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Bottle of poison

Dream symbolism of poison

If you see poison in a dream, it means that you will get sick without consequences. There is a chance that you will have health issues that will stop you from doing your daily activities only temporarily.

You will be more scared than in real danger of something negative happening.

To dream of poisoning someone

If you dream of poisoning someone, it means that a friend will embarrass you. That person will probably disagree with you in front of other people and use some of your past actions against you.

You will realize that your friend is mad or resent you for something, but you will not know what all of it is about. You will wonder whether it makes sense to resolve the issue after all of that or not think about it anymore.

Dream meaning of being poisoned

When you dream of being poisoned, it means that you will lose your property. Someone might cunningly try to take something that belongs to you or that you created.

You will be under the influence of that person, who will not shy away from anything to get what they want.

To dream of poisoning yourself

If you dream of poisoning yourself, it means that you don’t expect gratitude. You do favors to other people, even though they harm you sometimes.

Even though you claim that you do it because you want to help everyone, you often get mad when people don’t remember you, and you are prone to making comments that everyone is selfish because they call you only when they need something.

Dreaming about making poison

Making poison in a dream means that you want to take revenge on someone who offended, hurt, or scammed you in the past.

We are talking about a person who deeply disappointed you with their actions and caused a lot of damage to you. You are on a mission to give them a taste of their own medicine at all costs whenever you get the chance.

You must turn to more constructive things in the present and start thinking about the future instead of living in the past.

To dream of other people making poison

If you dream of someone else making poison, it means that you will try to explain to your loved one in vain that it doesn’t make sense to torture themselves by thinking about events that deeply hurt them.

You will persuade your loved one to forget about the past to have a chance to move on, but their wounds are too deep to get over everything so quickly.

Dream interpretation of buying poison

Dreaming of buying poison means that you are very ambitious. You don’t choose the means to achieve your goals.

Your actions hurt other people sometimes, but you pay no attention to that. Also, you don’t care how many bridges you will burn to get what you want.

You probably believe that your way of thinking is right currently, but you could regret some of your decisions and actions in the future.

Dream interpretation of selling poison

Selling poison in a dream means that you are a coward. You continuously force other people to fight your battles, not to step on anyone’s toes.

You want to persuade people close to you, like friends, colleagues, or associates, to do what benefits you by manipulating them.

Your methods probably bring wanted results, but all of it will backfire on you sooner or later.

To dream of stealing poison

Stealing poison in a dream means that you have made a mistake at work, but you are trying to hide it or blame someone else for it.

You know that you are guilty, but you don’t want to deal with the consequences of your actions, which is why you will sacrifice someone else so that something negative wouldn’t happen to you.

You will probably succeed in your intent, but your conscience will be restless for a long time.

To dream of someone stealing poison from you

If you dream of someone stealing poison from you, it means that you will beat your enemy using their weapons. Someone will make sure to reveal your dark secret to other people.

However, you will find out what that person wants to do and spread rumors about them. No one will believe them after they lose their credibility, even when they start telling the truth.

To dream about poisoning food

Putting poison in someone’s food means that you envy one person from your surroundings. That person has probably achieved everything you fantasize about – they have a good job and earnings or a partner you have always wanted by your side.

Instead of poisoning yourself with negative emotions, you have to try to achieve what you want by following their example.

To dream of poisoning a drink

When you dream of poisoning someone’s drink, it means that you will do everything you can to make progress faster than your colleague.

You have probably been competing with that person your entire life and think that they are not aware of it. However, ask yourself why they are always ahead of you.

Dreaming of sucking snake venom out of your body

If you dream of sucking snake venom out of your body, it means that you should watch out for gossip.

Be careful with whom you are talking about your problems, fears, and secrets because someone could take advantage of your trust.

Dreaming of sucking snake venom out of your friend’s, family member’s, or partner’s body means that the person in question will get judged because of their decisions and attitudes.

You will make sure to protect them and excuse their behavior as much as possible.

To dream about poisoning your enemy

Poisoning your enemy in a dream means that people have disappointed you. You have been hurt many times before and don’t trust anyone now.

You have entirely retreated inward because of bad experiences, which can’t be good for your mental health. However, you can’t believe that all people are evil. You have to know that a lot more of them have pure and honest intentions.

To dream of your enemy poisoning you

This dream means that the following period will be full of challenges and obstacles. You will need a lot of patience, energy, and the will to get over your problems.

However, you have to know that you will get out of it stronger than ever, thanks to the love and support of your family, partner, and friends.

To dream of your family member getting poisoned

If you dream about one of your family members getting poisoned, it means that you will face big worries in the future. There is a chance that you will change your job or dwelling place.

Another possibility is that you are worried about someone you love. Anyhow, thoughts will run through your head, but you must not doubt yourself because you are stronger than you believe.

Dreaming of poisoning a friend

Poisoning a friend in a dream symbolizes a stroke of bad luck. You will soon believe that the whole universe is against you, but you will not realize that you are responsible for numerous mistakes.

It is necessary to be focused on what you do and deal only with problems you can solve, leaving those that are out of your reach behind.

To dream of your friend poisoning you

If you dream of your friend poisoning you, it means that they will tell you a secret. We are talking about something the person in question will share with you, and you will have to swear that you will take it to the grave.

There is a chance that what you hear will surprise you, but you will keep your promise and stay silent about it until your friend decides to admit it to other people.

To dream of poisoning your partner

Poisoning the person you love in a dream is not a harmless sign. People who doubt their partner for some reason have such dreams.

Something might be telling you that your loved one’s feelings are not honest or that they will cheat on you. No matter what kind of doubts you have, you can’t prove anything.

Don’t accuse your loved one of anything before you have a good reason for it.

To dream of your partner poisoning you

If you dream of your loved one poisoning you, it means that they doubt you. You have probably distanced from one another lately.

You will have to dedicate a lot more attention and love to that person because you can’t always excuse your behavior with positive past actions.

To dream of poisoning your boss

When you dream of poisoning your boss, it means that you work too much. You probably want to prove yourself to your boss, but you are not satisfied with the way that person treats you.

You have tried doing everything you could to have better chances of success, but you are losing hope of your effort paying off. Maybe you should start thinking about looking for a new job.

Dreaming about your boss poisoning you

If you dream of your boss poisoning you, it means that you could get an unpleasant and tricky task soon.

There is a chance that you will do something for the first time in your life and will need some time to master the whole process. However, you will stay persistent because you believe that it will bring you career progress.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen poison in person or on TV, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of poison

Poison is a substance that can be damaging or cause death if consumed in a specific amount.

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