Agony in Dreams – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of someone being in agony
When you dream of someone in agony, it means that a friend needs your help. It is possible that your close friend is in trouble and it would mean a lot to them to have your support. If they are in financial troubles, they will expect you to help them with finding new or a side job.

On one hand, you would like to help, but on the other hand you don’t want to represent yourself as a person of trust, because you are not completely sure if you are going to be able to give your maximum. Even though you love that person a lot, you are not sure that it is a good idea to mix friendship with business. It is possible that your friend will get an impression that you don’t want to help them, which will cause arguments. If they have love issues, they will appreciate your advices.

You are aware that the whole situation could cause you troubles, because other people will accuse you of meddling in another people’s privacy. It is possible that you know certain things which you are afraid to tell your friend. That could hurt them, while you will feel guilty for not saying the truth.

Dreaming of being in agony
When you are in agony that warns you of sickness in family. It is possible that a close person of yours will have health issues. The biggest comfort to you will be your family during that period. You will share worries and problems which will make you more united than before. The situation will not be easy, but at least you will know that you have people who you can count on. Fights that were causing strife between you before will stay in the past forever.

These dreams are usually followed by feelings of fear, dissatisfaction, anger, hate and helplessness.

Dreaming of someone causing you to be in agony
If you are dreaming of someone familiar causing you to be in agony, it is possible that you are worried about something a lot. Problems with your partner or at work or school make you restless even while you are sleeping. You are not sure how to overcome that. You have a strong desire to run away from everything, but you feel like you have a responsibility toward other people as well. Maybe it is time to put yourself first. That doesn’t mean that you love your family or a partner less, but you need to help yourself first to be able to be there for others. Your loved ones will understand such a move as egoism at first, but after they see results, it will be clear why you have done things the way you did.

If you are dreaming of a stranger causing you to be in agony, you will make a decision that will turn out to be right in the long run. That decision has everything to do with your love life. You don’t feel fulfilled and happy at the moment. On the other hand, everyone is telling you that you don’t have a reason to be dissatisfied. Have in mind that all advices are good-hearted, but only you can know what is in your heart.

Dreaming of causing someone to be in agony
This dream suggests that you have an enemy that is trying to harm you in any way they can. That person can be a colleague from work or an acquaintance who has a problem with your success regarding business or your private life. You will not be able to stop their intentions, but you can ignore their efforts to put you down.

You are aware that they can’t hurt your happiness regarding love or business, so don’t let evil people or your doubts unhinge you. Follow your path and believe in yourself. You have invested a lot into things that you currently own, so just relax. That will minimize possible bad consequences.

Dreaming of dying in agony
If you are dreaming of dying in agony don’t be afraid or in panic. Surprisingly, your own death in a dream represents good health in real life. If you haven’t had serious health issues until now, there is no need for worry. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of your health. Be more active in your everyday life. Saying that you don’t have time is not an excuse and you know it.

Dreaming of other people dying in agony
If you are dreaming of your loved one dying in agony that can have two meanings. In the first instance, you could inherit money or a property, while in the second you could achieve great success at work, which will make your financial situation a lot better.

If you are dreaming of a stranger who is dying in agony, a positive change in love relationships will happen to you. Single people could meet an interesting person, while those who are in a relationship will be positively surprised by their partners. The following period will be great when it comes to emotions. You will feel good and you will have enough energy for everything.

Agony caused by physical pain
Everything stated above is related to emotional agony. Dreams which include agony caused by pain have different interpretations. For example, if you feel stomach pain that causes you to be in agony, it is possible that you will experience great emotional stress. It is possible that you will find out something about a loved one and you will not like it. You will be in a dilemma whether to accept it or move on without that person in your life.

If you have a horrible headache in a dream, it means that you have many worries in real life. Something is bothering you, but you don’t know how to fix it. It is simple- you just need to ask for help, because you will not be able to solve it on your own, this time. A friend who you haven’t seen in a long time could give you a good advice, so don’t turn them down if they ask you to go grab a cup of coffee. A saying “Two heads are smarter than one” is not a joke.

If you have a toothache in a dream, be careful who you confide in. Not everyone around you is good-hearted, so try to evaluate who should hear what. Even though you know some of your friends your whole life, they might use your words against you because of their envy.

Dreams in which you feel muscle or bone pain symbolize exhaustion. If you feel like your whole body is hurting and you can’t move, which causes you to be in agony and fearful, there is no reason to be worried. No matter how scary this dream is, it doesn’t have a negative meaning. Besides that, it is pretty common. Helplessness you feel in a dream will not transfer to real life. You will achieve great success in the future and you will be joyful because your family will expand.

Meanings of dreams can be a lot simpler. It is possible that you have been watching a movie in which someone was in agony recently, which has made an impression on you.

Definition of agony

Agony represents all torments that are followed by death.

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