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To hear tweeting in a dream
When you hear birds tweeting in a dream that symbolizes joy. If you are waiting for an answer regarding your career, it will be a lot better than you have hoped for. You may get the chance to continue studies abroad or work there. Anyhow, favorable news that you will get will call for a celebration.

To tweet
If you are dreaming of tweeting, it means that you will fall in love. Your biggest motivator is love and when you feel it, you are able to overcome every obstacle that comes in your way. You will meet someone who will have the same interests as you and who will be extremely supportive of everything you do. After a couple of months of being in a relationship, you will move in together or decide to get married.

To dream of tweets dying down
Dreaming of birds’ tweets dying down implies that you and your close friend will distance from each other. You have always functioned as a team and you could look at each other to know what the other person is thinking of. Time and distance will change you and put your views on life in front of obstacles that neither of you will be able to overcome. You will realize that the best would be to cut every contact and save those memories of the period when you were inseparable.

Interpretations depend on the kind of bird you hear in a dream. Not many people can recognize the type of bird they hear if they haven’t already seen it in a dream. However, if you are sure of the kind of bird your dream is about, read what its tweets represent in the following text.

To hear sparrows tweeting
If you hear sparrows tweeting in a dream, that symbolizes your need to spend more time surrounded by your family. You probably work a lot and you are often not home. You miss the moments of peace and quiet that you love the most. Now might be the right time to take a few days to rest and spend some time at home.

To hear a nightingale tweeting
If you manage to recognize a nightingale tweeting while sleeping, that is a warning to take care of your life. Your life has been chaotic for quite some time now. You are not sure of what you want, you don’t make plans and you are not thinking about the future. That has brought you mental relief shortly, but now you seem to realize that you can’t go around acting like a child anymore. It is time to collect yourself, organize your day and manage the time that you are working with. That is the only way to achieve something in life.

To hear a finch tweeting
When you dream of a finch tweeting, it means that you don’t have a reason to be afraid of change. You may be forced to change your job, dwelling place, college or something else, but you are not sure if you will be able to manage around. Anyhow, you don’t have a reason to worry, considering that you are a communicative person by nature and you don’t have a problem with fitting into a new environment. If you present yourself the way you are, everyone will gladly accept you into their company.

To hear swallows tweeting
If you are dreaming of swallows tweeting, it means that your wish to travel somewhere might come true in the near future. You have been thinking about it for some time, so you have been planning the trip and saving money, but you can’t find the time to finally pack your bags. However, the following period will finally bring you a wanted trip. You may not be able to spend ten days in a luxury hotel on the Maldives, but the extended weekend will bring you great pleasure as well.

To hear a robin tweeting
When you hear a robin tweeting in a dream, it means that you are someone who can’t stand boredom. You are simply not able to spend long stretches of time in the same place. You have probably often changed your dwelling place, job or a partner because of it. You fall in love with someone to the extent of wanting to declare love to them right away and making it official by getting married. However, you are able to realize that they are not the right person for you only after a couple of weeks and you start to pull away until you make a decision to leave them. The same applies to the job as well. You have a lot of job experience in your resume, but you didn’t stay anywhere long enough to be able to make progress and improve your skills.

To hear a blackbird tweeting
If you manage to recognize a blackbird tweeting in your dream, that symbolizes a competitive spirit that is your driving force. You possess a huge amount of enthusiasm and you are trying to be the best at everything you do. When someone turns out to be better than you, you don’t envy them, but end up being even more motivated to pass them. This trait is good when it comes to business or college, but it can be a problem in your private life since not all people who surround you are competitive like you.

To hear a tit tweeting
If you are dreaming of a tit tweeting, that symbolizes your need for dominance. You are pretty intelligent and you don’t enjoy small talk. You like to spend time with people who have something smart to say and who you can learn something from. Because of that, people who don’t know you seem to think that you think too highly of yourself.

To hear a Eurasian wren tweeting
If you manage to recognize Eurasian wrens’ tweets in a dream, it means that you are a hardworking person who doesn’t have a problem with doing anything. You often help other people even when you don’t have to. While some people appreciate it, others are using you. However, you are aware of that but you don’t have the need to change. The trait that you simply despise is laziness, so you avoid being in the company of people who possess it.

To hear larks tweeting
Dreaming of hearing larks tweeting means that you possess a character that attracts the opposite sex’s attention. They often find you mysterious because you don’t let everyone approach you. Only a few have the privilege to get to know you completely. That might be your defense mechanism or you are simply that way. Anyhow, you don’t have a problem with people liking you, but the story ends there because they are afraid of approaching you.

To hear a raven tweeting
If you manage to recognize raven’s tweets in a dream, it means that you will start to believe that your partner is unfaithful. Their behavior will be characterized as suspicious, so you will try to find evidence to prove that you are right. However, that will upset them so they will confront you about it at some point. Instead of lying, tell them what is bothering you.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently heard birds tweeting, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of tweeting

Tweeting is the sound that symbolizes the beginning of a new day.