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To see a balcony in a dream

Dreaming of a balcony means that your love will be returned. You will meet someone who you will fall in love with at the first sight. It is possible that they are not your type, but their smile, charm and sense of humor will win you over.

You will fantasize about your relationship, walk by the river and have romantic moments, often. You will not be sure whether those feelings are returned, which will drive you crazy.

You will use every chance to stay alone with them. They will admit that they have wanted to tell you their feelings before, but they were afraid of your reaction.

To be on the balcony in a dream

Dreaming of being on the balcony means that your position is unstable. Your illusion that you will find a secure job, which you will do until you retire, will be crushed by a difficult financial situation that will hit your company unexpectedly.

Like many colleagues, you will be afraid that you will lose your job too. You will have to start exploring other options and different ways of earning money.

Dreaming about the balcony in the air

Dreaming of a balcony in the air symbolizes unrealistic business plans. If you own a private business, you will set goals that are impossible to reach in such a short period of time.

In spite of your dedication and hard work, you will need the experience that you are lacking. It is possible that you are not listening to advice from older colleagues, but they could be extremely useful to you.

If you are expecting a promotion, it will not be possible in the following period, but it will happen in a couple of years.

To build a balcony in a dream

Building a balcony in a dream means that changes, which you are expecting, can’t happen overnight. A lot of patience will be necessary for you to experience your five minutes of fame, but the success will feel even better since you will know that you have earned it by yourself.

Take care of your finances, and don’t sign any contract, before you read every detail thoroughly.

Balconies in dreams

Seeing someone else building a balcony

Dreaming of other people building a balcony means that you are afraid of a loved one’s betrayal. It is possible that you are doubting the partner’s fidelity or some friends’ honesty. Y

our suspicions are not unfounded, because you have had many encounters with dishonest people before.

However, watch out for who you are accusing of what because not everyone’s intentions are bad. Try to recognize who your true friend is. After you find a mole, your life will be a lot easier.

To paint a balcony in a dream

Painting a balcony in a dream suggests that you will find out the painful truth. It is possible that your partner will tell you about sins from the past. That information will not hurt you as much as the fact that they have been hiding it from you for so long. Before you accuse them of anything, try to put yourself in that situation.

Don’t let negative feelings overwhelm you and erase beautiful moments you have had. Ask yourself if finding that out is worth the time you have spent together in happiness and peace.

A dream in which someone else is painting a balcony symbolizes jealousy or envy that you feel for a friend or a family member. No matter how hard you are trying to hide it, you are awfully jealous of someone who has a better job, partner, or life than you.

You are trying not to show it, so you are acting like you are happy for their success, in front of other people, but deep inside yourself, you feel bad.

Ask yourself why that is so and what you can do to make your life better and happier.

Jumping from a balcony in a dream

Dreaming of jumping from a balcony means that you could start a profitable but very risky job, in the near future.

A colleague or an acquaintance will probably offer you a job that is on the edge of the law. You will be in a moral dilemma, whether you should accept it or not.

Despite the risk you are aware of, you will decide to go on that adventure because you desperately need money.

Dreaming of other people jumping from the balcony means that you will witness an unfortunate event. The fact that you are not able to help someone who is in trouble will upset you.

It is possible that your friend will tell you that they have health issues, or your family member will admit that they need money. Unfortunately, you will not be able to help them either way, but that doesn’t mean that your support will not be meaningful to them.

Dreaming about falling from a balcony

Dreaming of being pushed or falling from a balcony symbolizes excitement. You are probably planning a trip or a night out, which makes you really excited.

It is possible that you will finally see people you love, or encounter someone who you have a crush on. That crush will probably not turn into anything more, but their attention will suit you.

Dreaming about pushing someone off the balcony

Dreaming of pushing someone off the balcony means that complexes and a lack of self-confidence are stopping you from achieving your goals.

No matter how sure you are that you know what you are doing, you always ask for people’s approval.

That attitude has caused many of your plans to fail, because of the lack of self-confidence. It is time to start appreciating your values and present yourself as a reliable and good colleague or an associate because you are an expert in your field. No one can do that instead of you.

To climb on the balcony in a dream

Climbing in a dream on the balcony in a dream means that you will face a serious life test. It is possible that you will want to change your college, job or dwelling place. Y

ou will finally get a chance to achieve it, but the fear of failure will stop you. You will be in a dilemma, whether to finally take a risk or keep the stability you have in your life, at the moment.

