Cow – What Does It Mean to Dream of an Icon?

Cow is a rarely dreamt motif today in dream books, while it was one of the most common dreams only thirty years ago. The reason for such a downfall can be assigned to the people’s urbanization. Cows in dreams usually represent something positive, but in rare occasions they can have a negative meaning as well. If you have seen a cow recently or milked it, you shouldn’t interpret this dream.

Dreaming of milking a cow
Dreaming of milking a cow means that you will get a heritage. It is possible that a member of your family leaves their whole property, which they worked for their whole life, to you. You will be honored with that decision but you will have great responsibility and hard work on your mind that you will have to invest in order to preserve and increase that property.

To see a cow in a dream
If you see a cow in a dream that symbolizes a short-termed happiness in everything. You are someone who quickly gets bored with everything they worked for. You are motivated until you find out that someone likes you back or until you get what you thought was impossible to reach. After that, your attention stops and you put all your efforts toward a new goal.

Dreaming of a fat cow
Dreaming of fat cows symbolizes a fertile year. Most of your family members will become independent and they will continue their lives the way you want them to. You will not have a reason to worry anymore, so you will be able to devote your free time to things you always wanted to experience but for some reason didn’t.

Dreaming of a skinny cow
If you see a skinny cow in a dream that symbolizes a meager year. It is possible that you will invest money in a job that will not bring you an even close amount of earnings you hoped for. You will not listen to people’s warnings, who will out of best intentions try to talk you out of making risks, but you will let your groundless desire for success take control over you.

Dreaming of a herd of cows
This dream symbolizes gain and success at any job you do. Everything you start will go as planned. It is a good time for business.

Dreaming of a bull
Search the meaning of a dreaming of a bull.

To feed a cow in a dream
A loved one trusts you. You will not disappoint them. Their faith in you is justified.

To give cows water
If you give water to cows in a dream that symbolizes great generosity. You will be really helpful to some people that don’t expect help from you at all.

To beat a cow
If you are beating a cow in a dream it means that you need to try really hard in order to achieve a business success or something that you wish to do but postpone for a very long time. You are postponing your obligations unnecessarily, since your hard work will greatly pay off.

Dreaming of running away from a cow
Someone is giving you a job offer but you don’t see or don’t want to see it since you don’t like the offer. However, there is a chance that a job is easier than you think.

Dreaming of being stabbed by a cow
If you dream of being stabbed by cow’s horns it means that you will be involved in a job that is too hard for you. You will need to work really hard in order to achieve success at it.

Dreaming of chigoes on a cow
Someone close to you is using you, but you can’t see it. However, they are not doing it out of spite, but because they are used to have you around for everything they need. It is good to say NO sometimes.

Dreaming of cleaning around cows
This dream suggests that you will get rid of family worries soon. For those who feel restless, this dream suggests that they will feel better soon.

Dreaming of petting a cow
This dream symbolizes warm feelings toward your mother. It is possible that you miss her.

Dreaming of cows calving
This dream symbolizes some sort of planned gains. Everything will go as planned. An alternative ancient interpretation of this dream symbolizes a newborn in your close friend’s family.

Cows can also be different colors in dreams. People from this Dream book haven’t noticed any correlations between your thoughts or events and colors, because you usually dream of these animals the way you remember them form the past. However, ancient dream books suggest that dreaming of black cows symbolizes poverty and expenses, while brown cows represent gain. White cows symbolize wealth, happiness and joy, while multiple-colored cows suggest a good harvest.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have seen or milked a cow recently that has definitely made an impression on you.

Definition of cows

A cow is grown female cattle.

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