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To dream of being obese
If you are dreaming of being obese, that symbolizes poverty. You probably didn’t think about finances in advance or saved money for emergencies. You have lived from paycheck to paycheck, which will turn out to be a wrong decision because you will not have money for difficult situations in life, but you will have to make ends meet in different ways.

Another meaning is that you should take care of your health. You are probably afraid of getting fat, but you should ask for help from a professional anyway because they will advise you what to eat and what physical activities you should do.

To dream of someone else being obese
Dreaming of other people being obese implies that you are worried about your loved one. You are probably aware of their mistakes, but all your attempts to explain that to them are getting rejected and ignored. Even though you have promised yourself that you will not stress out because of them many times, you can’t relax and stop worrying about other people’s problems that even they don’t want to solve.

To dream of not being obese anymore
When a person, who is obese in real-life, dreams of not having that problem anymore, it means that their wish will come true only if they continue being persistent and consecutive. You have probably tried to lose weight many times before, but all of it was in vain. Even when you managed to achieve the perfect weight, something throws you off balance, and you gain all of it back. However, things will be different this time. You will have enough energy, will, and motivation to lose weight and maintain the ideal one.

To dream of others not being obese anymore
If you are dreaming of someone obese in real life, losing many pounds, it means that you are worried about their health. You have probably heard that they have health issues related to their weight. You want to talk to them about it, but you are afraid that they will get offended. However, talking about it is what they need to face their problem. Say what you think honestly, and don’t forget to point out that you only wish them well.

To dream of getting treated for obesity
If you are dreaming of getting treated for being obese, it means that you exaggerate your problems. You are probably facing some stressful situations for the first time, and you don’t know how to react. You are analyzing yours and everyone else’s moves too much, which is making things even more complicated. Relax and listen to your heart this time, and you will not be sorry, for sure.

To dream of others getting treated for obesity
A dream in which you see someone you know getting treatment for being obese is a message to watch your mouth. You will hurt someone who least deserves it with your harsh criticism. Don’t worry about it if that happens once or twice, but if you continue doing it, you will lose a loved one.

To dream of reading about obesity
When you are dreaming of reading about obesity, it means that you are obsessed with your appearance. You are not satisfied with your body, tan, face, etc. often, so you are fantasizing about plastic surgery. It would be better to find a way to love yourself the way you are instead of searching for such solutions. After you accept yourself with your virtues and flaws, other people will love you as well.

To dream of writing about obesity
A dream in which you are writing about obesity means that you will get a demanding and responsible task. You will believe that you are still not ready for something like that, but you will not be in a position to refuse it since that is your big chance to show your qualities. If you are sure that you can’t deal with it alone, ask for help from a friend or colleague. One person who you will assign with some tasks will be enough because you will be able to deal with the rest alone. You need to have a little bit more faith in yourself.

To dream of buying plus size clothes
This dream means that you should watch out what and how much you are eating. Skipping meals and then overeating will certainly not bring you wanted results. If you cut out groceries that are bad for you and start exercising daily, you will achieve your goal.

To dream of selling plus size clothes
If you are dreaming of selling plus size clothes, that is a warning to give up on some idea or project. You are probably aware that it won’t bring you what you want. Direct your attention to smaller businesses that might bring you less profit, but at least you will be sure that they will pay off.

To dream of an obese priest
If you see an obese priest in a dream, it means that the amount of greed people possess will surprise you. You will realize how money can change people. You will probably distance yourself from someone completely because you will not be able to stand the negative energy that they radiate because of the money they have.

To dream of an obese bride
When you see an obese bride in a dream, it means that you will burn out in your wish to seduce someone or achieve something. If you like someone secretly, you will probably act weird when you are around them. On the other hand, if your job is something that fulfills you at the moment, you will probably stop enjoying the thing you do because of the amount of stress you will feel.

To dream of an obese baby
A dream in which you see an obese baby symbolizes the connection you have with your family. You are someone who feels the best in the company of people the closest to you. You are ready to postpone every other obligation for them, even though many people are telling you that you are not using your potentials enough. You believe that money and success are only temporary while your family is the biggest value you can have in life.

To dream of an obese man or woman
When you see an obese man in a dream, it means that you are lazy and that you often expect other people to do your job. If, however, you see an obese woman in a dream, it means that your neighbors are gossiping about you. You are still a mystery to them, and they are talking about you gladly instead of taking care of their lives.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen an obese person or you are obese, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of obesity

Obesity is a chronic disease whose symptoms are excessive body fat and weight.