort to change your behavior.

Dream symbolism of cockfighting

Dreaming of cockfighting symbolizes family problems or issues with your work colleagues. There is a chance that one of your loved ones will have an argument or that someone from work will enter a conflict.

However, you need not get involved in fights that don’t concern you, take sides, or try to reconcile them. You have to let those people resolve the issues themselves.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, heard, or slaughtered a rooster, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of a rooster

A rooster is a male hen.