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Joist or wooden beam in a dream can have many different interpretations. The meaning of a dream depends on the context in which your dream took place, as well as the details that followed it.

Joist or wooden beam in a dream

If you see a joist in a dream, that is a warning that difficulties are expecting you.

You may face a lot of obstacles in the following period that will show up in your business and love life.

You will need a lot of wisdom not to give up but turn your situation into an advantage and take it as a push forward that will bring you new possibilities and a lot of experience.

Dreaming of a curved joist or wooden beam

When you are dreaming of a curved wooden beam, it means that you will adjust to your surroundings.

You are probably used to doing everything by morals code, but you will soon realize that people achieve good results by breaking those rules.

You will try your hardest to adopt that kind of behavior since it could make your life easier without varying too much from your initial attitudes.

Walking on a wooden beam or joist

Dreaming of walking on a wooden beam symbolizes adventure. You live in unpredictable situations that bring a change to your everyday routine.

When you don’t experience anything exciting, you find a way to occupy your attention with something that you come up with.

You function like that when it comes to business as well since you make business deals that don’t promise gain at first glance.

If we are talking about love, you always attract the attention of someone that no one can seduce.

Dreaming of jumping over a joist or wooden beam

If you are dreaming of jumping over a wooden beam or joist, it means that your worries will disappear.

You are a sensitive person, and you worry about small things like someone’s mean eye roll that can ruin your whole day and start a process of self-questioning to discover the cause of such action.

However, you will start ignoring those things with time and realize that everyone has a different opinion. You will lose the wish to please everyone, which will bring you a lot of relief.

A dream in which you see someone else jumping over a joist is a sign that one person you have just met will help you solve one big problem.

Their gesture will mean a lot to you, and you will make sure to help them realize how grateful you are. You will try to return the favor in some way in the future.

Dream meaning of falling off the wooden beam or joist

If you are dreaming of falling off the joist, it means that you will face many obstacles on your way to success.

You will need a lot of hard work, effort, and patience to achieve what you have been fantasizing about. It is important not to let anything discourage you.

Try to learn something out of every failure and become even stronger and braver. You will have a bright future.

Seeing someone else falling off the joist

When you see someone else falling from a joist or wooden beam, it means that you will suffer damage thanks to someone else’s fault.

Your partner or one of the family members may invest your money into something completely unprofitable.

Instead of mentioning the mistake that they have made all the time, find a way to minimize harmful consequences.

Dreaming about a joist falling on your head

This dream doesn’t have a negative meaning, even though it is quite uncomfortable.

When you are dreaming of a wooden beam falling on your head, it means that you will get a profitable idea. You will need money or business associates to realize it.

You should be careful when it comes to that since you don’t have enough experience with these things. Don’t let someone persuade you to do something risky now when you finally have everything under control.

To dream of a joist falling on someone else’s head

If you dream of a wooden beam falling on someone else’s head, it means that you will have to work twice as hard in the following period.

Your colleague from work may be sick, so you will have to do their tasks as well.

Burning a wooden beam

A dream in which you are burning a wooden beam means that you will distance yourself from someone close to you.

You will realize that they are not the same as before, and you will try to prove to them that you are right.

After you conclude that your attitudes and opinions differ completely, you will say goodbye to each other kindly and wish one another everything the best.

That will be hard for you, but you will get used to the fact that they are not in your life anymore with time.

If someone else burns a joist

This dream symbolizes sabotage. Someone will try to jeopardize your job or relationship with your friend or partner.

It is obvious that they are trying to achieve their goal through you, but they might even be jealous.

Watch out for who you are confiding in and pay attention to the behavior of people who have entered your life only recently. Make sure to stop them in their intentions after you find out who that person is.

Buying wooden beams

Dreaming of buying joists or wooden beams means that you will make a decision that will change the course of your life.

You may continue your studies abroad, or you will get a business offer that requires a move to another city or state.

Younger people could decide to get married or have a baby. The following period will be turbulent because of adjustments to the new situation, but you will realize that you have made the right decision with time.

Dreaming of selling a joist

If you are dreaming of selling joists or wooden beams, that symbolizes an argument with an older family member.

The reason for it will be the age gap that you can’t go over. Different perspectives on life will lead to a serious argument that will not last long thanks to other family members.

However, watch out not to say something that could hurt the other person during the adrenalin rush.

A gymnastic beam in a dream

When you dream of a gymnast doing acrobatics ably on a beam, it means that you will doubt your abilities.

Something will throw your self-esteem off the balance, so you will think that you are not good enough for an important task shortly.

However, your results speak more than you. Remember what you have gone through when you fell into a crisis, and you will be proud of yourself.

To dream of a gymnast falling off the beam

This dream means that you will make many mistakes because of the lack of concentration.

Something has thrown your life off balance, and you need some time to recover, which is normal.

Give yourself some time off, and don’t be too self-critical. Time heals everything.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen a joist or wooden beam or walked on it, that has made a strong impression on you.

Definition of a joist or wooden beam

A joist is a gymnastic device, but it can also be a part of the construction that stands horizontally or askew.

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