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Hiding in dreams usually symbolizes a guilty conscience. However, interpretations depend on the context in which a dream occurred and the details that followed it.

To get as precise interpretations as possible, try to remember who you hid from or who managed to hide from you.

Dream interpretation of hiding from your partner

Hiding from your partner in a dream usually means that you are hiding something from that person.

That secret doesn’t have to be so big that they would leave you over it but something you are still not ready to share with that person.

If it stresses you out so much, you can always get it off your chest and put an end to the story for good.

Dream meaning of your partner hiding from you

If you dream of your partner hiding from you, it means that you doubt that person, which you have probably admitted.

However, relationships and marriages in which trust doesn’t exist between partners can’t last for long. You will destroy your relationship or marriage with your doubts, fears, and insecurities.

Dreaming about hiding from your parents

Children usually have such dreams when they are hiding something from their parents.

If a grownup dreams of hiding something from their parents, it implies that they resent their mother and father for something.

You might blame them for your failures because parents can hurt their children in such a way in some cases, but you can’t blame them for everything since you are responsible for some of them as well.

To dream of your parents hiding from you

If you dream of your parents hiding from you, it implies that they want to spare you some problems in real life.

Such situations are entirely natural in healthy families, and you need not insist on knowing about all their troubles. If they believe that you should know, they will tell you, so don’t meddle in their relationships.

Hiding from kids in a dream

Hiding from kids in a dream means that you still haven’t lived your life to the fullest. You are not ready for a serious relationship or big responsibilities.

You merely don’t want to grow up because you and many around you like that inner child you nurture, but you can’t be Peter Pan for the rest of your life.

Dream meaning of kids hiding from you

When you dream of kids hiding from you, it means that you are afraid that a new circle of friends or colleagues at work will not accept you.

You suffer from a lack of self-confidence, which negatively affects all aspects of your life. Your future would be far less complicated and more quality if you worked on that.

Dreaming of hiding from a friend

Hiding from a friend in a dream means that you don’t see that person often lately. Both of you probably have many obligations, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a minute a day to text or call them.

You have to make an effort to nurture quality relationships even when that is hard. We are still talking about the people you love.

Dream interpretation of friends hiding from you

If you dream of your friends hiding from you, it implies that it seems to you like those people continuously ignore you. You have called or asked them out a couple of times, but they rejected you.

You need not think that they don’t want to spend time with you right away because those people might be too busy with the challenges they are facing. If you don’t have sympathy for that, you can’t expect them to be understanding of you.

Dreaming of hiding from a colleague

Hiding from a colleague in a dream means that you like that person more than you want.

You don’t merely respect that colleague because you believe that they are a good employee or a quality person, but you also hide some deep feelings for them and don’t want anyone to know about it.

To dream of a colleague hiding from you

If you dream of a colleague hiding from you, it means that they like you. That person might want to hang out with you outside of work as well, but you probably seem uninterested or something like that.

That doesn’t have to mean that they like you romantically, but you suit them as a person.

Dreaming about hiding from your boss

Hiding from your boss in a dream means that you try to work as little as possible. You can’t say that you have been particularly productive lately since you have tried your best to pass your chores to other people.

Don’t think that you will manage to act like that for long because your boss will probably realize what you are doing.

Dream meaning of your boss hiding from you

When you dream of your boss hiding from you, it implies that they will not give you a raise even though they have promised. You probably make an effort to do your job the best you can, and you expect a reward.

However, that will not happen soon, which is why you should probably start thinking about looking for another job where your superiors will respect you more.

Dreams of hiding from a priest

Hiding from a priest, bishop, or another clergyman in a dream means that you regret your past actions. You have probably hurt a loved one and didn’t apologize.

Another possibility is that you made a profit but hurt someone in the process, and you are not happy about it.

Dreaming of a priest hiding from you

If you dream of a priest or another clergyman hiding from you, it means that you have neglected the spiritual side of your life. Your priority at the moment could be to gain wealth, so you don’t have time to dedicate attention to the other side of your personality.

However, our spirituality is equally as important as everything else that makes us human.

Dreaming about hiding from an enemy

Hiding from an enemy in a dream symbolizes cowardliness. You let other people fix your mistakes and fight your battles.

You do something stupid and back down, expecting others to deal with it. Grownups and mature people, along with those who call themselves that, can’t let themselves enjoy such luxury.

Dream meaning of an enemy hiding from you

This dream means that your aggression will get you in trouble. You cause negative emotions in other people with your behavior and ruin your reputation.

You have to deal with internal problems and stop taking your frustration on people who have done nothing to deserve it.

Dreams of hiding from a beast

Hiding from a beast in a dream symbolizes a lack of courage to articulate your opinions, wishes, and needs. You are often dissatisfied with the things that happen to you because you haven’t done anything to turn them to your advantage.

You have to learn to say I can’t, I don’t want to, and I won’t, and start fighting for yourself more.

Dreaming of a beast hiding from you

If you dream of a beast hiding from you, it means that someone will praise you.

You have probably left a strong impression on someone, and that person will tell everyone about you. You might even get some business offers after that, or you will attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Anyhow, the following period will be favorable, so make an effort to take advantage of it the best you can.

Dreaming of hiding information

Hiding information from someone in a dream means that you are a very intuitive person.

People have a hard time scamming or deceiving you. You might have learned everything about it from previous experiences, or you were born with it.

Anyhow, that can help you in your business life, but it is sometimes counterproductive for your love life.

Dreaming about hiding photos

Hiding photos from someone in a dream means that you are afraid that your secret from the past might see the light of day. You have done something you are not proud of, and you wouldn’t like your loved ones to find out about it ever.

However, the truth will come to the surface sooner or later, so it would be best if people you love heard about it from you instead of someone else.

What does it mean to dream of hiding money?

Hiding money in a dream means that you don’t trust people close to you. They might have already betrayed you before, or you are paranoid.

Anyhow, your relationship is not healthy, and it can’t last for long. It is necessary, to be honest with the people you love and expect the same from them.

Dreams and meaning of hiding treasure

If you dream of hiding treasure in a dream, it means that you hope to become rich overnight. You have some ideas that can bring you a lot of money, in your opinion.

However, you have to work to survive until something like that happens. You can’t expect to live at someone else’s expense until you reach your goals because people can’t tolerate such behavior for long.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently hidden something from someone or played hide and seek with kids, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of hiding

To hide is the act by which we want to keep something a secret or avoid someone seeing us.

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