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A toilet or bathroom in a dream can have different meanings. The interpretation depends on the context in which the dream took place, as well as on the details that followed it.

Dreaming of a toilet or bathroom

If you see a toilet or bathroom in a dream, that is a warning that someone will gossip about you.

There is a chance that there are some people from your surroundings that have never done anything bad to you, but you simply don’t like them.

They will notice that you are avoiding them, so they will proclaim you as an arrogant person.

They will know more about your life than you even, which is why they will even know where you are and with whom at all times.

You will sometimes give them new material for gossiping on purpose, which they will gracefully accept.

Another meaning is that you will have an unwanted encounter. You will probably be in the same room with someone who seems too-faced to you.

You will be forced to be kind to them, so you will not have a chance to express how much you can’t stand them.

You will have the desire to get out on the fresh air after that encounter and forget about everything that happened as soon as possible.

Cleaning a toilet in a dream

Dreaming of cleaning a toilet symbolizes humiliation.

You might get some assignments at work that are not appropriate for someone with your level of education, but you will not be in the position to choose or demand.

You will take all of it personally and start to believe that your boss has something against you, but you will soon realize that others work on the same principle, and everyone does everything.

Dream meaning of a public toilet

If you are dreaming of a public toilet, that is a good sign, usually.

You are someone that many people trust since they share your opinions and attitudes.

Besides that, you have the power to persuade them of the rightness of your beliefs, which can be useful if you are doing some sort of a public job.

People who are in politics and those who are trying to gain the trust of a large group of people have these dreams more often.

The symbolism of a filthy toilet

A dream in which you see a filthy toilet means that you are too carefree when it comes to your problems.

You are probably used to other people solving them, so you don’t have the right sense of responsibility.

That could be fatal if other people depend on you in any way. You would be a bad leader if you would ever end up in that situation.

 A bloody toilet in a dream

When you are dreaming of entering a toilet covered in blood, that is a bad sign.

This dream often symbolizes bad things that can happen to you or your family members.

There is a chance that you will have a conflict with a loved one, so you will say something that you don’t mean during the argument.

You will hurt and disappoint one another, but the fact that you are family and that you should stick together no matter what is a very good reason to put to set aside all disagreements and forgive each other.

Dreaming about clean toilet

A clean toilet in a dream is a sign that you will gain strength and courage to get out of the crisis you are currently in.

Many things are stressing you out, and you sometimes believe that you can’t take all the blows that life has been throwing at you, but be sure that you are a lot stronger than it seems.

Be careful that the great amount of stress you feel at the moment doesn’t ruin your health.

Interpretation of a clogged toilet

Dreaming of a clogged toilet means that you will have to overcome many obstacles and challenges to achieve the things you want.

There is no instant success for you, so you will have to invest a lot of effort and time into something to fulfill your dreams.

It is important to be persistent and patient since that is the only way in which you can count on success.

Dream about a toilet without doors

If you see a toilet without doors in a dream, it means that your privacy has been disrupted.

Someone is constantly meddling in your life, giving you pieces of advice even when you are not asking for them and trying to make important decisions instead of you.

It sometimes seems to you that they have started to peek in your plate, wallet, and bed, but you don’t know how to deal with it without arguments or conflicts.

Not being able to find a toilet

If you are dreaming of trying to find a toilet unsuccessfully, that symbolizes anxiety and frustration because of something.

There is a chance that your loved ones are used to always having you around when they need you, thinking that their wishes and needs are more important than yours and that you can take care of yourself only when you please everyone else.

This problem is not unsolvable, so it is important to show your loved ones that your selflessness and love are not limitless.

Make sure to explain to them that you don’t have time for yourself anymore because you are solving other people’s problems.

To dream of being watched while on a toilet

When you are dreaming of someone watching you while you are sitting on a toilet, that symbolizes sorrow and loss, unfortunately.

Someone close to you might disappoint you, so you will completely lose trust in them.

