To see fleas on your body
If you see fleas on your body in a dream, it means that you are surrounded by malice. It is possible that someone from your surroundings is envious of your success regarding your private or business life. They will try to oppose your opinion even when they know that it is right. If you work together, you shouldn’t trust them too much because they will try to trick you and accuse you of creating problems.

To see fleas on someone you know
Dreaming of fleas on a person that you know means that you think of them as of an unreliable associate. They could be your partner, colleague or associate that has betrayed you earlier. You have a hard time trusting them, but you know that you can’t finish one big project alone. It would be best to talk to them about it openly, admit your fears and warn them of possible consequences of their behavior.

To see fleas on a stranger
A dream in which you see fleas on a stranger represents a warning that someone is lying to you. You will be manipulated without even knowing it. Be careful who you are confiding in and talk about your secrets or plans only to those that you really trust.

To kill fleas
When you are dreaming of killing fleas it means that you will beat your enemy. You will not let anyone stand between you and your partner in the following period. You trusted other people’s judgment more in the past and you have let them choose who you will hang out with or date. However, you will realize that you are the only one who knows what is best for you, so you will act the way you believe is right.

To dream of others killing fleas
If someone else in your dream is killing fleas that symbolizes money gain or promotion. This dream has a very positive meaning regardless of your profession. Those who are in college could pass all their exams in time, while those who work in a private firm might get a raise.

To look for fleas
Dreaming of looking for fleas symbolizes gossip. One of your friends will reveal details of the story you have told them in private, and they will not think about possible consequences that they can cause. Even though they didn’t have bad intentions, their recklessness will upset you and you will learn to watch out who you are confiding in in the future.

To dream of others looking for fleas
A dream in which someone else is looking for fleas means that you will get back at those who were spreading rumors about you. You will finally be able to embarrass and humiliate someone who was trying to slander you in front of a large group of people. That will bring you satisfaction for a moment, but you will soon realize that you didn’t have to stoop to their level.

To be bitten by fleas
This dream suggests that you should take care of your health. If you don’t change your life habits, get rid of vices and start being more physically active, you can’t hope for a peaceful and carefree old age. Now is the time to take care of some things that are bothering you, otherwise you could cause serious problems.

To dream of fleas biting other people
If you are dreaming of fleas biting other people, it means that you will try to protect those you love from constant attacks coming from their enemies. You will make sure that your loved ones don’t experience other people’s malice and rage, but your attempts will be unsuccessful. Your enemies are strongly attached to your life and you will not get rid of them easily. It is time for radical changes when it comes to treating those who want to harm you.

To see fleas on children
If you are dreaming of your children being attacked by fleas that symbolize worry regarding their health or success in school. You are afraid for their future like every parent and you are often wondering if you will manage to get them on the right path. However, you can’t let questions like this to haunt you. Trust yourself and your kids and continue trying to make them good people.

When you are dreaming of someone else’s kids being attacked by fleas, it means that you will be wrong about someone. You will say something that you don’t mean or hurt a loved one. Make sure that it is not too late when you realize what you have done and show them that you are truly sorry.

Fleas on animals
Interpretations of these dreams depend on the type of animal you dream of. For example, if you dream that fleas are biting a dog, it means that you will be envious of someone’s success. That person has probably achieved everything that you have been fantasizing of. Instead of beating yourself up for it, try to get what they have as well.

A dream in which you see fleas on cats represents a warning to stop meddling in other people’s lives. Even though your intentions are not bad, you have started to cross the line and expect that everyone will listen to your advice and suggestions. Start taking care of your own life before you decide to stick your nose in someone else’s.

If you dream of fleas on some other pet that symbolizes anxiety. Something from real life has probably hurt you deeply, so you have transferred that feeling into your dream. Try not to think about your problems before you go to sleep since that is the only way to stop being tormented with similar dreams.

If you are dreaming of killing fleas, it means that your kids are stealing from you. The things you are providing them with will not be enough for them, so they will steal from you and spend money on things that you have never let them have. They have probably started to hang out with problematic people who want to use their youth and lack experience. With time, you will realize that something is going on, but you will ignore the problem for a long time since you don’t want to believe that they are capable of doing things like that.

Dreaming of fleas jumping suggests that you will hear false information. You will wait impatiently to get an answer that could change your life. That can be related to a job or serious conversation that you have had with your partner, which could affect your relationship. Someone will give you unverified information that will make you gladdened too early in the game, so you will start to believe that your problems have been solved.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If someone from your surroundings has recently had problems with fleas, that has made an impression on you.


Definition of fleas

Fleas are insects from the order of Siphonaptera whose jump is several times greater than their body length.