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Dreams of airplanes are among five the most searched dreams. These can have different meanings, but they usually suggest an end of worries, changes for the better or a need for an advice from wiser and more experienced people. Because of this reason we have dedicated a long and detailed article about planes that we have divided into many sections.

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  • to see a plane on the ground
  • to see a flying plane
  • dreaming of flying with a plane
  • dreaming of missing a flight
  • dreaming of jumping out of a plane
  • to see others jump out of a plane
  • to dream that you have fallen out of the plane
  • dreaming of flying with a military plane
  • dreaming of sleeping on the plane
  • dreaming of the plane’s captain
  • dreaming of flight attendants
  • dreaming of plane crashing down
  • dreaming of flying a plane
  • dreaming of an airplane accident
  • dreaming of an airport

To see an airplane on the ground in a dream
When you see an airplane in a dream that symbolizes upcoming changes for the better. It is possible that you are hoping for a move abroad where you would like to live and work. You will soon get a green light to start collecting necessary documents and pack your suitcases. You will be very excited because you are going to live in a country you have always dreamt about. You will be overqualified for the job at first, but you will be promoted with time.

To see a flying plane
Dreaming of flying planes means that your worries will disappear. In the following month you will solve all your problems that you have been gathering for years. You will be fed up with feeling pity for your destiny so you will do everything to make that stop. If you are in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy, you will probably find courage to stop that torture as well. You will wish bigger and better things and you will start achieving your goals.

Dreaming of flying with a plane
When you are dreaming of flying with a plane it means that your risks will pay off. You will invest time and money into something that looks meaningless on the surface, but your faith in success will make you keep going. Your family and friends will predict your failure and they will not support you. After some time, you will be able to look at them with your head high and tell them that you have succeeded in spite of their misunderstanding and vilification.

Dreaming of missing a flight
If you are late for your flight or miss it in a dream it means that you are a meticulous person, but that you are excessively worrying about everyday problems that surround you. Things are not as important as they seem to be. You should relax.

Dreaming of jumping out of the plane
This dream is warning you of accidents. You are careless lately which makes you get in trouble a lot. It is possible that you feel lost and you can’t find a way to tell that to people from your surroundings who expect you to make an important decision. You wish to postpone a ruthless process of growing up and getting into a world of responsibilities a little longer. That type of behavior can lead you into troubles because of which many people will advise you to find a job or join a military in order for you to have some obligations in your life.

To see other people jumping out of a plane
When you dream of other people jumping or falling out of the plane it means that you will give up something that you have waited for a long time. This can be related to a relationship in which only you have invested your time and wanted it to work. You will realize hopelessness of the situation and you will let your loved one to fight for you or leave. You will be surprised how much relief that decision will bring you. It is possible that your partner will want to get back with you, but you will realize that you are better off without them.

To dream that you have fallen out of the plane
This dream suggests that a person you don’t trust will be useful to you. Things in your life happen when you least expect them to or after you have already given up on them. Most probably you will give up form a job or a love relationship this time as well, after which you will receive an offer from someone who seemed childish to you. Since you will not have a choice you will accept the offer but you won’t expect anything from it. You will be surprised with the facts that first impression can trick you.

Dreaming of flying with a military plane or a jet
Flying with a jet in a dream suggests that you are a fearless person. You are not afraid to take risks which always pays off in the end. However, your loved ones are worried for you because you will risk unnecessarily sooner or later.

Dreaming of sleeping on the plane
If you are dreaming of falling asleep on the plane that symbolizes upcoming carefree days regarding health and finances.

Dreaming of seeing the plane’s captain or talking to them
If you are talking to a plane’s captain in a dream it means that you should ask for an advice from your family regarding a problem you have. Don’t act on your own.

Dreaming of flight attendants
This dream symbolizes an opportunity for a romantic encounter with someone you like for a very long time.

