Snakes – What Does It Mean to Dream of Snakes?

Dreams about snakes are rarely positive. To see snakes in a dream usually symbolizes an upcoming danger, misfortune or a bad period in your life. They can also symbolize problems with friends or close family, especially your spouse.

To dream a large snake
Dreaming of a large snake is interpreted as a warning to be careful, because someone from your surroundings doesn’t want you good. Everyone tells you that you need to judge people better in order to protect yourself from inconvenient situations. When you like someone at the first sight, you give them your whole trust right away. You are angry with people that wish the best for you, because they can be a little rough while stating their opinions. You don’t realize that their intentions are truthful since they are not talking good things to you, while they are mocking you behind your back.

Dreaming of small snakes
To see a small snake in a dream warns you of unexpected expenses. You are too generous and someone from your surroundings is using it to cause you damage. They won’t do it on purpose, but you are aware that if you let it go again, people will continue to use you.

Dreaming of being bitten by a snake
Dreaming of being bitten by a snake implies that someone will slander you. Even though you don’t have bad blood with people, someone will always be mad at you because of something. You are not careful to whom you are talking about intimate things. It is possible that you are confiding in close friends, but there is a chance that your secrets, which you are hiding from public will be unrevealed.

Dreaming of killing a snake
To kill a snake in a dream means that you will beat your enemies. You can be at peace, because you will finally come out as a winner on all fields of your life. You will prove that you are better than your competition at work and that you deserve to be promoted. Success waits for you regarding love as well. Someone you like will realize that you are their soulmate.

To see an already dead snake in a dream
To see a dead snake in a dream symbolizes an upcoming celebration, because you have overcome a crisis regarding an important event. This dream can also mean that you worry excessively about problems that torment you.

Dreaming of many snakes
This dream warns you of an upcoming small inconvenience. You often talk too much in front of people that you don’t know well or that you don’t trust a lot. It is possible that they will twist your words and use them against you, which will cause inconveniences for you.

Dreaming of attacking a snake
To attack a snake in a dream is a bad sign. It is possible that you will find out of someone’s bad health condition, especially of an elderly person.

Dreaming of snakes attacking you
Dreaming of being attacked by snakes means that you have many enemies that are always active. They envy you and they wish bad things for you. You need to distance yourself from those people, because hanging out with them will only feed their malice, which can’t be good for you.

Dreaming of multicolored snakes
You think of some people as of your friends, which they are not, while you think of some people as of your opponents, which they actually are not.

Dreaming of a black snake
Death in further family. It is possible that someone from your friends’ family will die.

Dreaming of gray snakes
You will come to a point where you will not be able to tell who your friends are and who aren’t.

Dreaming of red snakes
You shouldn’t be involved in politics, because you hardly can come out of it as a winner. For those who are in politics this dream symbolizes upcoming danger.

Dreaming of white snakes
Sickness in family. It won’t be dangerous or serious.

Dreaming of green snakes
You live in an unhealth environment. You should clean your personal space, like a house or an apartment, more.

Dreaming of a snake on your house door, your yard or even in your house
Someone close to your family is not who they say they are. They are probably saying one thing, while thinking something else. You should be careful when talking about family secrets in front of acquaintances or friends.

Dreaming of water snakes
You should avoid bathing in rivers or lakes, but if you don’t want to, then you should be more careful, because there is a bigger chance of being injured.

Dreaming of a talking snake|
If a snake talks to you in a dream, it means that your friend will try to persuade you to do something which will not be good for you.

To hold a snake
You are aware that one of your friends is two-faced. Because of that, their actions will not affect you and your life.

Dreaming of a snake in the woods
You can’t recognize enemies from your friends. Try asking for an advice from your family regarding doubts you have, because they will help you solve problems that torment you.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have watched snakes on TV, or have heard someone talking about them, it is possible all of it has made an impact on you unconsciously, so you have dreamed about them.

Definition of a snake

Snakes are cold-blooded legless reptiles. They are related to lizards with whom they represent the biggest group of reptiles.

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