Flowers are a relatively common motif in dreams. Women dream of it more often them men. Flowers in dreams are interpreted variously. It is possible to interpret a kind of flowers if we were able to recognize it in a dream. If you have received flowers recently then dreams about it shouldn’t be interpreted.

To see flowers in a dream
This dream symbolizes true friendship. You will not have a reason to worry because you know that you are surrounded with people that support you no matter what. You have overcome many obstacles thanks to their help and they have never abandoned you. You will try to help them with their problems as well and you will be a shoulder to cry on when they need it.

Dreaming of picking flowers
Dreaming of picking flowers suggests that you will be successful. If you are in agriculture you will have a good harvest which will be a peak of your hard work. You will give up many satisfactions in order to provide your family with everything they need. It is possible that many people predicted your failure at the beginning but you were persistent in spite of their pressure.

Planting flowers in a dream
Dreaming of planting flowers indicates that you will receive a gift unexpectedly. It is possible that you wish something for a long time but because of its price you will start losing hope of ever being able to afford it. Your partner will want to surprise you by gifting you that present on a date that is significant to your relationship.

Hoeing flowers
Because of your carefulness and your effort from the past you will be able to avoid some problems that will affect your friends. It is possible that you have pointed to them their mistakes or careless actions but they didn’t want to listen to you. You will finally be able to tell them: ‘I told you so’.

Flowers in a pot or in a vase
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Dreaming of smelling flowers
If you are smelling flowers in a dream it means that you will have a headache. You will be constantly tired and exposed to stressful situations in the following period which will reflect on your health. Difficulties you will feel will be connected to your mental health which people from your surroundings will start noticing too.

To receive flowers
Dreaming of receiving flowers as a gift symbolizes great joy and happiness. Following events will completely change your way of thinking and your priorities. It is possible that you will find out that you are expecting or you will decide to get married. You are on a crossroads and a new life is starting for you.

To give flowers
This dream suggests that you will make happy a loved one with your gesture. It is possible that you will do something which will make your loved one completely change their opinion about you.

Buying flowers
If you are buying flowers in a dream that symbolizes small joys. You are simply able to enjoy in small things and you can fix your mood by buying things that don’t cost a lot like chocolate or flowers. You enjoy walks on the park, riding a bike and so on. Make sure to share that trait with people close to you and always give them something that will make them happy.

Withered flowers
Dreaming of withered flowers warns you of sickness. It is possible that you will hear a sad news about health conditions of your further cousin. Even though they are elderly people you will not be prepared for that news. You will meet with the rest of your family and try to find a way to help them.

Dry flowers
This dream has multiple meanings. It symbolizes an end of a love relationship. If the flowers are perfectly preserved yet dry it symbolizes an eternal and unconditional love of someone toward you.

To give flowers to someone
If you are giving flowers to someone in a dream it means that your love will burst into flames. In the following period you will have a new kind of feelings for your partner that haven’t existed even at the beginning of your relationship. You probably thought that your relationship didn’t have a future but events that you will survive together will assure you that you have the right person by your side.

Dreaming of roses
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Dreaming of tulips
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White flowers in a dream
This dream can have multiple and opposite meanings. Sometimes it represents sorrow while sometimes can imply happiness. What it will mean depends on the atmosphere from your dream. If a dream about white flowers is melancholic and sad you should expect sad moments in real life as well, but if a dream is happy and cheerful then you should expect good news and joy.

Black flowers
This dream symbolizes sorrow, misfortune and worries that will end with a happy result for you.

Yellow flowers (dandelions and meadow flowers excluded)
Someone is really jealous of you. They can’t stand you. They always think of you as of a disturbance.

You will remember your past and some pleasant moments. It is possible that you will think of your childhood as well.

Red flowers (roses excluded)
This dream symbolizes upcoming passion. It is possible that someone of the same sex likes you.

Colorful flowers
Someone will be kind to you. It is possible that you will experience moments of love and tenderness.

Pink or purple flowers
Someone younger than you likes you. It is possible that you will experience romantic moments with that person.

Blue flowers
Someone older than you likes you. It is possible that you will experience romantic moments with that person.

Dreaming of having flowers in your hair
This dream symbolizes a carefree pass through some smaller problems. You will worry about something that you will overcome easily.

Dreaming of bees on flowers
If you see bees in your dream that symbolizes gain. It is possible that your businesses in which you invested money will start evolving and that you will start earning large amounts of money. You will try to use those favorable moments to the maximum because you can’t ever know when you will experience another crisis. For other interpretations search terms under dreaming bees.

If you are interested in the meaning of a dream in which you received flowers as a gift from someone search terms under meaning of flowers.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have a garden and enjoy planting flowers that has made an impact on you for sure. If you are buying or selling flowers often that has affected your consciousness as well.

Definition of flowers

A flower is a short scion of a limited growth with leaves whose main function is a reproduction of a plant.