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Green leaves on a branches

To dream of green
If you see green in a dream, it symbolizes a beautiful future. You might manage to achieve everything you have wanted soon. Some of those things are – a new job, graduating, etc. You will make progress and make sure to become even better.

To dream of painting something green
If you dream of painting something green, it means that you are lying to yourself. You are probably refusing to talk about the problems you are facing at work, in your family, in a relationship, or in your marriage. You comfort yourself by hoping that those issues will disappear on their own, but you are only getting further from the solution with time.

To dream about green eyes
When you see green eyes in a dream, it means that you are not over your ex. You probably still fantasize about someone to whom you haven’t confessed your feelings. You often remember that person and wonder what would have happened if you had more courage and luck. You don’t talk to anyone about it and subconsciously hope that you will make it up for the missed time.

To dream of a green dress
If you see a green dress in a dream, it implies that you will be the target of dissatisfied people. Every move you make will probably bother them, and they will not be afraid to show it. They will continue to take out their insecurities on you until you turn the page and respond the way they deserve.

To dream of a green car
If you see a green car in a dream, it warns of unexpected expenses. You might speed or park your car illegally. You will get a ticket and have to pay with the money intended for something else.

To dream of green hair
When you see green hair in your dream, it means that you will be upset. Problems at work or home might give you headaches. You will be stretched thin and will not know what obligation to dedicate your time to first, but no one will offer to make the situation a bit easier for you.

To dream of green grass
If you see green grass in a dream, it symbolizes fear. You probably have a phobia that stops you from functioning normally. You do your daily activities around it, but you will not tell others what is going on, so they will believe you are weird or uninterested.

To dream about green peppers
When you see green peppers in a dream, it symbolizes positive changes. You make an effort to start every day as early as possible and spend it with the people whose company suits you. You like to gather new experiences and measure how much you have changed and matured as a person by striving to be even better.

To dream of a green snake
When you see a green snake, it means that you live in an unhealthy environment, so you should take more care of your hygiene and the cleanliness of your house or apartment.

Interpretations of dreams with a green motif depend on many details. Because of it, their meanings can differ depending on the context in which a dream occurs and on what you specifically dreamt.

To dream about a green lobworm
If you see a green lobworm in a dream, it means that you have some family issues that you should deal with. You might be shoving them under the rug, hoping that time or someone else will deal with them. However, you will have to face them alone this time.

To dream of a green lizard
A green lizard in a dream symbolizes upcoming changes that will bring better earnings or career success. It is necessary not to give up on your goals and make sure to actualize them.

To dream of a green frog
Unfortunately, a dream in which you see a green frog is not a good sign. Such dreams usually symbolize scams or false promises. Someone might promise the world to you but will not keep their word. You will get manipulated if you don’t figure out that one person is taking advantage of you to achieve their goals.

To dream about green apples
Green apples in dreams suggest that you need more patience and persistence to achieve one goal. You might burn out in your desire to achieve what you want. To avoid that, you have to set smaller challenges for yourself and work on them gradually. The results will be what you expect with a lot of patience only.

To dream of lettuce
If you see or eat lettuce in a dream, it symbolizes effort in vain, unfortunately. You might be in love with someone who doesn’t feel the same for you, or you might be doing something that will not bring the expected results. It might be time to turn to more constructive things in life.

To dream of green peas
Green peas in dreams are a good sign whether you ate, picked, cooked them, etc. If you see green peas in a dream, it implies that your assets will double. Your boss might give you a promotion, or you might inherit money or win a prize in a game of chance. You could make career progress, so potential associates and business partners will fight over you.

To dream about green tomatoes
A dream wherein you see green tomatoes means that you have a pure soul. Little things and negative feelings don’t overwhelm you. You never let hate or envy take over you. You believe people and love them even when they do something you can’t find an excuse for. Many people love and respect you because you possess admirable spiritual strength.

To dream of green grapes
When you see green grapes in a dream, it implies that your financial situation will not improve as quickly as you had expected. That doesn’t mean that you have to despair but be patient and persistent. You have to continue working on being as good at what you do as possible, and the results will follow.

To dream of green tea
When you see, drink, or make green tea in a dream, it means that you are trying your best to keep the false image that you have created of yourself. You might present yourself as something you are not to the people who don’t know you or who have recently met you, but you have to know that there are those who know you from before in your surroundings and who find your act pretty ridiculous.

To dream of a green rose
A green rose in a dream means that you don’t let people get to know you. You can’t say that you have many friends or a rich social or love life because of the attitude and guard you have. You have to give people a chance to come closer to you sometimes and open up to someone even if you could get hurt.

To dream about infinite green fields
When you see huge green fields in a dream, it means that you will make progress if you gather the courage to change the surroundings that you live in. You might get a chance for a good business collaboration that requires a move. You will probably be in a dilemma about if to take that opportunity because you would have to get out of your comfort zone. However, you will not regret it if you decide to take it.

To dream of a green forest
If you see a green forest in a dream, it symbolizes happiness and good health. If you are facing a problem at the moment, you need not despair because the situation will change for the better soon. It is necessary not to give up at any moment but continue fighting for the future you want.

To dream of a green house
If you see a green house in a dream, it symbolizes the improvement of your financial situation for you and your family members. You might get a raise, or your partner or another family member will make career progress. Higher earnings will help you achieve what you have been fantasizing about for a long time.

To dream of a green fence
A green fence in a dream is a sign that you need not get involved in risky business deals even if someone promises easy money to you. Now is not the moment for impulsive moves because you will get the dirty end of the stick. It would be better to stick to proven methods that make less money but don’t carry risks with themselves.

To dream that everything is green
When you see everything in green in your dream, it implies that you will soon enter a favorable phase of your life. You will be successful at everything you do while dealing with challenges and problems with ease. You can expect an improvement in the situation in your personal life as well. You have to take advantage of that period to make realistic plans for the future.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen green, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of green

The green color is registered at wavelengths from 570 to 590 nm.