Dreaming of a plane crashing down
This dream suggests that you are fearful regarding a relationship you are in. It can also imply that you are worried because you are not in a relationship. It is possible that you are feeling lonely. Spend more time with your friends or family in order to meet new people.

Dreaming of flying a plane
This dream suggests that you should take matters into your hands regarding a situation that is happening in your or your family’s life. No one is sure how to handle the problem even though its solution is simple. It is up to you to handle it. An alternative meaning of this dream is that you will take your destiny and your life into your own hands in the following period.

Dreaming of an airplane accident
If you see a plane that was destroyed a long time ago it means that in the future you will have a problem because of something you did this year. If you see a plane that fell a few moments ago it means that your problems will appear a lot sooner.

Dreaming of an airport or planes
If you are dreaming of an airport and many planes on it that suggests that you will go on a shorter trip. It is possible that you will visit family that you haven’t see for a long time. It is also possible that your family will visit you but they won’t stay long.

To dream of building an airplane
Making an airplane in a dream suggests that you might soon go back to an old hobby you left aside because of a lack of time. You might devote all of yourself to it and turn it into a seriously profitable business with time.

To dream of other people building an airplane
If you dream of someone else building an airplane, it implies that you have to support your loved one in their ideas or intentions. Even if you believe their plan is flawed, you have to try and help them correct it instead of criticizing them.

To dream about repairing an airplane
Repairing an airplane in a dream means you will take over a responsible job or obligation. Your boss might give you a project whose success depends on many things. You will be stressed out, but the results will follow if you believe in yourself.

To dream about other people repairing an airplane
A dream wherein you see someone else repairing an airplane suggests you have to trust your loved one more. Your family member or partner has promised to help you solve one problem, but you are not sure if they are capable of something like that. You are only pushing that person away with such a way of thinking because no one likes it when their loved ones don’t trust them.

To dream of buying a plane
Dreaming of buying an airplane implies that many people don’t understand your ambitions. You always make an effort to achieve your goals. However, people in your surroundings often criticize you and advise you to give up on some ideas. If you believe in success, you need not listen to them.

To dream of selling a plane
Selling an airplane in a dream suggests that you might have big expenses in the future. Your car or one of the house appliances might break down, and you will have to pay a lot for the repair or replacement. It would be best to start saving now so that your future wouldn’t be uncertain.

To dream of inheriting a plane
When you dream of someone leaving an airplane as an inheritance to you, it implies that you expect too much from your loved ones. You are used to having your parents or your partner solve your problems while sitting still. You have to know you have to take care of specific things yourself.

To dream of bestowing an airplane on someone
If you dream of bestowing an airplane on someone, it means you have to learn to say I can’t, I don’t want to, or I will not. You often put your plans, obligations, and desires on the back burner to please your loved ones. If you continue acting that way, you will wake up as an unhappy and frustrated person one day.

To dream of stealing an airplane
When you dream of stealing an airplane, it implies that you live in your kind of reality. You are often incapable of looking at the situation you are in the right way because you fantasize about what your future will look like. You have to snap out of it before it is too late to do anything for yourself or the people you love.

To dream of someone stealing your plane
If you dream of someone stealing your plane, it implies you have to watch out for dishonest people. Someone will try to take advantage of your humanity, kindness, or trust to achieve their goals. You have to watch out for who you confide in.

To dream of destroying or setting a plane on fire
If you dream of destroying or setting a plane on fire, it implies that the decisions you have recently made will cause you more harm than good. If you don’t know how to act in one situation, you have to ask for advice from someone you trust instead of being reckless.

To dream of an airplane setting itself on fire
When you dream of an airplane setting itself on fire or exploding, it means something unexpected will happen to you. You need not deal with it overnight, but give yourself time to think well about it.

Meanings of dreams can be a lot simpler. If you have flown with a plane or seen it on TV recently that must have made an impression on you which made you dream about it.

Definition of an airplane

An airplane is a machine heavier than air used for flying. After air pushes on its wings it gets ascent.