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To come to the hospital
When you dream of going to the hospital, it means that you will get rid of burden. Everyday obligations will pressure you and you will not be able to react well in those stressful situations. Your productivity will decrease, so you will decide to travel somewhere, relax and get away from everyone. If you are not able to do that, you will start doing a hobby or some other activity that can relax you. Those moments will be precious for you and you will not let anyone or anything to stop you from enjoying in them.

To see a hospital
If you see a hospital in a dream, it means that a better life is expecting you. Everything will fall to its place in the following period. The situation at work will be stabilized, as well as health issues that have been bothering you. You will have a good communication with your partner and friends, while your family members will be really supportive of you.

To get out of the hospital
Dreaming of getting out of the hospital means that you will avoid danger. You will be in a situation that could easily create serious problems for you. You will not be aware of it and you will act recklessly. Fortunately, you will be luck, which will save you. Your friends will criticize you after they hear what you have done and advise you to stay away from it.

To see a hospital full of patients
If you are dreaming of a hospital full of patients, it means that a lot of people will find out about your success. You will prove that good news travel far. Your effort and everything that you have achieved will attract people’s attention and they will gladly listen about your accomplishments. You will be respected in your field and people will appreciate you everywhere you go, because you deserve it.

To see an abandoned hospital
An empty or abandoned hospital means that you are afraid of sickness, but you don’t want to visit a doctor. You often feel suspicious symptoms, so you think about the worst outcome immediately. Your behavior can be compared to hypochondria. Schedule an appointment in order to get rid of your fears.

Dreaming of being lost in an abandoned hospital means that you are confused with the situation that you got yourself in. Some of your plans have failed, even though you have counted on success. Now you have a hard time with adjusting to the new situation and you are constantly blaming others for your failure. This is just a proof that you always need to have a plan B.

A psychiatric hospital
If you see a hospital for mentally ill people in a dream, it means that you have conflicts with people from your surroundings often, because you look at the reality completely differently from them. You believe that your way is the only right one, so you have a hard time with taking suggestions from people who wish you well. Don’t let your vanity control you and finally make peace with the world.

To work in a hospital
Dreaming of working in a hospital means that you are a very empathetic person who likes to help other people. You don’t have a hard time with neglecting your own needs because of loved ones. Because of that, many people are used to counting on you. However, it sometimes seems to you that you are not doing enough, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start volunteering for some charity.

To build a hospital
A dream in which you are building a hospital means that you have started a process of healing. Some people have hurt and disappointed you in the past, so you have completely lost faith in humanity. This is especially true when it comes to your love life. A bad marriage or relationship has made you believe that you will never fall in love again. However, one person could change your opinions about the world, but only if you give them a chance to do so.

To destroy a hospital
If you are dreaming of demolishing a hospital, it means that you will finally get rid of people that don’t suit you. For years, you are hanging out with people who have a negative opinion about everything. The time that you are spending with them is making you exhausted and frustrated. However, you will finally decide to distance yourself from them. That will affect you positively.

If someone else is demolishing a hospital in your dream, it is possible that someone is trying to provoke you and create serious problems for you. Don’t let yourself be involved in intrigues and lies and try to stay away from that situation. You will prove to yourself and others that you are not a naïve person, by doing it, so you will face with those problems less frequently.

To burn a hospital down
Dreaming of burning a hospital down means that you will be sorry for making some of your decisions. After a thorough analysis, you will realize that you have made a reckless move. You will have to try really hard to make the consequences of your actions as painless as possible.

If someone else is burning the hospital down, it means that you will hear unpleasant news about a loved one. It is possible that those are just regular gossips, but your finding will still hurt you. It will be awkward to talk to them about it, because you don’t want them to start thinking that you are meddling in their life. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt, because people love to exaggerate things, in order to make them sound more dramatic.

When you see a burned hospital in a dream, it means that one of your business projects will fail. You haven’t researched the market well enough or dedicate your attention to serious analysis. However, this will teach you to be more careful and to plan your every move well.

To see an empty hospital room
Dreaming of an empty hospital room means that you can’t change some things in your life. You can’t come to terms with that fact and you are constantly searching for ways to take your life into your own hands. That is a good sigh, because it seems like you are not giving up from a fight. It will not be easy, but you could get what you want, if you put a lot of effort and patience into it.

To see a hospital bed
A hospital bed in a dream symbolizes exhaustion. Your subconsciousness is telling you that you have exhausted your body and mind, so it is the right time to take a break. The world will not end in two days that you will need to stop working and charge your batteries. If you don’t dedicate enough time to yourself, you could end up in a hospital bed in the real world, as well.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently been in a hospital because of your problems, or you have visited someone, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a hospital

A hospital is an institution that patients stay at, in order to be treated and taken care of.