To dream of a small nose
If you see a small nose in a dream, it means that you will experience injustice. There is a chance that someone will accuse you of saying or doing something, and many people from the surroundings will behave differently in your presence. You will be angry that people know you so little and have a poor opinion of you because they believe everything they hear.

To dream of a large nose
Dreaming of a large nose symbolizes a love affair. You will probably start an unusual relationship with someone and experience both pleasant and unpleasant surprises. You will not know how to behave at the beginning or define your relationship, but you will stop stressing yourself out with formalities later and start enjoying everything that makes you feel good.

To dream of not having a nose
When you dream of not having a nose, it symbolizes an insult. There is a chance that someone will accuse you of being something you are not. That person will try to ruin your reputation with lies that people who know you well will recognize and decide to ignore.

To dream of a runny nose
If you dream of having a runny nose, it means that you will face a lot of minor problems. That will be the result of neglect and laziness. You have been ignoring some little things for too long and didn’t want to dedicate attention to them, which has turned them into worries now. However, if you decide to deal with them, you will stop them from getting graver. Don’t hesitate but do something about it now.

To dream of wiping your nose
Wiping your nose in a dream means that you have finally learned something from past mistakes. You will make peace with the notion that you are responsible for your failures and change your perception of all of that. You will realize that the universe is not against you but that you are the one to blame for some things. Everything will be a lot clearer after analyzing the situation well, and you will not make so many mistakes in the future.

To dream about wiping someone’s nose
If you dream about wiping a child’s or another person’s nose, it means that someone close to you will ask you for help or advice. You will have to be totally honest for that person to realize what they are doing wrong. However, be supportive and give them hope that some things are easily improvable.

To dream of someone wiping your nose
This dream means that you count on other people’s help too much. If you think about it a bit better, you will realize that you haven’t made any decisions alone lately. It is time to take responsibility for your life and become independent.

To dream of having a stuffy nose
When you dream of your nose being stuffy and unable to breathe normally, it is a warning to watch out for cunning people. Someone will promise the world to you but not keep their word. You will let their sweet talk seduce you and take advantage of your kindness. Only later will you realize that the people who warned you of that person were right.

To dream of a nose bleed
A dream in which blood is coming out of your nose means that you will face the consequences because of other people’s mistakes or neglect. You will probably work on one project with a team of people. However, not all of them will be willing to invest their time, effort, and hard work into it equally. The results will be lousy because of it, and you, who worked hard on it, will have to take the blame.

To dream about blood coming out of someone else’s nose
When you see blood coming out of someone else’s nose, it means that you are worried about a loved one. One of the people you care about is facing work problems, but you don’t know how to help. You comfort them daily and hope that things will change. You are trying to pass your optimism on them, even though you are starting to lose hope that the situation will be better.

To dream of your nose being itchy
If you dream of having an itchy nose, it means that you have to watch out for risky business deals. No matter how badly you need the money, you ought not to get involved in anything illegal because it will bring you more harm than good. You don’t have experience with such things and could end up in trouble.

To dream of injuring your nose
Injuring your nose in a dream symbolizes disappointment. There is a chance that a person you love and respect a lot will betray you. They will probably start hanging out with your enemies to achieve their goals. You will not even want to hear their explanation but cut them out of your life for good.

To dream of someone breaking your nose
If you dream of someone breaking your nose, it means that you have to watch out for slander. There is a chance that a colleague from work or a rival will spread lies about you to discredit you. You have a good reputation, but you should be careful because you never know how people who don’t know you will interpret the stories circling about you.

To dream about breaking someone’s nose
Breaking someone’s nose in a dream means that you meddle in other people’s lives too much. You probably do it out of your best intentions and desire to help your loved ones. However, you impose your opinions, decisions, and ideas on them and are pushing them away. In the end, you wouldn’t like someone continuously telling you what to do either. Give advice only when someone asks for it.

To dream of a nose piercing
Dreaming of having a nose piercing is a clear sign that you want to be the center of attention. You are the loudest in every circle of people, and you often get looks because of your physical appearance. You like to say that you are unique, which is why you leave an impression on them, but you put in a lot of effort to be seen in reality.

If you see a nose piercing on someone else in a dream, it means that you will be the victim of someone’s frustration and aggression. There is a chance that your boss will yell at you or that something like that will happen in a store, bank, post office, or on the street. Don’t react violently because that will only have a countereffect. You have to be patient and then calmly say what you think about all of it.

To dream about nose hair
If you dream about having a hairy nose, it implies that you are a very persistent and brave person. You will achieve many goals because of that. It is only necessary to be patient and stay motivated.

A dream wherein you see someone else’s hairy nose means that you will meet someone who will impress you with their will for life. We are talking about someone who has been through a lot but has stayed positive and grateful for the good things that have happened to them.

To dream of nose warts
When you dream of having nose warts, it means that you haven’t overcome insecurities from your teenage years. You are still quite insecure when it comes to the way you look. It is time to start working on the things you don’t like.

Dreaming of other people having nose warts means that you can’t make conclusions about someone based on assumptions. You have missed opportunities to meet new and exciting people and acquire valuable experiences because of deeply-rooted stereotypes.

To dream about acne on a nose
Nose acne in a dream is not a good sign, unfortunately. It symbolizes illness in the family or business failure. There is a chance that one of your relatives will file for bankruptcy, and you will try to comfort them and help as much as you can.

Dreaming of other people having nose acne means that a stranger will help you during rough moments.

To dream of putting a finger up your nose
Putting a finger up your nose in a dream symbolizes minor communication problems with your loved ones. You have had some internal struggles lately, which is affecting your relationship with them.

To dream of other people putting a finger up their nose
When you see someone else putting a finger up their nose in a dream, it means that a person you have idolized will disappoint you. You will realize that they don’t possess the qualities you have ascribed to them for no reason.

To dream of someone grabbing your nose
A dream in which someone grabs your nose or pinches it symbolizes love happiness. Those who have been single for a long time could finally find their soulmate. If you are already married or in a relationship, you will have a solid relationship with your partner.

To dream about grabbing someone by their nose
When you dream of grabbing or pinching someone’s nose, it means that you like someone from your surroundings but are afraid of admitting it. The reason for it can be that they are already in a relationship or seem disinterested and unapproachable.

To dream of someone kissing you on the nose
If you dream of someone kissing you on the nose, there is a chance that you are lonely. If you have been single for a long time, that is natural. However, if you have a partner but are lonely, it means that something is not right with your relationship or marriage and that you have to talk about it with your loved one.

To dream of kissing someone on the nose
Kissing someone on the nose in a dream means that you have feelings for that person. If you dreamt of a stranger, it means that you long for love and affection.

To dream about worms or insects coming out of your nose
This dream is considered a nightmare and usually suggests that you have to pay more attention to your health. You have to stop ignoring the symptoms you feel, diagnose yourself, and order meds on the Internet. Ask for help from people who went to school for it.

To dream of having nose surgery
If you dream of having nose surgery to make it smaller, bigger, or fix a health issue, it means that you will lie to yourself by saying that you have gotten rid of a worry. You have only nibbled on it but not finished it. You will have to invest a lot more effort to make that happen.

To dream about other people having nose surgery
If you dream about a loved one having nose surgery because of health or esthetic reasons, it means that they need help to overcome the insecurities that have been bothering them for a long time. You are probably not even aware of the problem they have because that person has never talked about it.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen your or someone else’s nose, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of a nose

The nose is a part of the respiratory system. It consists of the left and right nostrils.