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A wedge isn’t such a common motif in dreams. Its meaning can be positive or negative, depending on the environment in which the dream took place.

Dream about a wedge

Dreaming of a wedge symbolizes an argument in your home.

You are a stubborn person by nature that doesn’t want to admit when you are wrong, even when that is more than obvious.

You function according to the take the hair of the dog that bit you principle, not caring if you will hurt those that love you.

You often realize that you were too rough after the incident and ask for forgiveness or make promises that you will never react like that anymore.

While your parents and friends are used to such behavior, your partner will not believe that they are obligated to put up with you, so there is a chance that they will turn their back on you as soon as you show your true face.

Working with a wedge in a dream

If you are dreaming of working with a wedge, it means that your business will flourish.

You probably wanted to close the company quite a few months ago because you didn’t make enough money to cover the basic expenses.

However, you will be so busy in the following period that you will not even have time for your morning coffee. You will be loaded with work and probably hire someone to help you.

You will also realize that being patient paid off and that you needed to invest money first to double it.

A wooden wedge in a dream

A wooden wedge symbolizes insecurities regarding your skills and abilities.

You are pretty hard-working, and you know your job, but sometimes you have a hard time proving it because you don’t want to be pushy and doubt whether something is done right or not.

However, your colleagues that don’t have self-confidence issues make progress in their careers faster than you because of it.

If you put everything that you know how to do and everything that you don’t on the paper, you would see that the first column is a lot longer.

Don’t let other people take credit for your effort and hard work because of it but make sure that everyone knows what you have done, thanks to your intelligence and skills.

Dream meaning of an iron wedge

An iron wedge symbolizes danger in dreams.

Someone will try to jeopardize your relationship with a loved one so that they would seduce them later.

We are talking about the rivalry that stems from your teenage years and has turned into envy and jealousy with time. You probably don’t notice it or don’t want to notice it, but it exists.

You can’t let that person affect your private or business life.

Cut every contact with them if necessary, or let them know that you are aware of their intentions and that you will make sure not ever let them achieve their goal.

The symbolism of a bronze wedge

A bronze wedge suggests that you will make peace with the truth.

You have been ignoring reality for a while, pushed your problems under the rug, or blamed other people for your failures.

However, one person could finally open your eyes and point out the mistakes you are making.

You will manage to figure out that the whole world is not against you but that you didn’t work on yourself enough to be more successful and happier.

When you accept that, everything will be a lot clearer, so you will be able to change the habits that have been stopping you from fulfilling your dreams.

Sticking a wedge into the wood in a dream

If you are dreaming of sticking a wedge into the wood (like wooden beams for roofs), it means that you will change your dwelling place.

You might move away from your parents, rent or buy a house or an apartment, or even move to another city or state.

That will be a new beginning for you, so you will face some challenges and problems that haven’t bothered you until now, but you will figure it all out successfully.

To see others sticking a wedge into the wood

If you dream of someone else sticking a wedge into the wood, it means that you will stop the great injustice done to someone.

You might find out that your boss wants to fire a colleague that you find a good and hard-working employee, so you will make sure that something like that doesn’t happen.

Thanks to the good reputation and respect that you have, you will save your colleague from getting fired and gain enormous gratitude.

Dreaming of finding a wedge

When you are dreaming of finding a wedge, it means that you will find out some information about an acquaintance that will shock you.

We are talking about your close friend’s partner that you will see in the company of another person.

You will find out that they have a secret affair and be in a dilemma about if you should tell your friend.

On the one hand, you will want them to know about it since they don’t deserve to be cheated on, but on the other, you will be scared that they will not believe you.

Imagine that you are in their shoes and ask yourself whether you would like to know that or not.

Losing a wedge in a dream

A dream in which you lose a wedge symbolizes legal problems.

There is a chance that you will end up in court because of some property or something that is rightfully yours.

You might have to go into a legal battle because of unpaid bills or services for some products as well.

