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To understand what a dream about flying is trying to tell you more easily, it is important to know what feelings flying awakens in you.

If flying made you happy and joyful, it means that you will get free from everything that has restrained you so far.

To put it simply, you will get rid of everything that has bothered you.

You will make big cuts when it comes to things that have been destroying the quality of your life and finally be happy and satisfied.

That will bring you the freedom that every person on this planet fantasizes about.

If flying made you feel anxious or fearful, it means that you long for stability.

You are currently in a phase when you feel like you are losing control over your life.

That makes you vulnerable and scared, so the dream about flying suggests that you want to get back on your feet and feel good in your skin again.

Interpretations of these dreams depend on the context in which they occur and the details that follow them.

Dreaming of flying and then falling

If you are dreaming of flying and then falling right after, that is a warning that unpleasant changes expect you in real life.

There is a chance that you will achieve a small success that will motivate you and make you believe that you know more than people that have years of experience under their belt.

You will not listen to anyone’s pieces of advice but act the way you believe is right, which is why you will often face problems.

Flying high in a dream

Dreaming of flying high means that you will go on a long trip.

You might get the opportunity to spend some time out of the country and visit many destinations that you only had a chance to see on TV.

That experience will affect you positively and make you a more mature or independent person.

To dream of flying after a fall

When you are dreaming of taking off after a fall, it means that you will deal with difficulties successfully.

You are someone who has been defeated but not destroyed many times in the past.

You manage to rise from ashes like the phoenix and continue where you left off.

You find strength in your family and people that you love that also motivate you never to give up.

Meaning of flying with a group of people

When you are dreaming of flying with a group of people, it means that you should listen to a piece of advice from a loved one regarding the situation you are currently in.

The problems you have confuse you a lot, and you can’t solve them alone.

You shouldn’t even try but see what someone you trust has to say. You will not regret it, for sure.

Dreaming about a group of people flying

A dream in which you see a group of people flying means that you lack the courage and self-confidence to achieve everything you long for.

You are aware of your qualities but not enough since you doubt yourself.

You don’t even care that other people praise you.

It is impossible to make progress until you clear up some things with yourself.

Interpretation of flying with a loved one in a dream

If you are dreaming of flying with a person that you love, it means that your relationship is better than ever.

You trust one another a lot, and you are not afraid of showing love and affection.

If you have ever doubted the success of your relationship or marriage, now you are totally sure that you will be together for the rest of your life.

To dream about a loved one flying

This dream symbolizes your fear that your partner will leave you or betray your trust.

Some of their actions might have made you think like that, or you are just paranoid.

You have to know that your insecurities are affecting that person and your relationship negatively.

Because of it, talk about everything that bothers you openly.

Only good communication can erase or confirm your doubts.

Dreaming of flying with your parents

When you are dreaming of flying with your mother or father, it means that you will make them proud.

Your success means a lot to them, so they will let everyone know how far you have come and what you have achieved.

They will not miss an opportunity to tell everyone what great things you have accomplished.

Seeing your parents flying in a dream

A dream in which you see your mother or father flying suggests that you want to repay them for everything that they have done for you.

They have sacrificed so much for you, and you are aware of it.

You are trying to give them at least a portion of it back because of it.

No parent sees it that way, but you want them to know how much that means to you.

Flying with a child in a dream

If you are dreaming of flying with a child, it means that you are a great support system for them, and they feel it.

You have always had a friendly relationship with your kids, and they could have confided all their secrets without fear that you will judge them.

Such a way of raising them will pay off for you in the future because you will realize that you have created good-hearted, honest, and hard-working people that you are proud.

Dreaming of kids flying

If you see your child flying in a dream, it means that you will have a great time in the company of younger people.

Their energy will help you get out of the lethargy that you have fallen into, and it will be interesting to exchange opinions with them to figure out their wishes, ideas, and goals.

To dream of flying over water

It is important to remember whether the water was clear or muddy in your dream to interpret it properly.

If you are dreaming of flying over clear water, that is a good sign.

Such dreams usually suggest that you will soon feel great relief.

You will manage to solve a big problem that you have had for a long time.

If you are dreaming of flying over dirty or muddy water, it means that you shouldn’t confide in people that you have met recently.

Someone could take advantage of your trust.

Flying over the fire in a dream

When you are dreaming of flying over the fire, it means that you want to get away from stress and everyday obligations.

You long for peace and quiet and fantasize about your problems magically disappearing.

That will not happen, of course, but you can afford a couple of days off to recharge your batteries and face new challenges more easily.

To dream of flying over a forest

Flying over a forest, meadow, or some other beautiful landscape in your dream is a sign that you will decide to go back to nature, at least for a while.

You will go on a field trip into a forest or mountain to get rid of stress.

Dreaming of flying over the mountains

If you are flying over the mountains in your dream, it means that you are very ambitious and ready to fight for the things you want with all your heart.

Flying over your house in a dream

Flying over your house in a dream symbolizes nostalgia.

There is a chance that you often remember the time when you were a lot more carefree and happier.

That is normal, especially when you come to the point in your life when you have to make important and big decisions.

You can feel nostalgia if you have lost someone that you care about as well because you have a hard time dealing with them leaving.

To dream about flying over your city

If you are dreaming of flying over your city, it means that you long for the respect of other people.

You want others to have a good opinion of you, which is why you often question your decisions and actions.

You want people to like and admire you. The burden you carry is heavy.

If you thought about other people less and more about yourself, you would be a lot happier.

Dreaming of flying over an unfamiliar city

When you are dreaming of flying over an unfamiliar city, it means that you might make a decision that will change your life from its core.

You believe that something like that is necessary for your progress and the future that you want.

That will not be easy, of course, but you will know what you are fighting for and what you want to achieve, so you will not give up on your goal.

Landing on a soft surface in a dream

When you are dreaming of successfully landing on a meadow or some other soft and comfortable surface, it means that you will deal with one problem a lot easier than you have expected.

You will have a lot of luck besides knowledge and effort.

Don’t always count on that, but it can be more useful sometimes than all the other traits that you possess.

To dream of landing on a hard surface

If you are dreaming of landing on the concrete or some other hard and uncomfortable surface, it means that you will not deal with a big life challenge successfully.

You will need a lot of time to understand what situation you are in and then decide what you need to do next.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from someone you trust.

Dreaming about landing on trees or bushes

Landing on trees, bushes, or branches in dreams means that the following period will be turbulent, so only patience, courage, and motivation will help you overcome it without any negative consequences.

It is important to believe in yourself, your ideas, and your plans, and not to look back on negative comments coming from other people.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently watched a movie in which people were flying, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of flying

Flying is the way people or planes move through the air using the laws of aerodynamics.