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Clothespins of different colors

Clothespins are a common motif in dreams, considering we use them almost daily. Their symbolism is often not primary in a dream, so take a moment to think about what the dream was actually about.

To dream of wooden clothespins

If you see wooden clothespins in a dream, it implies your opinion of someone or something will stay unchanged despite other people’s efforts to persuade you otherwise.

You will stay true to your beliefs, disregarding all possible arguments that the person in question will throw at you.

To dream of plastic clothespins

When you see plastic clothespins in a dream, it means you will keep your word given to someone.

You have probably promised something to a family member, significant other, friend, coworker, or associate, and you will not give up until you make it happen.

Dreaming about broken clothespins

Broken clothespins in a dream usually suggest something will throw you off track. A person you have unconditionally trusted might disappoint you.

You will realize you have idolized that person for too long, and after a specific situation, you will decide to distance yourself from them for good.

Dreaming of finding a clothespin

If you dream of finding a clothespin, it implies you will successfully finish one project or solve a problem that has bothered you for a long time.

You will conclude that a change of perspective was what you needed to find a way out of that situation.

Meaning of buying clothespins in a dream

Dreaming of buying clothespins suggests you have lost your support system but don’t give up on your goals. You might have faced big life changes and had to start over.

Luckily, you have enough strength, courage, and will to get up again and start fighting for a better future.

Symbolism of selling clothespins in a dream

Selling clothespins in a dream means you don’t get as much as you invest in one relationship or job you do. You think you deserve more.

Instead of complaining about your destiny, you have to start fighting for what you believe belongs to you.

Dreaming of receiving clothespins as a gift

If you dream of someone gifting clothespins to you, it implies you might misinterpret someone’s behavior. You don’t trust that person and keep them at a distance.

There is nothing wrong with it, but you at least have to give them a chance to show you their intentions.

To dream about bestowing clothespins on someone

Bestowing clothespins on someone in a dream means you feel guilty because of sin from the past. You might have offended, hurt, or harmed someone but didn’t show remorse or apologize.

It is not too late to do it, so there is no reason not to try.

Dreaming of stealing clothespins

Stealing clothespins in a dream suggests you have to be more responsible toward your future. The decisions you have lately made could harm you.

Before you do something stupid, you have to listen to the good-hearted advice you got from your loved ones.

To dream of other people stealing clothespins

A dream wherein you see someone else stealing clothespins means your family member, significant other, or someone close to you will embarrass you.

The person in question will probably do something that will make you fear getting out of your house.

You have to know that everyone is responsible for their actions and that what they have done has nothing to do with you.

To dream of finding a clothespin

If you dream of finding a clothespin, it implies you will stabilize some aspects of your life. You might be in a pretty chaotic situation in every sense of that word.

However, the dream suggests some things will change for the better soon.

To dream of securing laundry with clothespins

Securing laundry with clothespins in a dream suggests you might profit from your knowledge and skills.

You have been working on yourself for a long time, which will pay off tenfold at some point. It is necessary to be motivated and patient and believe in yourself and all the potential you possess.

To dream of taking clothespins off the clothesline

Taking clothespins off the clothesline in a dream means you have become a victim of your perfectionism.

You have to find a way to relax and finally realize you can’t control some things, people, and situations.

What if a clothespin pinches you in a dream

If you dream of a clothespin pinching you, it implies you need not be too harsh on yourself.

You are used to having everything under control, but nothing horrible will happen if you let lose a bit. You have to change what you can and stop thinking about what is out of your reach.

To dream about someone pinching you with clothespins

This dream suggests you are pretty overwhelmed or worried about something, so you are not dealing with the situation that you are in the best.

One past event probably doesn’t let you sleep at night, or you might be afraid of the uncertainty that the future holds.

Dreaming of pinching someone with clothespins

If you dream of pinching someone with clothespins, it implies one might interpret your behavior as a provocation.

You might have overdone something and will soon face the consequences of your decisions.

To dream of someone throwing clothespins at you

When you dream of someone throwing clothespins at you, it means someone’s behavior fascinates you.

You have probably noticed that someone likes you but is cold toward you, so you don’t know where you stand. You won’t find out if you don’t make an effort.

Dreaming of throwing clothespins at someone

Throwing clothespins at someone in a dream suggests you like someone but are afraid of showing it.

If you work on your confidence a bit more and face your fears and get out of your comfort zone, you might learn something about yourself.

To dream of throwing clothespins away

Throwing clothespins away in a dream means you lack initiative in life and work.

You possess tremendous potential but are not ambitious. You have to listen to people when they tell you that you are capable of many things and get into action.

Nothing will happen on its own, so you have to invest a lot of time and effort into getting results.

Dreaming about other people throwing clothespins away

When you see someone else throwing clothespins away in your dream, it means you are telling your loved one to change something in their life in vain.

That person has to reach that conclusion on their own. You can’t impose anything on them, so it is better to be supportive instead of acting as their mentor.

To dream of a clothespin on your nose

If you dream of having a clothespin on your nose, it implies you are lying to yourself about someone in your surroundings.

That person is much more than you think, but you don’t give them a chance to show it.

If someone else has a clothespin on their nose in your dream, it means you believe no one can understand you.

Sensing a clothespin on your ear in a dream

When you dream of having a clothespin on your ear, it means the gossip you heard about your acquaintance is true.

However, that doesn’t mean you should spread it further.

If you dream of someone else having a clothespin on their ear, it implies someone is lying to you. The truth will soon see the light of day and confirm all your suspicions.

To dream of a clothespin on your private parts

If you dream of having a clothespin on your private parts, it suggests you are lonely. People who have been single for a long time don’t need further explanations.

If you are married or in a relationship, the dream suggests you have to clear some things up with your significant other.

When you see a clothespin on your loved one’s private parts in a dream, it implies you need not judge people if you don’t know what made them do something.

Meaning by the color of the clothespin

To dream about multi-colored clothespins

Multi-colored clothespins in your dream mean you will soon end the monotony you have fallen into. You will only regret not doing it sooner.

To dream of white clothespins

White clothespins in a dream suggest you don’t trust someone who has recently become a part of your life.

You don’t intend to share any personal information with that person until you figure out what they want.

Dreaming about black clothespins

Black clothespins in dreams mean your life would be more fulfilled if you let new people into it.

Skepticism is helpful when it comes to your job or career but detrimental to your relationships and friendships.

Dreaming of yellow clothespins

If you see yellow clothespins in a dream, it means you secretly envy your friend or coworker.

That person probably has everything you fantasize about. You have to look up to them instead of wasting your energy on negative emotions.

To dream of red clothespins

Red clothespins in dreams represent passionate moments. You might try out something new in bed with your significant other.

If you are single, you might have a short-lived but pretty sensual affair.

To dream about blue clothespins

Blue clothespins in dreams suggest you will give up on something risky. Advice from someone you trust might influence that decision.

To dream of green clothespins

If you see green clothespins in your dream, it implies you need a change of scenery. You can go on a short vacation to recharge your batteries for the upcoming challenges.

To dream of pink clothespins

When you dream of pink clothespins, it means someone might surprise you.

You will realize that a strong person hides behind a fragile exterior.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently used clothespins, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of clothespins

A clothespin is an object usually used to hang wet clothes on a clothesline, but it has other uses as well. Clothespins are commonly made out of wood or plastic.