Dog – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Alongside cats, dogs are the most common animals in dreams. The range of interpretations is pretty broad, but positive ones are usually related to dogs. Some dog-related dreams are caused by recent traumas or bad experiences with these animals. In that case, such dreams should not get interpreted.

To dream of a dog or puppy
When you see a dog or puppy in a dream, it means that you will get an unexpected gift that will make you truly happy.

To dream of a big dog
If you see a big dog in a dream, it symbolizes loyalty. There is a chance that you will meet many good people who have the same views on life as you. Even though you have believed that people make true friendships while they are young, you will get to see that it is never too late to start a relationship that can turn into a beautiful experience. This dream means that you will gain a good friend whose friendship will extend throughout your life.

To dream of a dog attacking or biting you
If a dog attacks or bites you in a dream, it symbolizes danger. You have probably borrowed money you urgently need, but you can’t earn the necessary amount to pay that person back. You will have an argument with the person you wronged, no matter how hard you are trying to avoid it, and your encounter will end badly, with threats and nasty words.

To dream about playing with a dog
When you dream about playing with a dog, it means that you will find a powerful protector. There is a chance that your superior will be fond of you, and they will do everything in their power to spare you problems at work. Your colleagues will not like you because of it, but the fact that you are not responsible for any of it and don’t have a reason to be ashamed will comfort you.

To dream of wounding or killing a dog
If you dream of wounding or killing a dog, it means that your opponents will suffer a loss. Your motto is – he who laughs last laughs best. You can put up with injustice because you know that you will strike a blow and make it up for all your suffering sooner or later.

To dream of bestowing a dog to someone
If you dream of bestowing a dog to someone, it symbolizes misfortune. There is a chance that you will face a big problem that will make you change your life from its core. You will have to sacrifice many satisfactions and adjust to the new circumstances, which will not be simple at all.

To dream of puppies
If you see puppies or interact with a dog with one, it symbolizes stable family relationships and friendships. Your relatives can count on you, which is why they love and praise you. This dream represents a long and happy life for young couples.

To dream about a dog growling
When you hear a dog growling in a dream, it means that you worry too much about one problem. That seems like an insurmountable obstacle to you, but it will turn out that the issue is minor and unimportant.

To dream of an angry dog
When you see an angry dog in a dream, it means that your friend will become your enemy. There is a chance that you will resent one another for the things you didn’t talk about before. They will continue to create a chasm between you two. Instead of dealing with the cause, you will talk about the consequences only, staying in the vicious circle that doesn’t have a way out.

To dream of a sick dog
If your or someone else’s dog is sick, throwing up, or lying down exhausted in your dream, it means that one of your family members needs your help regarding something, but they are too ashamed to ask for it.

To dream about a dog howling or wailing
If a dog in your dream is howling or wailing, it warns of sickness. You probably don’t take care of your health, and you are often weak or with a cold. You will not take it seriously this time either, but you will stay in bed for a few days and put yourself in even more danger than you can imagine.

To dream of feeding a dog
When you dream of feeding a dog, it symbolizes making sacrifices. You love and respect all people and other beings on this planet and unselfishly share everything you have with them. There is a chance that you have a few pets you take care of and dedicate all of your love and attention to daily. Even though your wallet would be thicker without them, your heart would be empty.

To dream of a white dog
When you see a white dog, it means that you will not lack anything in the following period of your life.

To dream of a black dog
If a black dog is related to fear, it represents problems, misfortune, poverty, unemployment, etc.However, things will get better after that period of your life. If the dog is related to positive feelings, then the dream can have two different interpretations. Single women will meet a good man who might even become their husband over time, while those in a relationship will encounter a man from the past with whom one could have had something serious. If a man has a dream, it means that he will have a rival.

To dream about a multi-colored dog
When you see a multi-colored dog in a dream, it means that you will solve some upcoming problems, issues, or money problems very quickly and determinately.

To dream of a stray dog
If you see a stray, that is, a dog without an owner, it means that you will have to make a significant decision for your family. The situation will turn for the better or worse depending on your choice.

To dream of rescuing a dog
Rescuing and adopting a dog in a dream means that you will do a good deed. You might help a stranger on the street or join a charity. You will feel great for contributing to a better and more humane society in which you would like to raise your kids.

To dream of buying a dog
Dreaming of buying a dog symbolizes loneliness. That feeling is entirely natural for those who have been single for a long time. However, if you feel like that even though you are in a relationship or marriage, the dream is a sign that it is time for an honest conversation with a loved one.

To dream of selling a dog
Selling a dog in a dream means that you will break someone’s heart with your actions or decisions. You might leave someone who loves you or break a promise you have given to someone. Anyhow, you have to accept that you are responsible for that person’s sadness.

To dream about getting a dog as a gift
If you dream about someone bestowing a dog to you, it means that a loved one will gladden you with good news, a gesture, or a gift. You will probably be happy again after a long time and wish for that moment to last as long as possible.

To dream of stealing a dog
If you dream of stealing someone’s dog, it means that you are trying to build your happiness on someone else’s misery, which is why your satisfaction will be short-lived. You have to ask yourself once more if that is the right way to get what you want.

To dream of someone stealing your dog
When you dream of someone stealing your dog, it means that you will feel emptiness after losing a loved one. There is a chance that someone who has always been your rock will pass away, or someone you care about will decide to move to another city or state. You will believe that no one can replace that person, but time will heal your wounds.

To dream of bathing a dog
Bathing a dog in a dream means that you will finally show your emotional side to someone. You are used to not revealing your personality traits to anyone until you make sure that their intentions are good. Someone will finally gain your trust and have a chance to see a part of you that is entirely different from how you present yourself to the world.

To dream about other people bathing a dog
When you see someone else bathing a dog in a dream, it means that someone’s actions will move you. There is a chance that the person you believed is harsh, cold, or even arrogant will show their true colors and win you over with those new traits.

To dream of walking a dog
Walking a dog in a dream means that you will have chores you like. Unlike everything else, you will enjoy that task. You will feel pleasure investing your time into something like that.

To dream about a dog following you
This dream means that you shouldn’t get involved in risky or illegal business deals. Someone will promise easy money to you if you decide to finish one project that is on the other side of the law. If you don’t want to deal with the severe consequences of your actions, you shall not accept the offer, no matter how tempting it sounds.

To dream of a dog fight
If you see two or more dogs fighting in a dream, it is not a good sign. Such dreams symbolize unpleasant experiences you could soon have. Someone might reject your romantic advances, and you will be humiliated or disappointed.

To dream of hitting a dog
If you dream of hitting a dog to make it obedient, it means that other people will misinterpret your intentions or actions, and you will face public scrutiny.

To dream of other people hitting a dog
This dream means that you will unfairly accuse someone else of being cruel or shameless. You will not have concrete evidence for it except gossips you have heard about that person.

To dream about running over a dog
When you dream about accidentally running over a dog, it means that you doubt your loved one. One of your friends didn’t support you in one situation that was extremely important to you, which undermined your trust in them.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, played with a dog, or given it to someone, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of a dog

The dog is a domesticated mammal of the Canidae family and a direct descendant of the gray wolf.

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