Dreaming of other people climbing on the balcony means that someone is meddling in your life. They are probably a close family member who is trying to influence your decision-making, justifying it with an excuse that they want the best for you. In spite of your respect for them, it is time to stand up against that kind of relationship, but you can’t find the time to do it.

Seeing the balcony decorated with flowers

Dreaming of a balcony filled with flowers suggests that a peaceful period is before you. A turbulent, stressful and problem-filled period will pass, so you will be able to finally take a break.

Use that time to dedicate yourself to your family, friends, or some hobby you have neglected because you didn’t have time for it. Doing things that you love will suit you.

This period is good for new plans regarding business and finances, as well.

To dream of hanging from a balcony

When you dream of hanging from a balcony, it implies you are prone to taking risks. You like challenges and excitement, so you have a problem falling into a rut or living monotonously.

However, your hazardous behavior often puts you in danger, so you have to make an effort to protect yourself from trouble.

To dream about other people hanging from a balcony

A dream wherein you see someone else hanging from a balcony means you will help someone get out of trouble. Your family member or one of your friends might end up in debt, and you will have to direct a portion of your salary or savings to get them out of the crisis.

To dream of throwing something off the balcony

Throwing something off the balcony in a dream means some of your decisions or actions will not get received well by the people in your surroundings.

They will probably harshly criticize you, and even people who don’t know you will talk badly about you. You will have to be patient and wait for that hot news to get forgotten to be able to continue with your life.

To dream of someone throwing water from a balcony at you

If you dream of someone throwing water from a balcony at you, it implies you have to take seriously the suggestions coming from good-hearted people regarding your personal or professional life.

Someone who has much more life experience than you knows better than you how to act in a situation that you are in at the moment.

To dream of throwing water from a balcony at someone

Throwing water from a balcony at someone in a dream means you will warn your loved one in vain about the possible consequences of the decision they have recently made.

The person in question doesn’t intend to listen to you, and they have to learn from their mistakes. You need not scorn them but help them overcome that difficult phase in life caused by reckless actions.

To dream about pooping from a balcony

This dream about pooping suggests you will be the target of gossip. Some of your actions will become the main conversation subject in the community that you live in.

If you believe you have done the right thing, you need not explain yourself to anyone but live your life how you see fit.

To dream of other people pooping from a balcony

If you dream of someone else pooping from a balcony, it implies you will hear shocking news regarding an acquaintance. That person’s actions will surprise and disappoint you.

However, you need not talk about them with everyone but only with people who are not prone to spreading rumors.

To dream of lying on a balcony

If you dream of lying on a balcony, it means you need rest. You have probably faced numerous challenges and experienced a lot of stress lately. You can take a break because the world will not end if you decide not to do anything for a few days.

To dream about drinking coffee on a balcony

A dream in which you drink coffee on a balcony suggests you are currently in a sensitive phase and have to surround yourself with the people you trust and who understand you.

That refers to your family members and close friends who have never betrayed you.

To dream of watching people on the street from a balcony

When you dream of watching people on the street from a balcony, it means you are lonely. Those who have been single for a long time know that feeling well, but if you are in a relationship or married, the dream suggests it is time for an honest conversation with your loved one.

Dream about a bird standing on a balcony

Dreaming about bird on a balcony is a good sign. Such dreams usually represent positive news regarding your health or personal or business relationships. You might reconcile with someone you haven’t been on speaking terms with for a long time.

Dream of a snake on a balcony

A snake in a dream on a balcony in a dream suggests you have to watch out for who you let into your life. You need not confide in people you have recently met because someone might try to take advantage of you to achieve their interests and goals.

To dream of demolishing a balcony

Demolishing a balcony in a dream means you need a change. Now is the moment to get out of your comfort zone and accept the challenges ahead of you to secure a beautiful future for yourself.

To dream of other people demolishing a balcony

When you see someone else demolishing a balcony in your dream, it suggests your friend or one of your coworkers might let you know they are moving to another city or state.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have cleaned a balcony or relaxed on it, that has made an impression on you, so you have dreamed about it.

Definition of a balcony

A balcony is an external part of the building, which is not covered.

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