We are probably talking about a good friend that you would have never expected something like that from.

When you find out about their betrayal, you will cut every contact with them.

You will feel bad, and their company will miss you, but you will know that you have done the right thing.

Sharing a toilet with the opposite sex in a dream

A dream in which you are sharing a toilet with someone of the opposite sex symbolizes the lack of confidence or freedom to make decisions alone in your life.

This dream might be a reminder that you should be more independent and stop counting on other people. It is time to become mature in every sense of that word.

To be trapped in a toilet

This dream means that you are still not ready to face some problems.

Some things are bothering you, but you are constantly pushing them under the rug because you are afraid of facing them.

If you continue to act like that, the problems will become even bigger. You need to be firm and decide to go into battle.

Dreaming of reading on a toilet

If you are dreaming of reading while sitting on a toilet, it suggests that the turbulent and stressful period that you are going through is almost over.

You probably feel exhausted, but the good news is that relief is on the horizon.

You will soon enter a more peaceful phase of your life.

Standing in line for the toilet 

This situation is uncomfortable both in real life and in dreams. This dream means that you will not fulfill someone’s expectations, usually.

There is a chance that your boss will give you an important assignment, but you will not deal with it in the best way.

Dreaming of making love in a toilet

Dreaming of making love in a toilet means that you will publicly embarrass yourself because of something.

However, the situation will be light-hearted, and everyone will soon forget about it.

Writing in a toilet in a dream

When you dream of writing in a toilet, it means a turbulent period expects you. You will face numerous challenges but have enough energy to finish them right and on time.

Your motivation has been impressive lately, which is good. You might even get praised for your work.

Dream meaning of drawing in a toilet

If you dream of drawing in a toilet, it implies you have to take advantage of your creativity in a better way.

You are a very imaginative and innovative person, and it is a pity if you don’t do something that requires such talent.

You have to direct your interests to a hobby, which could become a good source of income one day.

To dream of taking a call in a toilet

Having a phone call in a toilet in your dream means you will waste your precious time on someone who doesn’t deserve it. You might have a coffee with someone with whom you have nothing to talk about.

Another possibility is that you will realize you are in the wrong place during a meeting or job interview.

Dreaming of eating on a toilet

Eating in a toilet in a dream suggests you have to find balance in everything. You go from one extreme to another.

The line between love and hate is fine for you. You are prone to mood swings and self-destruction.

You have to change to protect your health and those who still tolerate you.

To dream of sleeping in a toilet

Sleeping in a toilet in a dream means you have to rest. You have worked a lot lately and tried to finish all your obligations on time.

The stress has already harmed your mental and physical health. You have to take a break because the world will not end if you decide not to do anything for two days.

Spending time with people you love would make you feel better.

Smoking in a toilet in a dream

If you dream of smoking in a toilet, it implies you are not proud of your past actions. Another possibility is that you are hiding something from your loved ones. You are afraid that the truth could hurt them.

However, you have to know that finding it out from someone else instead of you will hurt them even more.

Clean toilet in a dream

To dream of hiding in a toilet

Hiding in a toilet in a dream symbolizes a blockage. You are a very resourceful person who doesn’t have a problem fitting into a new environment or circle of people.

Besides that, you deal with unpredictable situations well.

However, something will get you off track in the following period, and you will have to think well about what to do.

Falling into a toilet in a dream

If you dream of falling into a toilet, it implies you might have an accident. You will be too embarrassed to admit what happened, but you have to know that something like that can happen to anyone.

To dream of someone throwing you in the toilet

When you dream of someone throwing you in the toilet, it means you annoy some people with your behavior. You might have a conflict because of inappropriate statements or actions soon.

Dream about throwing someone into the toilet

Throwing someone into the toilet in a dream suggests you have to do your best not to react to someone’s provocation.

It would be great to respond with a smile because that will hurt the person in question more than any word you say.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen or cleaned a toilet, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a toilet

A toilet is a space in which feces are disposed of.

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