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Dreaming of eating or seeing melon usually has a positive meaning, but that doesn’t have to be the case always.

The condition of the fruit in your dream is important, as well as how you treat it. However, the problems that these dreams symbolize are easily solvable, most of the time.

Dreams about melon often have something to do with love and marriage situations.

Eating melon in a dream

When you are dreaming of eating melon, it often means that you have an emphasized need for physical pleasures that you probably lack in your life.

This dream can also symbolize some problems that are affecting your relationship or marriage.

If you are eating fast, there is a chance that one of your family members is responsible for those problems, but if you are eating slowly, it means that you are guilty of the end of the relationship.

Also, eating melon in a dream suggests that you have worked hard on something in vain.

Dreaming of picking melons

If you are looking at the sky and picking a melon, it means that you probably long for some kind of power, and you will get it soon.

You are persistent, and you will fulfill your wish, thanks to your ingenuity.

Cutting a melon in a dream

Dreaming of cutting a melon with a knife symbolizes a few marriages or long-term relationships that you will have in your life.

This can also symbolize sad endings, but it usually represents meeting new people in your life and big life experience.

Dreaming about buying a melon

Dreaming of buying a melon means that you trusted the wrong person in the past.

Your naivety has led you to have an enemy by your side or someone who doesn’t wish you well.

Try to solve that problem before it becomes even more complicated.

To dream of melon while being sick

When a sick person dreams of a melon, they need to pay special attention to its smell and taste. If a melon smells good, you will overcome those health issues more easily.

The lack of smell and taste symbolizes a longer and more exhausting battle with the illness.

Smashing a melon in a dream

Dreaming of smashing a melon on the ground symbolizes a good and successful marriage or love relationship.

You will have problems, but you will also solve them quickly and together with your partner. If you smash it on the ground and the melon doesn’t break, it means that your parents or in-laws are against your relationship. T

hey are even trying to destroy it. If a melon breaks into many pieces, it means that you have the support of your loved ones to stay in your relationship or marriage.

If you are dreaming of smashing the melon in your home, that symbolizes an illness or death of an elderly family member.

Dream about drinking melon juice

If you are dreaming of drinking melon juice, that usually symbolizes love problems.

There is a big chance that you will get a divorce or break up, but it can also represent just a conflict or argument that can get solved with a lot of effort.

A melon full of seeds in a dream

Dreams about melons full of seeds often predict taking your relationship to the next level and getting married.

These dreams suggest that you will not have any problems while organizing a wedding and that luck will follow you throughout your life with a partner.

Dreaming of selling melons

This dream suggests that your family will expand. You may get a daughter or son-in-law, or someone in your family will have a baby.

The moments you spend with those you love will be priceless.

Planting melons in a dream

When you are dreaming of planting melons, that symbolizes prosperity and joy in your life. You may achieve success at work, or you may start earning more money.

This dream applies to your private life as well. Pregnant women often have it.

If someone else in your dream is planting melons, it means that you will try to achieve a lot by working less.

You will use your experience and take shortcuts to invest as little effort and time in a job as possible.

If you have a private business, and you don’t depend on other people, this could be a good plan.

However, if you work in a company, the superior will not like what you are trying to do, so they will advise you to be responsible.

Dreaming about breaking a melon

If you are dreaming of a melon falling out of your hands and smashing, that symbolizes the fear of intimacy.

You have probably had only superficial relationships so far because you don’t want to be attached to anyone.

You are afraid of falling in love with them and taking things to another level.

The reason for it is the fact that you don’t want someone to hurt you, so you believe that not giving all of yourself to that person is easier.

Your friends believe that you will come across someone who you will not be able to resist, which will change you completely.

Interpretations depend on the fact whether a melon is unripe or rotten, as well.

Unripe melon

If you see an unripe melon in a dream, it means that your partner doesn’t satisfy your needs in bed.

Your relationship or marriage may be in a crisis, and you don’t communicate anymore, while sex is taboo in your relationship.

Both of you are pretty traditional, so no one wants to ask what is going on.

This situation is leading to unfaithfulness or the end of your relationship, so if you want to save it, start talking openly and without shame to your loved one.

Dream meaning of ripe melon

A ripe melon in a dream symbolizes a good mood and positive energy.

If you see a ripe or juicy melon in a dream, it means that you radiate good energy and that you are extremely attractive to the opposite sex.

If you are single, this is the right moment to find the right person for yourself, but if you are taken, be careful since your admirers will do everything to seduce you.

Don’t let yourself fall into a trap.

The symbolism of rotten melon

If you see a rotten melon in a dream, it means that you are too sensitive.

You are currently in a phase when you can get mad, sad, or stressed out because of trivial things. That is the most obvious sign of exhaustion.

However, if you are not tired, you might be dissatisfied with one segment of your life.

Dark thoughts will not help you, but a plan on how to change the things that don’t suit you will.

Definition of a melon

Melon is an annual plant that has a sweet yield that most people consider a fruit, even though it belongs to the group of plants considered vegetables. It is extremely healthy since it is full of vitamins and minerals.

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