Airport in Dreams – Meaning and Explanation

Airports are moderately common dreams. They are among 500 the most dreamed dreams. Their interpretations are usually positive, but they can also be a symbol of bad news based on the context in which you are dreaming of them. Feelings that usually follow these types of dreams are excitement, suspense and joy. If you have been on an airport recently or saw one, then dreams of them shouldn’t be interpreted.

To see an airport
When you see an airport in a dream, it means that you will go on a trip to a far country. You have been planning to see destinations that you have always wanted to see for quite some time now. It is possible that you have many problems, so this trip should be like a medication for your stress and worries. You will want to relax and forget about the harsh reality to which you will have to come back sooner or later. You will have a possibility to stay abroad and get a job there. You will probably meet someone who will want a serious relationship with you. You will have a hard time with deciding if you should return home or stay with this stranger. Memories from the past will keep you up at night and you will not be sure if you are ready to start a new life far away from family and people that you care about.

If you see an airport or a plane in the distance, it means that someone is playing you and that you could end up in troubles. Don’t act impulsively and try to ignore their provocations. Think about what you would gain from the argument oppose to just staying out of it.

To be at an airport
If you are dreaming of being at an airport that symbolizes peace and prosperity. Better times are coming after a harsh period that you have barely survived. You will fight viciously for your happiness and you will not let other people jeopardize it. You will finally be able to be joyful again and you will live your life to the fullest. If you have gotten a divorce recently or got out of a relationship, you will enjoy the freedom and the fact that you don’t need a partner at all costs. You will realize that it is true when people say that you are better off alone than being in a bad company.

Big airport
Dreaming of a big airport means that your big plans will come true. However, you need to realize that success doesn’t come over night, so you will have to invest a lot of effort to achieve it. Don’t be scared to ask for help from colleagues or people who you trust.

Small airport
If you dream about a small airport, it means that future doesn’t bring you big changes and that your everyday routine will continue on. Even though security is good and desired, your subconsciousness is telling you that you miss excitements. You expect from your partner things that they can’t even imagine. It is time to tell them what you truly want, so that they can have the right kind of a reaction. Maybe they think the same as well, but you will never know it, unless you talk to them.

Dreaming of destroying an airport
If you are dreaming of destroying an airport, it means that you should go and see a doctor. You have been postponing it for a while, but you don’t feel good. You can be sure in one thing- the lack of physical activity is usually the main cause of health issues. Start moving.

Demolished airport
If you are dreaming of a demolished airport that is usually a bad sign. It is possible that a plan to go on a trip you have been wanting to realize for so long will break down. However, if you are planning to go on a business trip abroad, it would be better to postpone it for a while. You will save your time and money that way.

Dreaming of an airport that is on fire
Dreams in which you are looking at an airport in fire are a symbol of lust for forbidden love. It is possible that you like someone who is taken, but you feel like they have the same feelings for you as well. You know that they are with someone and that your relationship would have to be hidden, or you would be judged by the public. Besides that, you are aware that you would hurt some people around you if you would decide to start a relationship with that person.

Having an encounter at the airport
If you are dreaming of waiting for someone at the airport, it means that you will hear good news from a friend or acquaintance that you haven’t seen for a long time. It is possible that you will experience a love relationship as well. People that are married will like someone who is also taken. If you are single right now, there is a possibility that you will encounter someone who you haven’t seen for a long time, but you have had feelings for them earlier. If you don’t want for that relationship to stay an imagination only, make a move.

To work at an airport
If you are dreaming of working at an airport, even though that is not your profession usually, it means that you will be at the right place in the right time to stop a big accident. Your friend will be in trouble, so you will have to act the right way. You might not have a pleasant experience while doing it, but you are aware that you owe them because they have done many good things for you.

Take care of your health and start being more physically active in your everyday life.

To wait at the airport
If you are dreaming of waiting at the airport, it means that the fulfilment of your wishes depends solely on you. If you question things that you have done throughout life, you will realize that you had to work really hard for all of your achievements. You will have to work a lot in order to improve your financial and material situation, but success will be guaranteed.

Other people’s credits that you have presented as yours will not bring you satisfaction in the long run. Make sure to earn every praise by working hard.

Busy airport
If you are dreaming of an airport filled with people, a great period regarding love is waiting for you. If you are really excited, great and unexpected love things will happen to you. You will meet someone who will change your life. If you are married, your spouse will surprise you. That will make your relationship a little bit better, but you know that things haven’t been great between you two lately. Accept your spouse’s proposal and spend more time with each other.

An empty airport
An empty airport in a dream can represent disappointment regarding a loved one. You will find out something that you will not like, but try not to make conclusions based solely on your perception of things, before you hear the other side of the story as well. Talk openly with your loved one if you truly want to fix your relationship. However, if the situation has been the last straw for you and if you think that you shouldn’t give them another chance, then turn a new page in your life.

Dreaming of waiting to board the plane
If you are dreaming of waiting in line to board the plane, your subconsciousness is telling you that you are waiting for news from relatives or friends with great hope. However, don’t be so hopeful, because the news will not be so pleasant for you. They will not affect you or the situation you are in at all.

Dreaming of walking around the airport
This dream suggests that you will have many exciting experiences. It has a positive meaning, so you should expect success regarding love and business because of it. It is possible that you will even get a financial gain that you have hoped for.

Definition of an airport

An airport is a surface with tracks for taking off with a plane, landing it and for operating and lodging an aircraft. It is made for military and civil air traffic.

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