To see a hunter in a dream
If you see a hunter in a dream, that is a warning that your friend is lying to you. That person might not want to admit to you something that would hurt and make you feel bad. However, you will realize that something strange is happening and ask them not to make decisions for you but honestly tell you what is going on, no matter how painful it is.

To dream of being a hunter
Dreaming of being a hunter means that you will fight for the fulfillment of your dreams. You are someone who doesn’t let anyone or anything stand in your way, which is why you often oversee even the good pieces of advice, whose goal is not to restrain you but point at the danger you expose yourself to. Even though you know that it is less painful to learn from other people’s mistakes, you always repeat yours somehow and end up in trouble.

To dream of hunters surrounding you
When you are dreaming of hunters surrounding you, it means that you have to watch what you are doing. You probably have a strict boss or colleague who can’t wait for you to make a mistake so that that person would show that they are better and more capable than you. The competitiveness you are repeatedly exposed to stresses you out, but you have learned with time to survive in an environment where other people often want to see you fall instead of giving you a hand.

To dream about talking to a hunter
If you dream of talking to a hunter, it means that you will be in the company of braggers. You will have a chance to spend some time with a person that loves talking about themselves and their achievements. You will find it cute that they are trying to persuade you that they are the best at everything. However, you will later find out that all it is unfounded.

To dream of other people talking to a hunter
A dream in which you see someone else talking to a hunter means that you will have to prove yourself to get what you want. You probably have a lot of confidence, but that will not be enough to achieve your goals. Your deeds should speak more about you than your words.

To dream of arguing with a hunter
Arguing with a hunter in a dream means that you will snap in the worst possible moment. There is a chance that someone will offend or humiliate you, but you will not know how to channel your anger, which is why you will explode in the wrong moment and take all of your dissatisfaction out. Those that don’t know you will see you as an aggressive and violent person, even though you are not. You have to learn to control yourself and choose the time and place for such frays with other people.

To dream of other people arguing with a hunter
If you see someone else arguing with a hunter in a dream, it means that you will be forced to be a mediator in an argument between two people you don’t know well. They will start a discussion about something and ask you to decide who is right. Thanks to your diplomatic skills, you will manage to calm both of them down.

To dream about running away from a hunter
Running away from a hunter in a dream means that your secret will come to the surface. There is something from your past that you want to hide from other people. You believe that those who love you are still not ready to hear the truth. However, it would be better to tell them everything than to let them find it out from someone else because that will hurt and disappoint them even more.

To dream of hiding from a hunter
Hiding from a hunter in a dream means that you are a scaremonger by nature. You are someone who can’t deal with their own fears and always reacts violently to the problems that are emerging. You need someone who will calm you down when you go into hysteria mode, but your loved ones are the only ones that play that role for now.

To dream of other people hiding from a hunter
This dream means that you will witness someone having a mental breakdown. There is a chance that a close friend or one of the family members will confide their secret or problem to you, and you will see them in a state that you have never had an opportunity to see them in before. The fact that someone who seems like such a strong person can be so emotional will surprise you. You will make sure to calm them down and give them a good piece of advice.

To dream of other people running away from a hunter
A dream in which you see someone else getting chased by a hunter means that a complete stranger will confide in you. That person will have an easier time talking about their problems to you than someone else. Such action will shock you, but you will still make an effort to give them a good piece of advice.

To dream about chasing a hunter
Chasing a hunter in a dream means that you shouldn’t make risky moves, at least for now. Now is not the right moment to let your reckless side out, which is why you should wait for it a little. The same goes for unsafe investments, as well. Don’t pay a lot of money for something that you are not sure if it will bring you a profit.

To dream of other people chasing a hunter
When you see someone else chasing a hunter, it means that you will witness betrayal. There is a chance that you will be in the wrong place at the wrong time and reveal someone’s secret or be present when someone else discovers it. You will wish for something like that to never happen to you and hope that people close to you are not hiding anything as big from you.

To dream of fighting with a hunter
Fighting with a hunter in a dream means that your chances for success are pretty low. You are doing something that is not bringing as good results as you have wanted. Maybe you should change your tactic or make a plan that will be achievable as opposed to this one. Lower your expectations, and you will not end up disappointed every time you come across an obstacle.

To dream of other people fighting with a hunter
When you see someone else fighting with a hunter in a dream or see hunters fighting with each other, it means that you will experience an inconvenience in public. That will probably be the result of your recklessness or a series of unfortunate events. You can’t do anything to stop that. It will be enough to just make sure that you don’t panic and take it as a moment of bad luck in your life.

To dream of wounding a hunter
Wounding a hunter in a dream symbolizes damage that you will suffer because of other people. There is a chance that a partner or other family members will invest joint money into something utterly unprofitable. You probably didn’t even agree to that or consult with them, which is why you will be even angrier. The worst thing you can do is to remind them of their mistake for the rest of your lives.

To dream about a wounded hunter
A dream in which you see a wounder hunter means that you will see your chance for success in someone else’s failure. Your colleague or one of the business associates will deal with the consequences of a mistake they have made or even get fired, but you will take that opportunity to present your idea on how to solve one problem to the boss. They might even like your project, and you will make a profit with time.

To dream of helping a wounded hunter
Helping a wounded hunter in a dream means that your benevolence will be put to the test. A person you help with something will be very ungrateful, and you will not like that. You don’t expect other people to thank you for doing them a favor every day, but you also don’t want others to minimize your influence in all of that. That will make you be in a dilemma next time on whether to help or not.

To dream of killing a hunter
Dreaming of killing a hunter means that you will face numerous problems on your way to success in the following period. There is a chance that we are talking about challenges that you couldn’t predict, and you will have to deal with them on the go. Don’t let that discourage or disappoint you. You can learn something new and useful for the things you will do in the future from every obstacle.

To dream about a dead hunter
When you see a dead hunter in a dream, that is not a good sign, unfortunately. It often symbolizes sorrow or disappointment. Someone you have never expected it from might hurt you. On the other hand, you could lose a person that you have always confided in or that was your support system in life. It is important to take care of your mental and physical health in such difficult moments.

To dream of kissing a hunter
Kissing a hunter in a dream suggests that your love life is boring. Those who are married or in a relationship will be overwhelmed and dissatisfied with their sex life. You have probably fallen into a rut, which is affecting your relationship with a partner negatively. If you are not married or in a relationship, the meaning of this dream is as clear as day – you long for affection, love, and attention.

To dream of getting married to a hunter
When a young woman dreams of marrying a hunter, it means that she longs for a strong and brave man in her life. You need someone who will love and respect you and stand up for you when necessary. There is a chance that you don’t see such traits in your partner.

The meanings of dreams can be more trivial. If you have recently seen a hunter or have gone hunting, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a hunter

A hunter is a person that hunts for a living or out of a hobby. This word can have other meanings as well, like a war plan, etc.