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Dreams related to stealing, no matter if you or someone else stole something, usually symbolize your insecurities, failures, and impossibility to achieve set goals.

They can represent difficult upcoming moments and problems as well. We don’t dream of stealing often, and the statistics show that younger people dream of it more while older people have dreams where they are robbed more.

Dream about a robbery

If you are dreaming of discovering a robbery, it means that you will replace everything you have lost.

There is a chance that you have had numerous obligations lately that put you in a difficult financial situation. You were forced to spend money that you have saved for years, which put you in despair.

However, you are a hardworking person, and you will soon recover from all of that and stand back on your feet again.

Dreaming of participating in stealing

When you are dreaming of participating in stealing, it means that failure after failure expects you. The rightness of the saying – misfortune never comes alone will prove to be true in your case.

You will face difficulties in everything you start, and you will not be able to fight for anything without trouble, which is why you will have to work really hard to get what you want.

To dream of stealing something alone

Dreaming of stealing something without anyone else’s help means that you will argue with your loved one. You will probably have different views on the things that affect your future and not be able to find a mutual language.

Both of you have known about the opinions and attitudes of the other side this whole time, but you were hoping that they would change with time and become similar to yours.

Dream about being robbed

If you are dreaming of getting robbed, it means that you will lose a good friend. There is a chance that we are talking about a person you have been close with, but life decided to take you on different paths, and you have started distancing yourself from one another.

Even though you didn’t have bigger problems in communication, you would rather cut every contact with that person than become acquaintances who exchange a few words out of politeness every time they encounter each other.

Dream meaning of stealing gold

If you are dreaming of stealing gold, it means that you have been greedy recently and hurt one of your loved ones with such behavior. You probably don’t care about that person, but your actions are not fair.

Stealing money in a dream

If you are dreaming of stealing money from someone or something, it means that poverty is expecting you in real life.

To dream of someone stealing money from you

When you are dreaming of someone stealing money from you, it means that you will not be able to fix the injustice done to someone, no matter how hard you try.

Dream interpretation of stealing someone’s smile

If you manage to make a person of the opposite sex smile in a dream, that symbolizes happiness and gain in the near future.

Dreaming of someone stealing your smile

When you are dreaming of a person of the opposite sex managing to make you smile, it means that you like someone, but you are afraid to approach them.

The reason for it can be the fact that you are shy and retreated inward by nature, or you believe that you don’t have a chance with them. If you don’t try, you will never know whether you are right or wrong.

Planning to steal in a dream

This dream means that you invest too much time and effort into something risky or even unprofitable. You have dedicated all of your attention to it and believe in your success.

Because of it, you don’t listen to pieces of advice and warnings that are coming from people that love you daily.

You should stop for a moment and think about whether what you are doing at the moment is really useful, or if you have only persuaded yourself into it.

Stealing art pieces and other valuables

If you are dreaming of stealing art pieces or other valuable items from a museum or gallery, that is a sign that you don’t appreciate what you have.

You always strive for more, which is not bad, but the problem emerges when your appetites exceed reality.

To dream of other people stealing art pieces

A dream in which you see someone else stealing art pieces is a sign that you should watch out for manipulators.

Someone from your surroundings is taking advantage of your feelings to achieve their goals. You might be in a bad love relationship, or one of your friends or acquaintances is using you.

Someone probably warned you about that before, but you didn’t pay attention to it. However, one event in the near future might help you realize that you are in denial.

Dream meaning of stealing food

Stealing food in a dream, according to many ancient dream books, symbolizes misfortune. However, the meanings can differ depending on the food you steal. If you are stealing bread, that symbolizes poverty, loss, or damage.

One investment will probably not pay off for you, or you will face losses that will be difficult to fix. Stealing bread in a dream usually symbolizes a financial crisis.

Seeing other people stealing food

This dream means that you will forgive someone for the sins that they made and that caused a lot of suffering for both of you.

You will realize that life is too short to poison yourself with negative feelings, which is why you will decide to bury the hatchet.

Dream about stealing from the rich

Stealing from the reach in a dream symbolizes jealousy and envy toward someone who has achieved in life everything you can only fantasize about.

Instead of seeing them as proof that everything is possible, you are poisoning yourself with negative feelings that will not bring you anything good. It is time to start working on achieving your dreams and wishes alone.

Dreaming of other people stealing from the rich

This dream is a sign that you will defend or protect someone who didn’t deserve it. You will misjudge them, and when you realize what they are doing, it will be too late to change anything.

That situation could be a warning not to meddle in things that don’t concern you. Otherwise, one more bad judgment could ruin your reputation, status, and image in society.

Being accused of stealing in a dream

If you are dreaming of being accused of stealing, it means that your resourcefulness will come to the surface in the following period.

You will be in a situation that doesn’t require intelligence or special skills but the ability to weigh out your options and make the best out of them.

To dream of a loved one being accused of stealing

If you are dreaming of your partner, friend, or another loved one being accused of stealing, it means that you doubt their fidelity. They have made you suspicious of them with some of their actions.

You probably misinterpreted some signs that they are giving you, so don’t be too strict and attack that person if you don’t have real evidence that you are right.

Getting arrested for stealing in a dream

When you are dreaming of the police arresting you while you were stealing, it means that you are confused about the situation you are in.

Life probably put you in front of a big temptation, and you don’t know how to deal with that. The only person you can confide in now is you.

Because of it, believe in the things you are doing and make sure to learn something from them. Let this stressful period be a teacher for you that will help you figure out how to fight the unknown.

To dream of a loved one arrested for stealing

This dream means that someone will try to persuade you in vain about something that you know is wrong. There is a chance that you will argue with a stubborn person that rarely admits when they are wrong.

Even though you will present the facts that show that they are wrong, your story will not help change their opinion.

Arguing with that person will only take away your nerves and time, which is why you should back down and give up on it when you see that there is no use for it.

Dreaming of getting convicted for stealing

If you are dreaming of getting convicted for stealing, it means that you haven’t learned anything from your past mistakes.

You let the same errors repeat, which is jeopardizing your job and mental and physical health. It is time to snap out of it, finally, grow up, and realize that you have responsibility for yourself and others.

To dream of a loved one getting convicted for stealing

A dream in which your friend, partner, or family member is convicted of stealing means that you will end up in a very uncomfortable position because of your loved ones’ actions.

One of them will affect all of your lives with their behavior, and you will not be able to walk with your head high through town anymore. You will be ashamed of everything and not be able to hide or justify that person’s actions.

A lot of time will pass before you realize that you are not responsible for anyone else except yourself.

Stopping someone from stealing in a dream

When you are dreaming about stopping someone from stealing, it means that you would like to be courageous and more determined.

You envy people who possess those traits because you are completely different. You often miss opportunities to be happy because of indecisiveness and fear.

That affects both your private and business life. When you put your needs, ambitions, and wishes before someone else’s and finally start fighting for their achievement, your life will change completely.

The meanings of dreams can be more trivial. If you have recently discovered or participated in stealing, that has made a strong impression on you, for sure.

Definition of stealing

Stealing is a felony that includes taking other people’s possessions without their approval.