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Horns in a dream

To dream of horns

If you see horns in a dream, it symbolizes a scam. You might discover that your business or emotional partner is telling you one thing and doing something else.

However, you will not let that get you off track because your conscience is at peace, and you will merely continue without that person.

To dream that you have horns

If you have horns in a dream, it means you are naïve. You are too kind and would do anything for anyone.

However, you can’t count on getting the same treatment in return because people quickly forget and act as if nothing happened.

To dream that other people have horns

When you see someone else with horns, it warns you of an argument. You will probably have a conflict with someone of the same temperament as you.

No one will want to let something go, and you will have a huge problem, especially if you live or work together.

You will rather risk looking ridiculous and childish than let that person think they can do whatever they want.

To dream about broken horns

If you see broken horns in a dream, it means you will stop being spiteful. You don’t like to listen to advice, but you will realize you have to acquire at least some suggestions from other people after your decisions don’t turn out to be right.

You will change your behavior and become kinder to everyone who wants to share their experience with you.

To dream of selling horns

Selling horns in a dream implies that you will profit from someone’s misfortune. The job you currently do might not be humane, but you will learn to live with it over time.

You often face judgment from other people who don’t understand that you do it out of necessity instead of fun or whim.

To dream of buying horns

Dreaming of buying horns means you fantasize about a better position and social status. You want people to respect, admire, or fear you. That is a result of deeply rooted insecurities you don’t work on but only feed, unfortunately.

However, if you decide to change your perspective, you will see how beautiful and simple life can be.

To dream of breaking a bull’s horns

If you dream of breaking a bull’s horns, it implies that you need not get involved in risky situations. Someone has promised you easy money, but that doesn’t come without danger.

If you decide to accept the offer, you might end up with the dirty end of the stick.

To dream about someone else breaking a bull’s horns

When you see someone else break a bull’s horns in your dream, it means it is high time to stop comparing yourself to other people and envying them for the success that they have achieved.

You have to figure out what you want and make a plan to get it instead of looking back at what other people do. Competing is healthy, but it can’t be the only motivator in your life.

To dream of pulling out a bull’s horns

When you dream of pulling out a bull’s horns, it can mean you will overestimate your abilities or knowledge. You will probably decide to solve one problem or finish a task you are not up to.

Another possibility is that you will overpay for a product or service and face a financial crisis.

To dream about someone else pulling a bull’s horns out

This dream means that someone’s arrogance will provoke you. You will have a chance to talk about business, politics, religion, or another important topic with someone who presents themselves as much more intelligent and informed than you.

That will bother you, and you will openly show them their place.

To dream of horns mounted on the wall

If you dream of deer or another animal’s horns mounted on the wall as a souvenir, it symbolizes business failure or financial losses.

That especially applies to people who own companies or small businesses. You have to watch out for what you invest your money in and who you collaborate with.

To dream of taking the horns off the wall

Taking the horns off the wall in a dream means you will reach for smart choices and moves to avoid a crisis or danger.

You will not only listen to your instinct but use the information and experience you have, which will turn out to be fruitful.

To dream of deer antlers

If you see deer antlers in a dream, it implies that you will show respect to someone. You will have a chance to meet and spend some time with a person you admire.

You will admit that it is your honor to talk to them, and the person in question will also treat you with respect.

To dream of cow horns

Cow horns in a dream symbolize fertility and prosperity. The cow itself represents patience, peace, passive endurance, and even a mother’s worry in dreams.

Following that, cow horns point out your need to protect someone, even if that can hurt you.

To dream about bull horns

Dreams with a motif of bull horns represent power and aggression and point out the possibility that your rival or enemy will attack and you will not react properly.

Another meaning of this dream is that there is a chance that you will be frustrated or bitter because of someone or something.

To dream of goat horns

Goat horns in a dream are not a good sign, unfortunately. Such dreams often represent infidelity, whether physical, emotional or another kind of unfaithfulness.

Married people or those in relationships could find out that their partner is cheating on them. There is also a chance that you will get tempted to do that to your loved one.

To dream of rhino horns

Rhino horns in a dream symbolize a powerful rival. You might apply for a job or project, but a very capable, skilled, and respected person will be one of the candidates, as well.

You will have to invest a lot of effort into getting that job or a chance to show what you got because of it.

To dream of buffalo horns

If you see buffalo horns in a dream, it represents a change in your life. That can have something to do with your professional or personal life.

Anyhow, you will have to go through an adjustment period and make peace with the situation you don’t like as soon as possible.

If you believe in good results, there is no reason to be afraid of the consequences of the decisions you have to make.

To dream about mouflon horns

If you see bent horns, like the ones mouflons have, it implies that you have to watch out for manipulation. Someone will try to take advantage of your kindness to achieve their goals.

However, that person will not care if they hurt you in the process because they only want to get what they wish.

To dream of gazelle horns

When you see the long, thin, and slightly bent horns of a gazelle in your dream, it means you are just. Lies and injustice hurt you, and you are capable of standing up to anyone, no matter the power and influence they have.

You have probably been in danger because of such beliefs many times before, but you never give up on them.

To dream of giraffe horns

Giraffe horns in a dream suggest that you will overdo it in your intent to make someone like you. You probably want to present yourself in a better light than you actually are, which will cause a countereffect.

Let that be a lesson for the future that will teach you not to act for anyone or anything because it will only bring you more harm than good.

To dream of insects with horns

If you see insects with horns in your dream, it implies that you will be the target of gossip. Someone might slander you out of jealousy and envy.

However, that will not harm your reputation because many people know who you are and tremendously respect you for it.

To dream of the devil’s horns

If you see the devil’s horns in a dream, it symbolizes sinful thoughts or actions. Someone unavailable to you might attract you.

You might have a crush on someone who already has a partner, or you are taken but fantasize about someone else.

To dream about a man with horns

A man with horns in a dream means you could have a conflict with someone known as the authority figure in your community or at work.

You will probably disagree with one of their decisions and decide to stand up to them openly. Vanity will not let that person agree with you, and you could face big problems.

To dream of a woman with horns

A woman with horns in a dream symbolizes dangerous competition. Someone might see you as their enemy because of the success you will achieve.

That person will make sure to sabotage your upcoming projects and ideas by minimizing everything you have done or achieved so far.

To dream about a child with horns

When you see a child with horns in your dream, it implies that you have to watch out for what kind of example you set for kids or young people.

You can say that something is wrong for the millionth time, but if they see you do it too, they will not listen to you. If you want to be authoritative, you have to make an effort to earn it.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen horns, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of horns

Horns are bony growths that some mammals have on their head.

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