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To dream of wool

If you see wool in a dream, it means that you are responsible. You make an effort to finish all your obligations on time because you don’t like working under pressure or letting yourself end up in a situation where someone will warn you about being late.

People like working with you because they know you keep your word.

To dream of a ball of wool

If you see a ball of wool in a dream, it means that you will get entangled in lies. You might try to hide something, but you will forget what you have said to whom.

People from your surroundings will notice that you are not consistent and will demand that you tell the truth.

To dream of combing wool

When you dream of combing wool, it symbolizes conflicts with the people in your surroundings. Others might meddle in your life and tell you how to act in specific situations.

You will pretend to listen to them and stick to their advice, but you will do what you believe is right.

Dreaming about other people combing wool

When you see someone else comb wool in a dream, it means that you need not meddle in other people’s lives, even if you are talking about your family members.

You don’t have the right to impose your opinions and decisions on them, especially because you wouldn’t want someone else to do it to you.

You can give advice when someone asks for it because everything else directly intrudes on other people’s privacy.

To dream of buying wool

Dreaming of buying wool means that you will soon get recognition. You will probably do something well, and your boss or professor will praise you.

You will make an effort to achieve good results again, which will help you get what you want.

To dream of selling wool

Selling wool in a dream symbolizes hard labor. You will probably have to invest a lot of your time and effort into something to be satisfied with the results. It is necessary to be patient and persistent and make an effort to stay motivated.

Luckily, you have big support from your family members, partner, and friends, and you have to use it as a weapon in your fight.

To dream about washing wool

If you wash wool in a dream, it means that you are overly neat. You often clean your house because you don’t like a mess.

You believe that it depicts your state of mind, and you feel a lot better when everything is in its place.

To dream about other people washing wool

A dream wherein you see someone else wash wool means that you will have to work with a perfectionist. You might professionally or privately collaborate with someone who takes care of every detail.

While you will do your best to finish your chores as soon as possible, the person in question will slow you down.

You will wish that neither business nor personal life brings you together on a joint mission ever again.

To dream of making clothes out of wool

When you dream of making clothes out of wool, it means that you are practical. You don’t like to pile stuff but buy what you know you will use or wear.

You can pack for a trip quickly, and you rather spend money on experiences that you will remember always.

To dream of other people making clothes out of wool

If you dream of someone else making clothes out of wool, it means that you will meet an interesting person. Not only will they amaze you with their intelligence and sense of humor but pragmatism.

You will wish to spend more time with that person because you know that you can learn a lot from such a man or woman. If they are of the opposite sex, you might even fall in love.

Dreaming about specific woolen clothes

To dream of wool socks

When you see wool socks in a dream, it means that better days are coming.

To dream of a wool cap

If you see, buy, or knit a wool cap in a dream, it means that you have decided not to change something in your life. You will realize that you want everything to be the way it is and that you would be the happiest if your future could be like that as well. However, you have to ask yourself if that works for the people around you, like your family members or partner.

To dream of a wool scarf

If you see a wool scarf in a dream, it means that getting out of your comfort zone has scared you. You might have realized that you can’t make progress if you don’t change something.

However, the fear of change and insecurities stop you from moving forward. You have to work on that if you want a carefree and beautiful future.

To dream about wool gloves

Wool gloves in a dream mean that your feelings will stop you from doing what is best for your future. You probably won’t do something or will do something for your loved one, like a family member or partner.

You will probably wonder if you have made the right decision later.

To dream of a wool sweater

If you see, wear, or knit a wool sweater in a dream, it means that you are lonely. People who have been single for a long time know that feeling well.

However, if you are married or in a relationship, you need not feel that way. In that case, the dream suggests it is time for an honest conversation with your loved one.

To dream of receiving wool as a gift

If you dream of receiving wool as a gift, it means that you have to appreciate your family members and friends more because we are talking about people that you can always count on.

They gave you a hand many times before and got you out of trouble. The least they deserve is to return them a favor or make sure that they know that they can count on you.

To dream about bestowing wool on someone

Bestowing wool on someone in a dream means that you will do a favor to someone, but the gratitude will not get shown.

What’s more, that person will perceive your help as something that goes without saying and even ask for more. Your kindness and tolerance will be put to the test, and you might even realize at some point that you don’t want that person to take advantage of you, and you will decide to distance yourself from them.

To dream of stealing wool

Stealing wool in a dream means that you need not get involved in risky business deals, even if they promise great earnings. You are not someone who manages such situations well, and you could end up in trouble.

It would be better to try to find another way to achieve what you fantasize about.

To dream of other people stealing wool

A dream wherein you see someone else steal wool means that you will try to talk your loved one out of the idea you believe is bad in vain. You will make an effort to point out all the negative aspects of it, but that person will not show the will or readiness to listen to you.

You will have to make peace with the idea that your loved one has to learn from their mistakes this time.

To dream about winding wool in a ball

Winding wool in a ball in a dream means that you will soon decide to change something significant in your life. You have realized it makes you unhappy and dissatisfied and will decide to face it.

This dream could also represent moving out of your parent’s home, a breakup, or divorce for younger people, while it represents getting rid of vices for older ones.

To dream of other people winding wool in a ball

When you see someone else wind wool in a ball, it means that your family member’s or friend’s decision could surprise you.

You probably believe they are happy and content, but it will turn out that you have misjudged the situation and that your loved one has hidden how they feel for a long time.

To dream of a cat playing with a ball of wool

When you see a cat or kitten play with a ball of wool, it means that your relationship with a partner, friend, or colleague will get disturbed by another person.

They will probably talk badly about them because they envy you for the relationship you have built.

You need not let that person play with your mind and make you doubt the person you love.

Interpretations of dreams depending on the wool color

To dream about white wool

White wool in dreams symbolizes a good plan. You might actualize a long-term idea if you get ready for it properly. You have to predict all possible risks and obstacles and eliminate them on time.

You can hope for big success if you are proactive only.

To dream of black wool

If you see black wool in a dream, it means that you doubt the rightness of some decisions or actions you have made before.

Considering that you can’t turn back time, you will have to get rid of such thoughts and start thinking about the future.

To dream about multi-colored wool

If you see red, blue, yellow, or another color of wool in a dream, it means that you have to dedicate more of your time to planning your future because no one else can do it for you.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, combed, bought, washed, or made something out of wool, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of wool

Wool is the fiber obtained from the fur of animals from the Caprinae family, especially sheep.

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