Anyhow, you will enter a long and hard-labored process of proving anything and everything, so you could regret getting into it at one moment.

Dreaming of buying a wedge

Dreaming of buying a wedge means that you will get involved in some businesses that are not in accordance with the law.

You will probably get into it because you need the money, but if someone finds out about it, the price could be too high.

To get stung on a wedge

Dreaming of getting stung on a wedge means that you could end up in trouble because of recklessness.

The lack of concentration could bring you many headaches. You need to make decisions carefully in the following period and make sure that you stay focused on everything that you do.

When you see someone else getting stung on a wedge, it means that you will have a chance to help someone in trouble.

You will find out about their situation and do everything in your power to help them get rid of that great worry.

If you dream of stabbing someone with a wedge, it means that some wounds from the past still hurt you.

Someone hurt you so badly that all of it is affecting your relationships with other people now, as well.

You have become retreated inward and a bit anxious, so people have a hard time reaching you.

Making a wedge soup in a dream

Dreaming of making a wedge soup means that you are doing something in vain. Other people see it, but you don’t.

To dream of making a wedge

Making a wedge in a dream suggests you will soon get an idea of how to solve a problem that has bothered you for a long time.

You probably believe you have looked at it from all angles and tried everything at your disposal, but a conversation with an acquaintance will shed light on that situation, and the solution will simply occur.

Dreaming of other people making a wedge

A dream wherein you see someone else make a wedge is a sign that you will make an effort to help a family member, friend, or coworker get something done.

You will realize they can’t do it alone, so you will be happy to help.

The person in question will be grateful and will make sure to find a way to return the favor in the future.

Dream about a wedge breaking

If you dream of a wedge breaking, it means one of your plans will fail.

You might have been looking forward to traveling to another city, attending a celebration, or doing something similar for a long time, but objective circumstances will stop you from actualizing your idea.

You do not need to despair because a new opportunity will come even before you think.

Throwing a wedge away in a dream

When you dream of throwing a wedge away, it implies you will give up on something because of other people.

We are talking either about work, traveling, a party, or something similar.

Your significant other or friend might not feel like socializing, so you will stay with them to keep them company.

To dream of someone else throwing a wedge away

If you dream of someone else throwing a wedge away, it means your loved one might anger you because of something trivial.

Both of you will be too sensitive or nervous, and a little thing will lead to an argument.

You have to be careful not to say something in the heat of the moment that you might deeply regret tomorrow.

You do not need to get involved in the conflict if you want to avoid a negative scenario.

Throwing a wedge at someone in a dream

Throwing a wedge at someone in a dream symbolizes envy. One man or woman in your surroundings has achieved everything you fantasize about.

They might have a harmonious relationship with a significant other, a great job, or high earnings.

You can have all of it, too, if you direct your energy and time to the right things and stop poisoning yourself with negative emotions.

Wedged axe

Seeing someone throwing a wedge at you

If you dream of someone throwing a wedge at you, it implies you know people are jealous of you. You live in a small town where everyone knows each other. People who can’t get over your success talk about you the most.

However, you don’t even try to deny the lies you hear about yourself because you believe it is a waste of your time.

Getting stung on a wedge in a dream

If you dream of getting stung by a wedge, it means you have to be careful in the following period.

Recklessness could put you in danger. You have to watch out for how you act in traffic.

To dream of someone stabbing you with a wedge

This dream symbolizes paranoia. You are prone to believing the whole world is against you, so you can’t make progress.

However, the truth is much simpler: you haven’t learned anything from your mistakes and keep repeating them.

Stabbing someone with a wedge in a dream

Stabbing someone with a wedge in a dream suggests you will get accused of something you didn’t do. You will try to prove your innocence to the wrong people.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen a wedge, it has made an impression on you. You shouldn’t interpret such dreams in those cases.

Definition of a wedge

A wedge is a tool used for disassembling various objects or separating the wholes of the same object.

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